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  1. There are no slots at either IAH or HOU, or at the vast majority of other U.S. airports.
  2. Anybody know what is going on here? Also the “For Lease” sign is still up on Rico’s ... seems strange if La Calle has committed.
  3. Wow, retail is already 80% leased. Any idea how much of Mid Main is leased?
  4. The lights in the crown really make this building ... all of the lit-up buildings were blue last night ... anyone know why?
  5. With this hotel and the new Courtyard Houston Heights (see link below ... I think a nice looking building ... is there a thread on this project?), I’m wondering what is taking Midtown so long to get a midtier hotel, advertising proximity to downtown, the Med Ctr, Museum District, and Montrose. Seems like a couple of these would work well in EaDo too. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/houcw-courtyard-houston-heights-i-10/
  6. Now those are some bizarre conceptual drawings. Or maybe they want to make Houston’s new icon the world’s largest rake ... 😂
  7. Some more statistics 7,068 white 4,135 African-American 3,276 (of either of the above) are Hispanic or Latino Downtown has 25 Cubans (2 must be Astros!) 84 Asian Indians 51 Native Americans (no Elizabeth Warren jokes please . . . she went to UH, left, and came back) 18 Samoans (!) . . . what's the story behind that?! I'd like to meet these people . . . in my romantic mind they all live in the Plaza Peacock Apartments . . . Oh how ridiculous the Census questions are in re racial sorting . . . at least there's not going to be one for citizenship in 2020, which is good for Houston (and Texas). Having lived plenty of places elsewhere in the country and out of the country (but a 4th generation Houstonian), I can say it really is Houston's strength and you just don't get it elsewhere (except maybe Toronto). I was amazed to read in the HBJ's "40 Under 40," and they were all asked what they loved about Houston. 36 (by my count) out of 40 said diversity. You really don't get that anywhere else.
  8. OK well I checked out the ACS for 2017 and the population for zip code 77002 is 12,370. Consisting of 10,435 males and 1,935 females (!). That's worse than Alaska! No way that's true with 1.71 people per household. As a gay guy myself, I've never found downtown to be anything more than slightly above average gay population-wise (maybe we all need to move there so population will inevitably explode). But I guess we can all send notes to our female friends to move to downtown Houston just because of probability! Or maybe it is all prisoners and homeless. There are only 23 people between the ages of 0 and 5. 0 between 5 and 9. And 18 between 10 and 14. No data on households. So I don't think the ACS is the source. https://factfinder.census.gov/faces/tableservices/jsf/pages/productview.xhtml?src=CF (not sure if the link will work . . . if you go to this link https://factfinder.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml and in the "Community Facts" box type 77002, then click "2017 ACS -> Demographics and Housing Estimates" and you will see the data).
  9. I am reminded of Arrested Development and George Sr’s former employee who is brought in at key times to teach a lesson ... “And that is why you always source your data ...” I agree with TheSirDingle that I don’t think it’s solely the homeless population. That’d be pretty sad if it’s 20% of the population. And thanks to 102 for pointing out it’s probably not prisoners (except maybe there’s a distinction between long-term prisoners and short-term?). I would doubt it’s hotels but that number does seem reasonable based on number of rooms. The confusing part is that the only number that is sourced is the household population, and I assume HDMD refers to “Houston Downtown Management District,” meaning they came up with it and they didn’t come up with the other numbers. Which makes me think it did come from the Census/ACS by zip code. (Surely HDMD would be able to survey hotel “population”? And if it’s meant to be a definition of who is “present” during the day, why not add employment?) Which makes me think the difference has to be homeless, long-term prisoners, or some combination thereof. From a marketing perspective, though, it certainly seems strange ... would imply an FAQ from interested parties is “Could you back out the prisoners and the homeless, please?”
  10. Hey there's a thought. I bet that's it. Thanks.
  11. I'm admittedly no demographer, but that's the first I've seen numbers presented that way. What is the difference between the 10,964 population and a household population of 9,033? Homeless?!
  12. FYI, phase I is infrastructure + a 50,000 sf building only. From the article: The Houston Airport System will celebrate the groundbreaking of phase 1 — an $18.8 million project — with a ceremony at Ellington Airport at 13150 Space Center Blvd. The scope of the project’s first phase includes streets, water, wastewater, electrical power and distribution, fiber optics and communications facilities, according to a June 26 media advisory from HAS. The first phase will also include the construction of 53,000 square feet of lab and office space, according to the HAS website. Some 154 acres of land are set aside for phase 1.
  13. Are the floor plates just not attractive to large tenants?
  14. Yes online shopping is here to stay but it seems to me in a place where you have 125,000 people concentrated every day—many of them looking for an excuse to get out of the office at lunch and other times—retail should be able to work just fine (with the obvious “if done right” qualifier. In many ways it’s just as, if not more, convenient.
  15. Their tacos are pretty good.
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