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  1. Renovations are underway, and have been for the past week or so.  This is posted on Travis:



    They have completely removed the rear exterior facade and wall of the building - it is completely exposed to the elements:



    According to a worker on-site, they will extend the lower patio out to about where the building is on the left side of the photo. They will also add an upper patio be a mezzanine that will extend from the building.  It will be a night-club.

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    I would like to point out that it's 8:14 PM and there are still crews out demolishing the building at this very moment in backhoes. Do you really do two shifts (presumably with hazard pay) if you don't have a deadline?  And, as a contractor, if you didn't have a deadline with your developer (Hines), wouldn't you have put in your bid that you could spend less to tear the building down if you took more time doing it?  Like "Say Hines, if you got more time, we can tear this down for cheaper which lets us put our second-shift team on another job which lets us make more money during the same stretch of time, and it costs you less, chill?"  And wouldn't Hines have said "Great idea.  We have no plans for this but to immediately turn it into a surface parking lot, sales on which we would pay tax on this a heckuva lot more than if we had a condemned building just hanging out.  I mean, look at the guys who own the Days Inn Building - they figured it out. MAD TAX SKILLS."


    Am I crazy? 


    UPDATE:  It is now 12:07 AM and they are still working on this.

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