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  1. Nice. However, I've heard complaints from friends living in the high-rise at Montrose & Hawthorne that the light around the roofline is extremely bright and glaring.
  2. I hate to sound like a complainer, but the Amegy Bank building is not very attractive from this angle. It looks unfinished.
  3. Is there a plan view of this? Just trying to visualize how this wraps around the hotel. Part of that space appears quite narrow.
  4. Is there any update on this. The HCTRA is not being transparent at all on this. They said the project would be on hold for 2 weeks. Is there a solution? What is it? How much will it cost the taxpayers? The taxpayers have a right to know.
  5. That one missing piece of glass tubing on the north wall (facing church & Glassell School) has been driving me crazy for weeks!
  6. That flooded garage looks like a health hazard...skeeters and asps. 😜
  7. Are these panels made of glass or plastic? I'm concerned that if they are plastic / resin type material, they will "yellow" over time and thus become ugly.
  8. This was originally a cafeteria (Jetton's, I believe). I remember going there as a kid with my dad in the '70s. A lot of workers at the new Greenway Plaza ate there.
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