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  1. Is this the first time anyone can think of where tourism ruined something in Houston for the rest of us?  We've arrived!  Also, if it's the tour group company I am thinking of, this doesn't surprise me at all that they didn't follow instructions and were generally a hassle.    

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  2. Over the weekend, all of the parking curbs and meters were stripped from this lot, leaving a completely blank surface.  There are orange cones preventing would-be parkers from entering the lot.  I will keep an eagle eye out for future developments (utilities marking would come next, I suspect; followed by core samples).


    Also there is a wild and skin-of-teeth-substantiated rumor/theory that Spaghetti Warehouse (a block away) is looking to build a garage and movement on this is related to their outreach.  Apparently they approached the Bayou Lofts about buying their garage several months ago, which was/is nearly at full capacity.



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