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  1. I think this is the appropriate forum to post this question is ... When I was in Dallas several months ago I was surprised to see how many former office buildings had been converted to residential or hotels. Republic Center, The Drever, The Merc, One Dallas Center—I’m sure there are several more. Is there any speculation that this could happen in Downtown Houston as well as the market sorts itself out with all of the vacant space and new Class A+ towers? 800 Bell seems like such a distinctive tower for this sort of redevelopment, but there are several other examples ... 4 Houston Center also comes to mind.
  2. Wow, have stayed at a Moxy once before in Minneapolis ... was very unique. I posted in another thread around that time that it’d fit in perfectly in Montrose or the East End but of course I’ll take this.
  3. I thought Marlowe was DLI as well. I don’t think The Hamilton was. Thanks! So it requires that they at least be able to accommodate retail in the future ... I guess that’s what we all were remembering.
  4. Anyone know when the closed tunnel sections will reopen? (BTW the Downtown District’s website on this is useless ... the map still shows 609 Main as under construction.)
  5. I find it to be such a strange looking building but shall reserve judgment!
  6. Don't they have to have retail to qualify for the DLI?
  7. Anyone been in the Cabochon Bldg? Doesn’t look bad.
  8. How common is it for these new apartments to charge monthly amenity fees?
  9. EK you’re such a great addition to the Board. I wish I had your enthusiasm because it’s so apparent in every post!
  10. The "investments" you refer to are common to many local government cash pools. And please extrapolate on "manipulating their financials." HCTRA has issued debt regularly since the Hardy Toll Road was opened to build new tollways and expand and improve existing ones. That shouldn't come as a surprise. NTTA is no different, and the DNT was built in the 1960s. Finally can you explain the difference between driving on a state-owned toll road and a County-owned one? I don't think you know what you're talking about.
  11. I’d go for the Swimming Hole as part of the development first. The Bayou has water quality issues ... not sure why people would want to kayak in it.
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