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  1. Just think of the atmosphere at the street level if all the surface lots were buildings that actually contributed to the neighborhood.
  2. Any body of fresh water in the Houston area could potentially have alligators.
  3. You could create tax incentives or penalties that could help push development though.
  4. I would so love for a high rise residence to be built on the other half of the lot that the Houston Ballet school is on. Basically I dream of Hines having at least one 40+ story residential under construction at all times near market square.
  5. Love love love the curvature of the building. The rounded corners and the concave faces are very different for Houston.
  6. Love when developers come in and buy out a business that adds to the community all to just demo the building and add nothing. Hopefully they sell the land and can bring in a developer with some power to get stuff done.
  7. It's not the hip cool place anymore, also you'll struggle to got a lot of high earning individuals with the plethora of homeless and that Grey Hound station.
  8. Looks great. I'd definitely make use of this but people will be pissed when they eventually rip it up.
  9. Fun story but his brother also tore down a history mansion in river oaks.
  10. Correct, endowments are very strict and usually only spend around half of the income generated from the endowed money.
  11. That’s assuming they stay in business and or hold up their end of the deal or even worse, aren’t granted more tax brakes in the future.
  12. Corporate welfare, the only welfare in America that's not demonized.
  13. God I hope so. The streets and "sidewalks" around site are in terrible shape and there is practically zero erosion control causing the run off to be massive.
  14. I think most people here are upset with the fact that buildings are just not built like they used to be with more ornate decoration and sturdier and more costly materials. I don't see many fully brick and masonry façade buildings being built here in Houston. On top of that there are literally hundreds of empty grass fields in the core of the city, with ten times that number in asphalt surface parking lots and a hundred times that in shitty decaying strip centers. Also I don't understand why some people demand that a building needs to be of exceptional historic and personal significance in
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