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  1. Well that's life in the city. You can't expect any lot to be developed into anything that fits into your own personal preferences unless you pony up and buy the land and do the developing yourself.
  2. I think the stuff that is already started or has full financing could be alright but all of the proposed stuff is definitely on shaky ground.
  3. Do you mean massive concrete mat foundations or whole concrete buildings because I can't remember the last high rise that was built anywhere in Houston that wasn't reinforced concrete.
  4. Also Porsche of North Houston is awesome and now is attached to the Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, McLaren dealership.
  5. And the work they are doing at Post Oak and Richmond is still a looong way from being finished.
  6. You must have graduated a little while go. A&M is the second biggest school in the US in terms of enrollment.
  7. They must be on a serous time crunch with this building. I walked by at 12:30 am and they were installing the glass.
  8. But HEB didn't develop that land. Someone else did and got HEB to come on-board later.
  9. Yeah that area has a ton of foot traffic especially at night. They could add five new bars on the ground floor and all of them would print money.
  10. Well the art deco movement began right about 100 years ago so in true Houston tradition these must to torn down lest we have designs that are near or over 100 years old. All to be replaced by a pine framed, hardie plank clad beige block of units that will look dated before the first tenant even moves in.
  11. Okay I have absolutely no knowledge of construction so I guess my question is what is all the drilling into the ground for before they lay the mat?
  12. I thought almost all large buildings here have piles. Every tower I've see on this forum seems to have pilings.
  13. I maybe in the minority but I'd prefer 2-3 of these types of developments over a single high rise and trust me I love high rises.
  14. Just noticed that they are building with just the yellow tower crane now. The white one is gone.
  15. About the climbers. I saw one on the Allen project crane the other day (on the webcam) and they ended up adding at least 2 section to the crane so I guess they can be removed and put back on if needed.
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