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  1. How did I not know about this. So glad these old buildings are being used and not torn down.
  2. Me getting excited by an initial RD render for a new project.
  3. If you look through this thread there are about half a dozen of these proclamations. I'll believe it when I see it until then it's just a dream.
  4. I count 9 new high rise buildings in this great picture by brijonmang. What an amazing amount of development.
  5. That is some straight up third world demo right there.
  6. Change "the area" for Houston and you're 100% correct.
  7. Took some shots with the DSLR instead of the old iPhone while I was at the Ferrari Festival on Sunday.
  8. One of my friends was robbed at knife point at that Chevron. Ahhh college.
  9. Does it irk anyone else that one flood is taller than the others and its not one of the top floors?
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