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  1. As of this past weekend, both Barringer and Bovine & Barley are now open. Great spots. One on the 400 and one on the 100 block of main. Shameless plug - my place should be open in days.
  2. Not sure if we need a separate thread for this, but yesterday they were pouring the concrete for the bridge under Franklin.
  3. I had a conversation with the guy leasing out the retail in the building last night. He said they were drilling something like 433 pilings.
  4. Ran into a guy with a ladder coming out of the former Clutch City Squire last night. Said the new place, the Commoner, might be soft opening today.
  5. New flag on one of the crawler cranes. Frank's pizza tower by differentryana, on Flickr
  6. This really is one of downtown's gems. In my mind, it's up there with Esperson and Gulf. Really satisfying to hear it's going to be renovated into lofts. Petroleum Building by differentryana, on Flickr Petroleum/ Great Southwest Life Building by differentryana, on Flickr
  7. Historic or not, this thing is going to be a great addition to the Main Street Market Square Park Historic district. Think of how great this is going to look with the landscaping done, and the bayou trailed cleared. Remember that they are doing work to connect this spot to the Buffalo Bayou Park Trails on the south bank of the bayou via Sesquicentennial Park. How's that construction going? Glad you asked. Here's the poured bridge under Milam. Still dirt on the stretch behind/below the Magnolia Brewery building. Imagine how great this patio for Kryptonite (?) could be if the space were used differently. Patio view of the trail and the bayou. Bridge going under Franklin and Louisiana is framed out. BAYOU DUCKS DGAF! Crossing under Louisiana, Capital, Smith like its NBD. Then finally hooking up with the Long Climb To Kiss the Ring of Baker.
  8. The new Barringer Bar, located at 108 Main in the former Club Next space, had a private event last night. The space, which is finished but not yet decorated, is long and narrow, featuring a very fine looking wood bar on the left wall, and a DJ stand further back on the right. It's a good size and consistent, capacity-wise, with the 300 Main trend of smaller bars vs larger clubs. I was told they are on track for a March opening and are keeping the Barringer name. So, soon on the 100 block of Main there will be one bar plus the existing bail bond shop, with two fairly turn-key bar spaces (Beer Cellar, Copa Cabana) waiting to be picked up - all within sight of the renovated Sunset Coffee Building. Interesting times.
  9. Scaffolding is down. Sunset Coffee by differentryana, on Flickr Sunset Coffee by differentryana, on Flickr
  10. Main Street at Preston walking south on the west side of the street. Sidewalk is now totally blocked off just as is the case on the east side of Travis street on the other side of the block. Clutch City Squire had their last night on Saturday, and now the bar and every other street level entrance, including Fretz's construction office for the State National Building renovation, is completely blocked off from pedestrian or any other access. The WHOLE BLOCK looks like the former Georgie's Market space can still be accessed, though.
  11. Got the windows in. Sunset Coffee by differentryana, on Flickr Sunset Coffee by differentryana, on Flickr Sunset Coffee by differentryana, on Flickr
  12. It's from the Bayou Lofts (former Southern Pacific Building). For posterity, here is pretty much the same view from 1911. Pre-Rice Hotel. 622x350 South View 1911 by differentryana, on Flickr At the left you see what is now the Icon Hotel. That is Travis Street in the right 2/3rds. Market Square Park right next to it. I believe we can all still see Frank's Pizza.
  13. Apologies for the crappy zoom, but they have the big auger bit stood up.
  14. I was talking about Henke and Pillot.
  15. Updates on two new places at 108 and 502 Main. http://houston.eater.com/2015/1/21/7867847/are-barringer-and-woosters-garden-owners-opening-bars-on-main-street#4649186
  16. Employees at Franks confirm this is not for their space, which they think will kick off in April.
  17. OOOH OOH THAT CRANE. https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/98750154@N03/16317917781/
  18. BREAKING NEWS FLASH: Old dudes in suits are at this moment walking around the muddy parking lot, pointing at things.
  19. Checked the place out last night. Very upscale. They are building out a rooftop patio, which they say will be where they will eventually be having party brunches. They cited classic pre-burn down La Strada as a reference point. The second floor will be finished into a live music venue with a capacity as high as 200. Impressive.
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