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  1. From a business owner perspective, these garages are important for two groups: Customers and Employees. Each new restaurant, shop and bar that opens is going to draw more folks to the area - and draw them at the same time. Downtown's on-street parking is increasingly tight, and not just during peak nightlife hours. My business leases a dedicated spot, the monthly cost of which has doubled in the past six months. Most of downtown metered parking is only for three hour chunks during the day, which means they aren't an option for someone coming in to work a shift, or to spend the afternoon and evening shopping, dining and drinking. On New Years the surface lots across from my business were charging $20. Its even worse for major events around Minute Maid and Toyota Center. More parking facilities will have a downward pressure on pricing, or at the very least keep it from getting further out of hand.
  2. Since that story was first written, the For Lease signs have gone back up in the building. It doesn't look like they are moving forward with that. Really weird/cool to see Brad Moore get a shout-out in this forum.
  3. Not that I have any insight into the crack in particular, but one of the stunning features on the inside of Hearsay are these large steel horizontal struts that appear to basically be holding the building together, and look as though they may have been added after the fact.
  4. Per two approved Downtown Storefront Improvement Grants, 909 Franklin will open as La Calle, quick-serve Mexico City Street food. Next door at 907 Franklin they will be opening Craft Beer Cellar, a national chain http://www.craftbeercellar.com/- These are both on the block between Main and Travis.
  5. 506 Main. Former iBar. Proposed sign. Claims to be open in January.
  6. The Conservancy, the underground beer hall next to Prohibition (1008 Prairie) has filed for their COA with the HAHC. http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/Commissions/docs_pdfs/hahc/Application_Materials/December_MATERIALS/1008_Prairie_MATERIALS.pdf
  7. Harris County ROW is still listed as the owner on HCAD, but on their website they have it listed as sold. Anyone got a lead on the buyer?
  8. adr

    Block 114

    No digging equipment. Everything appears to be for creating a level surface.
  9. Frank's Pizza Tower has now eclipsed my view of Frank's Pizza itself. Looks like a couple weeks and I will lose my view of the Rice parking garage and Capital Tower
  10. This is the permit for the window replacement work they did on the windows of the lofts themselves. They are using the Georgie's market space as their storage/construction office.
  11. Full blown TABC notice in the window.
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