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  1. I was there too. What a great event that was.
  2. I often take dates up there and it always amazes them with the views. Great pace to talk and stare off into the distance. Funny story I once took a date there after going to a wine bar but didn't realize that you cant walk up there after a certain hour so I tried to bribe the guard but he stayed true to his mission. She liked the gesture.
  3. The roof is very Frank Gehry looking and I like it.
  4. What does that even mean? They want a community that is strictly residential with nothing else? I feel like this project would be way better than some abandoned buildings.
  5. It's always kind of amazing to see how much development is happening in the city and then to look at a map like this and see how relatively small of an area is actually being developed compared to the rest of the city. Thanks for the work Luminare!
  6. I'm sure a nearly half billion dollar project like this will think of maintenance.
  7. I'd argue more people would prefer a stand alone house even if it's a tightly packed one. I was looking at some condos and the killer was the fact that you have a mortgage and basically a rent too. Similar size and location and a condo is going to be significant more expensive.
  8. Y'all keep an eye out for any update videos/pictures from the museum or contractor. I saw a guy in a hard hat and vest behind the fence with what looked like a drone controller.
  9. A day late but here ya go. Some of the panels going up Closer view of them. Shot looking into the inside of the building.
  10. That's A LOT better to be honest. Now it just looks like a smaller older complex not the near tenement it does on street view.
  11. I live off McCue right off Richmond and if I want to go to Chipotle or Mod with my friends they demand we drive, it can't even be a 1/4 mile. People in this city do not walk.
  12. People see all the amazing architecture in New York (and I'm in no way saying Houston is on par with New York) and forget about the thousands of regular boring or downright ugly buildings in the city. I feel a little bad for saying this but is the building across La Branch still there, the two story apartment building in street view with window unit A/C's, peeling paint, shopping carts and jalopies parked under it. The people who live in high rise luxury buildings are not people I'd imagine wanting to live next door to a complex like that.
  13. Ill try to swing by if I can remember.
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