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  1. I'm referring to the building that this thread is dedicated to. You are absolutely right, this needs to be done right and will be one of Houston's signature buildings.
  2. The finishes on a building like this take a long time because they have to be perfect. That's why homes and apartments have textured walls and ceilings to cover up shoddy craftsmanship where as a building like this would not be okay with that. Plus I drove by last night and yeah I can totally see why I will be over a year to completion. The interior is still just exposed beams.
  3. Hey you can see my apartment in that rendering.
  4. Well the quads definitely sucked the soul out of you if you lived in them so...
  5. This picture really epitomizes our unique zoning or lack there of.
  6. I recently walked by his condos downtown which I originally thought to be one of his best efforts except the damn thing already needs a power washing. Any vent or window or really any edged corner on the building already had grey streaks coming down from them. I have no idea why he chose white for all his recent buildings exteriors in our climate.
  7. It almost looks like they are extending Westcliff Dr. when I drove by the other day.
  8. Wow very nice. I'm sure the River Oaks district loves having all of these high rises going up next to it packing in a bunch of wealthy people with in walking distance.
  9. They specifically wanted to serve the third ward community. It's a lot easier to serve the surrounding community when you are in it physically. Plus the med center is only 3.5 miles away it's not like that's an impossible distance to cover in this day an age.
  10. From what I've heard 50 stories is a threshold where price per floor drastically increases.
  11. I wonder what will be on the roof of the shorter side of the building. Looks like the floor on the taller portion of the tower that is on the same level has taller ceilings and different glass. Does anyone know what's going to be up there?
  12. Interesting that they moved the balconies from the south side of the tower to the est side. Much better views that way, I wonder if that was the reasoning.
  13. The Rangers new stadium has a large mixed use area outside if I remember correctly. I feel it could work here better because our stadium is in downtown instead of being in a development island like the Rangers.
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