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  1. some topics are just bump worthy
  2. Im looking to get out of Tampa, but want the same kinda weather. Houston seems far enough inland that it wouldnt be as affected by hurricanes,but... the flooding you got last yr(or the yr b4) seemed pretty bad. how bad do the hurricanes get? how far inland would it flood? Thanks
  3. for other cities? i got one for DFW...
  4. not really. like i said, when i went to the beaches in miami, there are some gorgeous ladies. and after all, thats the only reason i go to the beach anyway. if i just want to get a tan, i can do that in the backyard!
  5. ive heard that alot. but, as a white guy, i like to date all types of girls.
  6. is the Houston rail system supposed to be on the same scale as the one in Dallas?
  7. Haulover down im Miami has some nice sights, just was wondering if H town did too...
  8. or do you have to get that all over tan in your backyard/booth? >
  9. well, i was, but luckily i got another job lined up, so i wasnt out of work long. and the funny thing is, the people that are left envy me! man, she was a class A delicate flower!
  10. anyone got a map or link to a map of what the system is supposed to look like at buildout?
  11. is it just me, or does it seem dallas and atlanta have more cooleges? dallas - unt, uta, utd, smu atlanta - ga tech, ga state, emory, w georgia houston - UH, rice ???
  12. In tampa, its not too bad, but you still get some stares. what about Houston?
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