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  1. RFP for the onsite restaurant: http://www.downtowntirz.com/downtownhouston/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Southern-Downtown-Park-Cafe-Operator-RFP.pdf Highlights: Cafe set to open March 2021. Indoor seating for 56; patio seating for 40. Exhibits for RFP: http://www.downtowntirz.com/downtownhouston/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Southern-Downtown-Park-Cafe-Operator-RFP-Exhibits.pdf
  2. Was really thrilled to see the demo company truck outside. Hope they start making progress.
  3. No real activity here, but they have erected temporary chain link fencing around the Commerce Street side of the building.
  4. I peeked in for a look around lunchtime. Didn't stay for anything to eat, but wow. It's a great looking space completely unique in downtown (so far). Lot's of energy and the pictures don't do it justice. Great amenity for both downtown workers and residents. Looking forward to some late nite Mala Schezuan soon.
  5. How about "No, not that jail, a different jail."
  6. Man it's a shame if they don't keep that flat-top grill. Seriously one of the best seasoned flat-tops around. Since they're going tiki, maybe they'll have a BIG KAHUNA BURGER. #savethemarketsquareflattop
  7. This is High and Dry Rum Bar.
  8. This is now open and is the jam. Great beer and whiskey list. Inviting environment. Great addition to the neighborhood.
  9. Looks great. Stoked to have this in the neighborhood.
  10. Renovations are underway, and have been for the past week or so. This is posted on Travis: They have completely removed the rear exterior facade and wall of the building - it is completely exposed to the elements: According to a worker on-site, they will extend the lower patio out to about where the building is on the left side of the photo. They will also add an upper patio be a mezzanine that will extend from the building. It will be a night-club.
  11. Most of the windows and the exterior facade itself is in the process of being removed as we speak/read/write/post/forum/whatever.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWDj8SZFHBj/?taken-by=houstonwatchco
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