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  1. Anyone know of a sandblasting company/person that can strip down a couple of antique sheet metal lawn chairs? Thanks!
  2. I'm looking at a handful of rental investments in these two areas. I live in Eastwood proper but I'm not that familiar with the subtle differences between the two and if there is one area that has an obvious upside compared to the other. Just by driving around I feel like Broadmoor has more potential but it also seems that Lawndale has far fewer trashed out houses than Broadmoor. Anybody willing to chime in with their opinion on this? I'd appreciate greatly!
  3. That's one way to spin a firing, sure. I mean if my manager left and the new manager replaced me with someone else and I was asked in no ambiguous terms to not come back here anymore, I think I'd feel pretty "fired". But that's just me. I also don't know that Vandermeer is the one making these decisions. Even if he is, he's been his current position well before Lord was "replaced" so your assistant coach analogy fails a little there. I think once Harris was let go from 1560 it was a pretty easy decision to be made, whoever decided.
  4. Even based on the way you described it that sounds an awful lot like being fired from a particular job. That job pays separate from his normal radio duties and so is considered a wholly separate job. And doing pregame on the radio is hardly the same thing as sideline reporter. The new guy that you mention is John Harris is really good and he can probably tell you all the players' middle names let alone know that one of them has a famous uncle. You can't say that for Rich Lord because he had no clue.
  5. For me it's not just his self-absorbed personal takes which kill the show. I tuned in this morning during a 790 commercial and Wright/Lopez were just finishing up a top 10 list of something or other. He then teased us with another top 10 list of something or other after the break. That's why I call him Nick "coming up after the break" Wright. I don't know about you but if I want a top ten list on anything I'll go to Buzzfeed or Bleacer Reprt. LAZY RADIO!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else annoyed by the whistles on one of their many bits. Do they not understand how that whistle sounds on AM radio?
  6. Eh, well to start he's often uninformed, relies on platitudes and cliches to support his opinions and in my opinion really boring. He'll stay the safe route on every occasion and every topic. Who know he was fired from being the Texans sideline reporter right? Well I can't help but to think that it was because when he was interviewing Jesse Jackson during Superbowl week he unbelievably asked him whether he has a nephew who plays for the Texans. Any casual Texans fan (let alone the f-ing OFFICIAL TEXANS SIDELINE REPORTER!) knows that Darryl Sharpton (nephew of Al Sharpton) played for the Texans at the time. I mean, if that's not dim-witted and incompetent I don't know what it is.
  7. I don't know. Just based on history it seems radio shows have to be really bad in the short run or really mediocre for very long periods of time before changes are contemplated. How mediocre radio guys like Lopez and Rich Lord and Adam Clanton are still employed at the first or second best radio station in the city is curious to me.
  8. You are actually the first person I've ever come across to not believe that Colin Cowherd is giant piece of shit. Not only only do you not think he's a piece of shit but you think he's "really good". Wow.
  9. Good god. It's f-ing awful. Lopez's takes are almost always half-baked and are typically quickly and easily rebutted by Nick Wright. On the other hand, Nick "coming up after the break" Wright is an intelligent guy but tries to comes off as some hyper-intellectual and is nothing but a hack activist for civil rights and social justice with a super annoying voice to boot. I mean really, I can't take more than a few minutes of that guy's voice. For those of you who think he's headed for national radio pastures..... please..... he can't even manage beating his competing time-slot rival which also has a major handicap in Adam Clanton. It's bascially Lance vs. Nick and Lance is beating him consistently.
  10. The Trevino apologists out there are relentless. Fact: you can be a great guy AND commit a crime. The two acts are not mutually exclusive. For that matter, you can commit a crime unknowingly and still be punished for it. This is how our laws work.
  11. I bought an older home, block an beam foundation. I am just starting to think of adding to the house - a room just off the living room which will be used as a dining room, about 10'x18'. I tried to get some info off the old internet machine and I'm getting mixed info. Any ideas how much this could cost on a square foot basis? There will be no plumbing. It would probably need its own a/c supply vent to the space. The rest will be foundation, framing, floors, windows, drywall, roof, siding etc. I will also have to relocate the gas meter. Thanks!
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