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  1. I wonder if it is 42 residential floors with a maintenance floor above and then a concrete ceiling for the maintenance floor that is basically another floor, i.e. the roof. That's the only was I can square it lol
  2. Why were so many blocks leveled, was it apart of the disastrous unban renewal movement?
  3. That a very demeaning phrase in my opinion for elder services. I though it was a joke about some bar or something.
  4. All of the street lights on Post Oak are chrome and are on the sidewalk.
  5. For a pretty standard apartment complex this one is pretty attractive.
  6. I for one am glad this is for sale. Apache was in no hurry to do anything with this land.
  7. I still always get excited seeing updates for this project. It just felt too ambitious for Houston, something that would never happen or would come massively scaled down.
  8. We cant keep anything with character in this city can we? Hopefully this will look better than the renderings. This has a slight commie block look to it.
  9. All three for retired aged people right? Super excited about this tower. Now we just need some of those empty/underdeveloped lots to see some love.
  10. The year is 2071. Houston has just seen completion of it's third 300+ meter supertall. All are self storage facilities with another half dozen on the books ready to start construction.
  11. The park will really be in a bowl of high-rises with this and the tower on block 98. I can't wait to see what it will look like in 2-4 years time.
  12. Nothing embodies gentrification more than a former “African Art center” being torn down to build a giant warehouse to store yuppie’s disposable income in the form of excess consumerism.
  13. Yeah I got that. I'm just saying imagine if our downtown was what we would love for it to be instead of acres and acres of surface parking between all of the developed areas.
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