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  1. No, but, as described, the funding pie is fixed . . . Well that's a bit revisionist . . . you said it's simple "common sense" to connect an airport to downtown and that a train was needed to have "some level of appeal to visitors." Hmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . Well glad to hear you saying (implying?) that demand is a worthwhile consideration. Sources shared above about how demand for these things is commonly grossly overestimated. You don't have to predict the future, but considering the experience of other cities and other key factors certainly can be used as a reasonab
  2. Well it sure seems to be a "feeling" . . . it's simple "common sense," you say . . . you seem to imply that the 4th largest city in the nation=rail transit to the airport must be an option is some sort of natural law, regardless of actual demand, travel behavior, or, dare I say, even the lowest standards of financial feasibility? I do agree that your view is widely enough held, but I think most in the industry would say it's a "common misconception" rather than "common sense." The primary domestic airport for the largest city in the nation (LGA) has had no rail transit in its 82-year his
  3. Providing options at any cost? Travelers do have a transit option . . . do they have to have an option for a train, too? And why would Harris County consumers be interested in subsidizing (through sales taxes) a small number of visitors from out of town, essentially so that these visitors leaving "feeling" that there is a "better sense of connectivity"? Seems like a pretty high price to pay for feelings. Are there not better, more critical uses of such monies? You can do that (and METRO is doing that) with an express bus, with much shorter headways due to lower capacity and, mo
  4. Agree that passenger rail sharing the freight rail lines in the Hardy Corridor would not be a recipe for reliability, but I disagree many people would miss their flights because no one would be taking it in the first place! Best case scenario is a 45-minute to an hour ride with headways of an hour . . . at best. Add a bus connection for the vast (99%+) majority of the market that won't live in the immediate downtown area, and it's probably 90 minutes. Transit to airport works best for employees. The data below are from 2008, but I assure you little has changed . . . this is pre-Uber.
  5. Hopefully they didn’t kill anybody.
  6. This is the website I found ... operator of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants. The Seaside Lounge across the street sure is busy. https://www.sparkhou.com
  7. HBJ article on permits being issued Conversion of State National Building into Moxy by Marriott hotel moving forward - Houston Business Journal (bizjournals.com) An effort to convert a historic downtown office building into a Moxy by Marriott Hotel is preparing to move forward, according to building permits issued this month by the city of Houston. Houston-based LMG General Contractors received a permit from the city for a $9 million commercial alteration at 412 Main St., the former State National Building on the block of Main Street between Prairie and Preston streets. . .
  8. Seems pretty inefficient
  9. Does anyone know what's going up at the site of the old Hefley's that burned down (138ish W Gray?). It looks to be a 2-story steel frame structure.
  10. For all intensive purposes, could you have meant dog-eat-dog world there Monarch? 😛
  11. Well the writing is as soulless as the community will inevitably end up being.
  12. C Baldwin signage installed this week and now functional. Can't say I'm a fan . . . looks a bit cluttered spread out over two lines (C Baldwin / Hotel) instead of one line like the Doubletree. Seems to be a similar font. It lights up at night.
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