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  1. I wouldn't know what anything was if it was addresses only.
  2. Still looks very sleek especially the stuff closer to the ground. I really like that whole liquid metal bubble thing they have going on. Very different for Houston.
  3. With Hines moving there global headquarters and already having tenants signed they have a pretty rigid deadline to meet.
  4. I had an accident at Scott and 45 and was sitting on the curb next to the houses on the south side of 45. One of the police officers at the scene asked if someone was going to come pick me up. I told him an Uber was on the way and he said he would wait with me because it was a "dangerous area," this was at 9:00 am. If anyone is going to know how dangerous an area is it's going to be a cop who works in that beat. So I would say there are areas you probably should not linger in no matter what time of day it is especially if you stick out like a sore thumb like it did.
  5. Hospitals are super expensive. The Health 2 building at the University of Houston was only 9 stories and cost almost $150 million.
  6. I cant even imagine the property tax on those two. Their parking lots are the size of Rhode Island.
  7. Nah, would rather have kept that and had this built on one of our dozens of surface parking lots. However if we must erase every iota of history from our city I'm at least glad to see this level of development take its place.
  8. I heard Houston has something like 30-40 parking spaces for every car in the city. One of if not the highest ratios in the nation.
  9. Yeah is there any mention about an actual gonadal being built or just a bunch of day dreaming?
  10. I much prefer this new design. Also just realized I live right across McCue from this. Would love for the empty lot at the corner of McCue and Richmond to be developed.
  11. Peli Peli is very good. Would recommend.
  12. Those low rise apartments catty-corner to that "block" cant be long for this world either.
  13. The Silos are a trip and a half. Used to know a guy who's parents owned it.
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