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  1. Axis | Apartments for Rent in Houston, TX‎2400 West Dallas Street Houston, TX 77019 axishouston.com
  2. Hopefully its interaction with Main Street isn't terrible like that of BG Group Place.
  3. Looks like something is happening here. Maybe a car wash to compliment the one across the street?
  4. I don't know how long it's been there, but there is a crane on site south of w dallas/ west of dunlavy. Something is also going up at the intersection. Looks like a model of something.
  5. This is a true statement. And what are these "dozens" of condominions that have been in houston for decades?
  6. strange thread, anyway first few sentences, need a subscription for the rest http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto.../19/story2.html condos by Whiteco Residential LLC
  7. I drove by this place today(36sixty). Would you happen to know when the office is open, or a phone number or web address. The only thing I saw on the building was a now leasing sign.
  8. Anyone stay in these apartments. How are they. I noticed online that there are only 82 units. Does anyone know anything about the occupancy? Thanks.
  9. Here is another render of Mosaic http://www.phillipsdevelopment.com/development/almeda/ Preston Partnership was also the architect for Spire in Atlanta. Mosaic looks very similar, not including the second tower. skyscrapers.com
  10. "Homewood Suites-The Galleria-Houston, Texas. 160 suite extended stay hotel will enhance the area wide vision of providing pedestrian friendly architecture at the street level. Provided along the major street are the private dining and terrace and a retail/caf
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