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  1. I disagree, I think HTOWN LIVE is spot on...always is. Those "in the know, know." Those who don't know, resort to talking/starting. They should do so on an appropriate site and thread for gossip. This site is for professionals and architecture enthusiasts...I thought?
  2. Lol. I'm being facetious. My sentiments exactly...if they're this inept and messed this up, there's no help for them or world class downtown retail. Many of us were shocked at the meeting. One of the mayor's assistants produced a new plan and convinced the mayor and the property owner and developer to hold off on the Bloomingdale's/Ritz Carlton for 1111 Main Street in favor of a proposal with a different anchor and locations that he's coordinating.That effectively killed the deal. I personally asked the property owner and developer, why? Their response was they're going to give the assistant u
  3. Wow, what nonsense. My dear student, why don't you call the mayor's office for confirmation and report back to us. That will help you understand. Class dismissed.
  4. The development was discouraged by the leadership of the City of Houston, Texas, USA. The property owner and the city are now going in a different direction that has to be better in order to top that.
  5. I agree it's back-peddlIng, they should have gone with the plan (even if it was with newbies). Houston definitely could have used the downtown retail and the hotel rooms. But it's not, at least not at 1111 Main Street. The city and the property owner no longer want it, saying they have something better they're putting together. We'll see.Houston already has the other big stores except Bloomingdale's, so it would take Harrods, Selfridges or Galeries Lafayette to top that. Does Houston have the leadership, talent and power to make that happen? We'll soon see.
  6. Agreed, just last week the city turned down a deal to redevelop 1111 Main Street (the old Sakowitz building) into a Bloomingdale's and a Ritz Carlton. Neiman Marcus ran Bloomingdale's out of Dallas years ago, and now Houston doesn't want them either. The Ritz Carlton was in Houston years ago and failed to impress, and got the boot. Houston is clearly not chasing those brands (which are not all that great), as there IS better. Houston has moved on and now wants better than that, so what happens will be interesting.
  7. Agreed, Target and Dillard's/Zone D'erotica/Shell are all in the way. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  8. With Hermes confirmed for ROD, it's operation at BLVD Place can only be temporary.
  9. Agreed, the rendering is basically putting emphasis on the building's potentially fabulous views of downtown and the TMC as it rises between them.
  10. That would have to be the North face of the building (reflecting downtown), with a TMC tower in the background to the South.
  11. You're right, I forgot NM San Francisco at Union Square is gigantic and simply marvelous.
  12. On one side of the Galleria two new Hyatt Hotels...on the other side, not so much.
  13. Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus operate the finest stores in America. And yes, NM Houston Galleria, Beverly Hills, and Dallas NorthPark all vie for #1 continually. In certain markets, like Houston, those two fight to the death. So with SFA now constructing a new bigger palace, you can bet your last dollar that NM is at its drawing board now.NM Houston Galleria usually gets a complete remodel every 7-10 yrs, but the new Saks flagship will only make them do something more extraordinary, and maybe quicker than usual. Idk of anything specific, but with the new Saks coming in 2016, a top-to-bot
  14. Hallelujah. Agreed. All of that crap (the entire lot) should have been gone! Dillard's will get a nice sum, but developers will let them rot if they're being overly greedy and think they're going to fleece potential buyers with a ridiculous asking price fit for Fifth Avenue. Dillard's better remember that pigs get killed...hogs get slaughtered.
  15. Pipe dreams, I'll bet not. They could hope for half of that. Yes, the Galleria is doing great, but not Dillard's. It looks like a rusting Ford Pinto next to a new Rolls Royce. The Houston market has evolved and prefers the experience of what's featured in the world of Macy's (moderate) to Nordstrom (upscale), than to tacky Dillard's. Whatever niche they had is dead and irrelevant. The Macy's to Nordstrom range is the standard...Dillard's is not a premium All-American brand...never was. They could even stay put, yet redevelop the property by reconstructing themselves with a couple towers and a
  16. Those masses of people are making their way back to their cars...everybody knows Dillard's exists for the sake of extended Galleria parking. They certainly aren't going there to shop. Dillard's is a morgue on good days...but it's parking is great for Galleria overflow. That Dillard's isn't making much money...but they would make some if they took a page from Tootsie's book and moved nearby to a refreshed new location. They should swallow their pride and take the money and run. They definitely need a new `do' and developers could use the space. Everybody wins, especially Houston.
  17. Lol, yes together they're the pimple on the area's butt. Hopefully the boom will make them disappear soon.
  18. Agreed. If Dillard's was smart, they would move...they would get a premium for that premier site. Then use some of the money to build a fresh modern expression of itself nearby. Maybe configure themselves into BLVD Place in a deal with Wulfe & Co. or the Uptown Park redevelopment. They're clearly out of place with that old tired store in the midst of all that extraordinary Galleria development. The Dillard's tract is a waste of land, as that store doesn't fit the location anymore. It's now a relic and BUTT UGLY. I'm not saying they need to get out of town, just away from the Galleria. Some
  19. Best Hotels in Texas & the Southwest: Readers' Choice Awards 2014 http://www.cntraveler.com/readers-choice-awards/2014/united-states/best-hotels-in-texas-and-the-southwest-readers-choice-awards-2014
  20. Indeed, the mayor's plan is huge and involves 7 blocks of unprecedented redevelopment for downtown Houston. This isn't the latest midrise or typical apartments going up...this project will create a signature shopping district in downtown Houston (similar to Michigan Avenue) and will restore world class retail to the CBD. I've been involved with it for over 3 years, so I know what I'm talking about and I've proven myself with the mayor and the other executives making this happen. I have no time to argue with someone about what I know for fact, simply because they can't comprehend or believe the
  21. I discuss it with the mayor's office and her executive team on a regular basis, and even I won't believe it until I see it. Most of the talk regarding all of these developments is informational until the dirt is turning and the cranes are flying. Moreover, we've been down this road with Ritz before and they can't seem to get it together. 8 years ago they looked around and decided to go with Wulfe & Co. at BLVD Place...and today 8 years later they're still trying. But with Houston's economy roaring, this time they've been met with a taste of their own medicine...a very high price/premium fo
  22. I'm not at liberty to say beyond what I've shared without violating confidentiality. But I can say that in the city's new plans, the Ritz has renewed their interest in the block bound by Dallas, Labranch, Lamar and Austin Streets. The issue is the cost of the site has nearly quadrupled since their initial interest. That's the holdup.
  23. You're obviously delusional. You've lost the argument, we've all moved on.
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