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  1. Via Loopnet... Looks like a Frost Bank and a dentist are the first two tenants.
  2. The Marbella banquet hall on Milby just across from Voodoo Queen was demolished a few weeks ago.
  3. I am part of a non-profit group that has pledged to contribute to this center's capitol campaign. My understanding is that the land was acquired through a city grant. The building will house low-income LGBT seniors, and not everyone in the neighborhood is happy about it, but I'm glad to see it moving forward. http://www.projectq.us/houston/houston_residents_fight_lgbt_housing_center?gid=16930
  4. This rendering looks like Abraj Al Bait if it were designed by Tim Burton.
  5. Saw a sign from Townsites Realty for new townhomes on Harrisburg at Eastwood yesterday. It looks like they've got a few Second Ward projects in the works: Harrisburg at Eastwood Milby at Lovejoy Harrisburg at Hutchins (which doesn't exist. Maybe Hutcheson?) Burr at Sherman As well as future projects on York and Canal. http://www.townsitesrealty.com/
  6. This lot has been sold and sixty townhomes are under construction. I'm sure the "EaDo" name creep into the Second Ward will thrill the neighbors. http://www.citychoicehomes.com/eado-square
  7. Noticed a variance request on my run through the Second Ward this morning. The warehouse at 3302 Canal is being renovated into a multi-tenant/shared space office building. More info at http://www.workatheadquarters.com
  8. Let's all talk about how insanely good American Horror Story is.


  10. Republicans on Twitter thought #DemDebate was boring? Maybe because the Dem candidates aren't clowns.

  11. 1995 called. I answered. Going to see Garbage tonight!

  12. Love ya, Houston, but let's go #Royals! #BlueOctober

  13. Proud to see Lawrence, Kansas on this map. #IndigenousPeoplesDay http://t.co/XabmIwr9fL

  14. Is it terrible to not care about school shootings? We're not going to do anything about it anyway.

  15. Packed for my trip to Portland, OR, using the weather forecast from Portland, Tx. :(

  16. Guy who parked next to me appears to be making friends. #IAH #Gunspoint #Houston http://t.co/O32JkwqfFE

  17. Today a coworker congratulated me on my marriage which would be very sweet if I were actually married.

  18. WHAT'S UP, ATCHISON HIGH SCHOOL? http://t.co/18mVa6ERpp

  19. http://www.hpiproperties.com has a listing for a strip center at this exact site, but it looks like it's since been given a name change to "Canal." There's a PDF with renderings there, although I'm having trouble posting it.
  20. Sorry about the L, Houston. Go Chiefs!

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