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  1. So are the drive in movie, golf course and icehouse all temporary? Is anyone else a little nervous about them building all of these temporary revenue sources and then scaling back later phases because “this is good enough, we’re making money.”
  2. The silvery black of these bricks remind me of the weathered cedar shingled houses of the north east.
  3. I live in the apartments just south down Almeda and surprising traffic hasn't been that terrible.
  4. Exactly! Pretty sure 90% of the time that line is just BS to get out of any public push back.
  5. “Hey let’s build in this cool, interesting, and historic part of town and in doing so destroy all the stuff that creates that appeal.” - Every Houston developer.
  6. Is there anything that followed up on the stair collapse? Didn’t three people die in a major structural failure? I feel like things got back to business super fast.
  7. Depends on your goals. If you’re for increasing population density and creating a more urban city then yes this is about the bare minimum in regards to working toward that goal. This one project isn’t going to noticeably affect any of the concerns you listed and yes, I know a million rocks make a mountain but this mountain is already built.
  8. Not ideal but a million times better than an abandoned grass/weed field.
  9. They seem to just be replacing the bridges, is this going to help with flooding or does is just replace worn out bridges and improve traffic flow?
  10. Porsche of North Houston is one of the top performance Porsche dealers in America and is a treat to visit. I see this being a mommy-mobile dealer with mostly the SUV's and sedans. I am excited to see this flanking the Audi dealers across the freeway though.
  11. I think it would have been awesome if this site was purchased or donated to Mfah and used as a space for certain collections similar to Rienzi.
  12. Yeah it’s a grey area. The economy was roaring in the 20’s but only for a very select few. Things are definitely looking up but but jobs added numbers can be deceiving, a lot of jobs added in recent years have been second and third jobs because peoples primary jobs can’t support them.
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