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  1. I do to but you're right. Often the first renderings are pretty handsome and then once he's sold a lot of the units he pulls the switch and puts out one of the stinkers of a rendering.
  2. Just look what Discovery Green did. Every lot on all sides of it have had development since its completion.
  3. Thanks for the info. I can't even imagine the tax burden of this property which is generating zero income.
  4. I agree. I live right down the street from Transco or Williams tower and it's pretty cool to be able to see it in most of the city and see pretty much right where I live.
  5. Is anything ever going to be built on that giant vacant lot across the street?
  6. It was designed to have as much natural light coming in from the ceiling to make the inside bright and airy. How the building is perceived by visitors was very much a concern.
  7. I would be pretty funny if the residents of Bellaire killed this only for the buildings to stay abandoned and become filled with squatters and other vagrants.
  8. Look at all of that land ripe for development.
  9. The Mercer. One of the few high rises that I'd prefer be a mid rise garage wrap.
  10. A 90.5% occupancy rate with an average of over a $1 a square foot premium compared the the rest of town must sound pretty enticing to developers.
  11. Our very own mock up of Berlin circa 1945.
  12. Some of the lots across the street are like $20. I park in a grange 3-4 blocks from the park for $10. This is way too far from the park for people to use it for the game, just simple price gouging.
  13. I'm referring to the building that this thread is dedicated to. You are absolutely right, this needs to be done right and will be one of Houston's signature buildings.
  14. The finishes on a building like this take a long time because they have to be perfect. That's why homes and apartments have textured walls and ceilings to cover up shoddy craftsmanship where as a building like this would not be okay with that. Plus I drove by last night and yeah I can totally see why I will be over a year to completion. The interior is still just exposed beams.
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