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  1. I agree. I love these smaller more intimate developments. They can really add density where large projects can’t fit.
  2. I doubt it will happen but maybe our third Zaza? Also super excited that they are looking at doing projects all over town!
  3. There is a whole section of this website dedicated to transportation discussions. Can we please keep this to the Midway KBR site project?
  4. This is a very nice fence but oddly enough a little two story strip center at the corner of San Felipe and Chimney Rock has a very nice fence like this too.
  5. I’ve kayaked in waters with a much higher consentration of gators than Buffalo Bayou and as long as you leave them alone and don’t get to close to a nest you’ll be fine. This part of Texas has a gator population of over half a million and they can be found in all bodies of water around Houston including Conore and Livingston.
  6. Well in my opinion Marlowe is probably his best looking structure as of recent so I’m not too upset. I just wish he’d step away from using white so much for awhile.
  7. Great coverage guys, I really appreciate everyone’s pictures and videos of the pour! One thing I was thinking is how would you even break up a foundation like that? I feel like you’d need a bunker buster bomb from WWII.
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