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  1. Handsome little building. I like it, especially if what they say about the price comes true.
  2. jmitch94

    5656 San Felipe: New 17-Story Condo High-Rise

    I could see this but there are several towers very near by including the 47 story San Felipe plaza just down the street.
  3. jmitch94

    5656 San Felipe: New 17-Story Condo High-Rise

    Two daily drivers and a weekend car???? Got to have room for that Land Rover, Mercedes G-Wagon and a Ferrari.
  4. jmitch94

    Houston Methodist Administrative Building, 14-stories

    Are there any renderings of this?
  5. Here are the webcams I have. I forgot to post this earlier. I have two here from MFAH Next is the UH dorms being built, up until a couple of weeks ago it also had the new Fertitta Center. Here is the Holocaust Museum expansion. Next is the new Memorial Herman tower. Its pretty much done but the time-lapses are worth looking at. Next is Tradition senior living Lastly is THE Tradition senior living.
  6. jmitch94

    New Development on the University of Houston Campus

    I remember seeing this building in some of the original renderings of the stadium and was wondering where is went once I first saw the stadium in person.
  7. So glad that this tower eventually got built and were not left with just that bare concrete parking garage.
  8. Yeah IDK exactly what he was getting at but that's what he said. 🤷‍♂️
  9. I talked to an executive at CBRE a couple years ago in his office in Bank of America tower and he specifically said "a tower like the one we are in will probably never get built in Houston again." Now I'm not saying what he says in absolutely going to be proven true but I think an executive vice president of the largest commercial real estate firm in the world might know a thing or two. Chase and Wells Fargo were built when executives cared more about their egos, and having the biggest tower in town. Now they prioritize employee comfort and ROI. Very few companies now would be willing to spend hundreds of millions more on a project just to have it be the tallest tower in Houston. And just to be clear I would LOVE to be proven wrong. A supertall would be amazing, I'm just not holing my breath.
  10. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but for a super tall to be built in downtown land values would have to skyrocket for it to be worth it to the developer.
  11. jmitch94

    Randall Davis Condo 3723 Westheimer Road

    NIMBY's are the worst and it seems like the richer they are the worse they are. Drainage issues have to be the worst excuse they have considering most of these people are probably River Oaks residences with 10,000 sqft roofs with driveways and patios that are even larger.
  12. I currently have six active sites saved in my favorites with a webcam and within the last six months have deleted several more since the projects were completed.
  13. Is there a web cam for this project yet?
  14. We can like posts again!
  15. jmitch94

    Novel River Oaks at Willowick & Westheimer

    There is still plenty of older affordable housing inside the loop, just not in the rich areas.