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  1. Taking a step back, this is on the next block from the Stowers/Aloft, Catty Corner from the Club Quarters, and on the next block from the Texaco housing project. Nice little cluster of folks on this block when these projects are done. Foot traffic after 5PM is great, and thats what these projects are going to do.
  2. From my home office in the Bayou Lofts, I can finally see Frank's Pizza Tower ("Aris") peaking out over the roofs of the buildings in the 300 block of Travis. For comparison, here is the same view from 1911, when the first piling for this building was drilled.
  3. Christian Tailgate did a soft open last night. Watched three games at once while enjoying a cold brew. Heaven Kitchen goes live Tuesday.
  4. Originally called the George Hermann Estate Building located at 204 Travis Street in Downtown Houston. Went up yesterday in the former Subway ground-floor retail for the Hermann Lofts. ProvisionsLLC Hmm. Provisions you say? I'll take a Pass on speculating. Map updated!
  5. Know of any new projects happening on the Near Northside? Let's keep track of them here. Here is what I am following: 1) New Pegstar Music Venue 2) Avenue Station Apartments 3) 2223 North Main Renovation 4) Hardy Rail Yards Know of anything else happening?
  6. GET HYPE! TVs, decor and furniture are in place. Looks like they need to finish-out the back bar. Getting pretty close.
  7. It's limited to just the immediate surroundings of Market Square Park (and even then I should have zoomed out some, but here is a map of what's currently going on, in terms of new hospitality projects. Here is the word on the street, starting at the top TOC: They haven't had any events here in quite some time. Someone apparently picked up the lease and started doing demo inside, but there isn't much evidence of work on that lately. New Developer: The retail space in the Bayou Lofts (900 Franklin Ave) was recently closed on by a new developer who is actively courting big names for this space. Sounds like they may have some success too. (Shameless plug and full disclosure, my bar - the Houston Watch Co - sits on this block. We are not affected by this transaction). This developer also picked up the Topek Building, which is directly across from Spaghetti Warehouse on Commerce and has partly been integrated into the Bayou Lofts parking garage. Really large space that could be anything really. The Study: Said to be a coffee shop and bar. Going for the UHD crowd with that name? Could be fun. Experienced ownership group that owns several other bars in Midtown and Washington Ave. Dance Club: Same group as The Study. A fun dance club in the Barbarella vein. Thai - Regulars of ours who work in this building have been told that a Thai restaurant is moving into the old Macondo space. I have seen vendors going in for refrigeration, etc. No Timeline for open. La Fisheria: I cannot spell, but this place should be great. Salt & Pepper: The Sweeny Building, which Salt and Pepper group is going to put a restaurant in. Christian's Tailgate: Needs no introduction Live Sports: People are clearly working in here, but they seem to be under no pressure to open before football season begins. Spots highlighted in blue are vacant ground-floor retail that have the potential to be hospitality spaces, but of which I haven't heard anything about
  8. They are saying November opening. http://www.chron.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/La-Fisheria-readies-a-new-menu-before-its-move-6471751.php
  9. I thought this was so cool when I saw it this weekend. How great to have a little river traffic!
  10. If you were wondering how this building could possibly be going up so fast, I can report that at almost 4:30am on the dot the tower crane started moving.
  11. From late last week: This thing is gonna be a great addition. Actually fits in really well with BG Place. BONUS: Drywall arrival beauty shot!
  12. Though I don't think it will ever happen (and I live a couple blocks from the jail), I often think "man that would make great student housing for UHD."
  13. Look how close the cement robot arm dispenser thingey (blue and white) is to the crane. They are going to need to jump that again, or this thing is about to top-out. Untitled by Ryan Clark, on Flickr
  14. A bird told me they thought it might be related to drainage issues from the recent storms rather than part of this plan. Would be great if this was part of that plan, though - only tear the streets up once!
  15. I was on the scene the next morning. There was quite a bit of debris on the walkway railing on top of the foundation slab, which indicated to me that it took on several feet.
  16. Yes! Twitter: @houstonwatchco Facebook: facebook.com/HoustonWatchCo www.houstonwatchcompany.com Thanks for spreading the word!
  17. Yes. Getting a sign on the building takes a few steps. First we'll need the approval of the Bayou Lofts Homeowner's Association to make a modification on the exterior of the building. Second, we are in a Contributing Building in the Main Street Market Square Historic District, so we need to receive a Certificate of Appropriateness from the city Planning and Development Department, which means a review and approval of the plans by the Houston Archeologic and and Historic Commission. We'll need to get a sign operating permit from the Public Works department, and we plan to apply for a grant from Downtown Houston. All of this seems straightforward enough, and now that we aren't working on the inside, we plan to work on the exterior. In the meantime, think of us as a well kept secret.
  18. Shamless plug: The Houston Watch Co. is now open at 913 Franklin St., between Travis and Main. Open seven days at 4pm. For the history buffs, we've got some details you might enjoy. We purchased the Petroleum Club's humidor at auction (seen left) and will be using it to locker private bottles. The floor tile is hand laid and original to when the building was built (1912). We restored all of the woodwork you see, hand stripping off several layers of paint (most recently salmon pink!!). We also have some cool prints of the original Watch Company in 1928 from the Story Sloan Gallery (upper right). Upstairs we have a collection of the hand-drawn 1910 blueprints for the Southern Pacific Railroad Building. We don't have an outside sign yet, but we're easy to find - just to the left of the Bayou Lofts lobby.
  19. Crane is going up this morning. Bye Bye View of the Esperson.
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