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  1. Wow... did anyone notice that the Dallas/Fort Worth area already has 4 Nordstrom locations?... with a fifth on the way. Austin - with a quarter of the population of Houston - already has one with another coming to the Domain project. I find it really surprising that they have not announced another location in Houston... with its 5.5 million people and strong income growth in recent years. I really like Nordstrom stores... and am sickened by Macy's killing the Foley's and Marshall Field's names. Whatever mall gets a new Nordstrom location in the Houston area - whether it be existing or new - wi
  2. I think you are dead on. I don't live in Houston any longer, but get back often on business. I'm always amazed at how dull and lackluster the skyline appears at night... especially in comparison to cities with skylines that aren't nearly as impressive. I saw the Rockets game, too... and the shots in front of the Aquarium were lame-o. It looked like Lake Charles!... not America's 4th largest city. Regarding the energy argument... it find it amusing - and a little strange - that cities that tout themselves as "green" and progressive, such as Austin, Portland, and Seattle (where I currently live)
  3. There is no need to comment on my ability to deal with architectural loss... c'mon, when you live in Houston, it is a constant. And I did mention that these were selfish feelings.... take me at face value when I say that. We have totally different views on this. Clearly places I cherish you could care less about. Things I view as cold you view as useful and important. What I view as a negative you view as a positive. Period.... and absolutely fine. Dead on. The lack of even the concept - or importance -of even minimal forms of preservation laws is what gets my ire up. The warehouse is - like
  4. You are right about that. Life does go on... and in Houston, that means the same old wiping away of any history we ever had. I think I am entitled to express my feelings - as I was born and raised in H-town (in Montrose, in fact) - to show a little disgust and frustration that the places that are special to me have largely been destroyed to make away for mundane, if not remarkably cold, architecture (as are all of the examples I gave on Allen Parkway). Having a special place documented on paper (and, are you entirely sure about that?) or photographed for posterity brings me absolutely no comfo
  5. Rotate, yes. Destroy history, absolutely not. I hope everyone enjoys this new addition to the city and frequents it often.... kind of like the new Federal Reserve Building or The Royalton, right?? Both of these gems rose after historic Houston structures along Allen Parkway were demolished. But hey, who needs history??... we've got these beautiful, modern buildings that everyone just loves to take their place!! History is so overrated. Hey Houston, get the bulldozers ready for the River Oaks Theater... who needs the shoddy old piece of **** anyway. Read sarcasm... and lots of it.
  6. I've done a lot of real estate work and analysis in Denver, so sounds like we both have access to the city on a regular basis. I understand what you are saying, but most of the retail on 16th was already there pre-Pavilions (I believe it entered the market around 2000). Tabor Center, as well as many of the buildings on 16th that have retail on the first floor, were well established long before the Pavilions project. I hate to sound like a pessimist - anything is better than the current parking lots in that part of downtown Houston. It is just that we are constantly settling in Houston... thing
  7. Not so sure about what you mean by "Denver Pavilions has done great." There have been many casualties on the restaurant side - including Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. Other smaller retailers - esp. on the upper levels - are long, long gone. There are many vacancies. Have you been there?? The only portion of the development that does ok is the area that immediately faces 16th Street on ground level. Overall, retail sales have been so-so there.... many in Denver would say that it is not their first choice for a retail destination... even amongst retail centers downtown. Denver didn't need to build
  8. I can tell you... and I will. If it was such a hot location for residential develoment, as you indicate, we would have seen some progress by now. I'll throw it back at you... tell me a developer (aside from Finger) who is racing downtown to develop multifamily or condo product. I'm totally with Kinkaid on this... the lack of a residential component in this project IS disappointing. I've recently moved to Seattle and there is so much residential development going on downtown - around and on top of retail space - it'll make your head spin. I would content if these guys can't make residential wor
  9. You are right on. The amount of clear-cutting along the toll road just sickens me. The forests that used to predominate in north Harris County are making way for tract housing, strip malls, streets, etc... It is really apparent when you fly into Intercontinental, also. These forests were one of the only natural attributes this area can boast... but much like historic structures... people in Houston and Harris County really don't seem to care. Or when they do, it is way too late... The lack of planning, lack of environmental concern, lack of foresight (all this run-away development is making ai
  10. Agreed... yet another huge disappointment for Midtown (and in a very strategic location!). The saga of more poorly-conceived, car-centric, unimaginative Houston development continues.
  11. Good job! You did the right thing in approaching him.... I approached one of his reps at the last METRO forum (at Saint Paul's) to tell him of my support of rail on Richmond and I got a very similar response. I too was very respectful... and they acted put off - and rude, rude, rude!! I came home and drafted the following letter - which still has gotten no response from his local or Washington offices. "Overwhelming" response from his constituents against rail on Richmond?? - that is total BS!!!! There were many, MANY people at the church that night who were documenting their support for rail
  12. BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why waste time getting into it with folks that are set with their ideas on "property rights" and "capitalism is always first"?... (and always being contrarian.) We have some theaters to save people... let's get to work!!! I live in in the River Oaks Theater 'hood and the last thing I want is a condo tower looking down on me. Keeping the neighborhood in scale and preserving a valuable neighborhood asset (which generates lots of pedestrian traffic and civic pride!) are my priorities... and I'll do what I can to save these rare commodities in Houston. I'm appealling t
  13. I'll be at next Tuesday's meeting... showing my support of rail down Richmond to at least Greenway Plaza. And, ardently supporting continued expansion of METRO light rail in Houston. I am really tired of the Afton Oaks crowd. They are vehemently against rail on Richmond - fine. No problem. They are totally entitled. But the condescension - and hypocrisy - I have seen repeatedly in public forums from this group sickens me. They rally against the degradation in their quality of life if light rail were to go through their neighborhood... yet apparently don't complain about the loud, belching fr
  14. The "cul-de-sacs" serve as entry points into the concealed parking garage... and more importantly... there is a large pedestrian area between these two drives to serve the restaurants and foot traffic in the development. This is why (and where) the city is considering closing that block of Bolsover. There is not much through traffic on Bolsover anyway, so I say close it. How nice would it be to have a pedestrian plaza in the midst of the Rice Village? (as opposed to dodging cars every 10 feet!). I don't mind the design at all. It ties in with some of the architecture at nearby Rice University
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