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  1. Via Loopnet... Looks like a Frost Bank and a dentist are the first two tenants.
  2. The Marbella banquet hall on Milby just across from Voodoo Queen was demolished a few weeks ago.
  3. I am part of a non-profit group that has pledged to contribute to this center's capitol campaign. My understanding is that the land was acquired through a city grant. The building will house low-income LGBT seniors, and not everyone in the neighborhood is happy about it, but I'm glad to see it moving forward. http://www.projectq.us/houston/houston_residents_fight_lgbt_housing_center?gid=16930
  4. This rendering looks like Abraj Al Bait if it were designed by Tim Burton.
  5. Saw a sign from Townsites Realty for new townhomes on Harrisburg at Eastwood yesterday. It looks like they've got a few Second Ward projects in the works: Harrisburg at Eastwood Milby at Lovejoy Harrisburg at Hutchins (which doesn't exist. Maybe Hutcheson?) Burr at Sherman As well as future projects on York and Canal. http://www.townsitesrealty.com/
  6. This lot has been sold and sixty townhomes are under construction. I'm sure the "EaDo" name creep into the Second Ward will thrill the neighbors. http://www.citychoicehomes.com/eado-square
  7. Noticed a variance request on my run through the Second Ward this morning. The warehouse at 3302 Canal is being renovated into a multi-tenant/shared space office building. More info at http://www.workatheadquarters.com
  8. Let's all talk about how insanely good American Horror Story is.


  10. Republicans on Twitter thought #DemDebate was boring? Maybe because the Dem candidates aren't clowns.

  11. 1995 called. I answered. Going to see Garbage tonight!

  12. Love ya, Houston, but let's go #Royals! #BlueOctober

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