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  1. The perception of the strong association between Republican politics and the dominant industry in Houston is a bitter pill for younger, conscientious generations to swallow. Though it's still a powerful economic driver, O&G saddles Houston with an image neither Austin (nor dallas) suffer from. Conversely, those two towns benefit from the allure that people associate with the tech industry which - for the time being - is virtually absent along the Gulf Coast.
  2. Just because you personally don't live in the same area where you work and play doesn't necessarily invalidate the perspective in the article. High density areas where people do all three are more supportive of the culture for creative enterprise than areas where each exists separately. People with artistic, sociopolitical, and intellectual tendencies evident in creative industries tend to congregate in such urban districts. Portland's an example. Tech companies dot the metro area, but the city's Pearl District and downtown are where startup & development activity thrive. Developers seize on the notion that eliminating physical distance between live/work/play attractions retain creative people & their industries. The tech startup scene, advertising, the arts all cluster centrally where infrastructure & amenities favor less car dependency and where workday collaborations can carryover into nearby restaurants & bars. Hopefully, Ion indeed becomes a successful node alongside EaDo, the Heights, Midtown, and downtown in helping propel Houston's tech scene. But it'll be by force of beneficent capital and in spite of its initially spartan location.
  3. These fantastic images you guys share really help the observing public get a sense of how incredible these large construction projects are. Everything from labor assignments, planning which sections precede others, dealing with suppliers on material deliveries, checking quality, etc. ...truly an amazing endeavor. I stand in awe and tip my cap to all involved.
  4. The lead developer and his wife are Taiwanese immigrants and Houstonians for decades. In the 1980s they lived in Ponderosa Forest on FM1960W.
  5. Sounds like negligence on both the part of the developer for not ensuring pedestrians have an alternate right-of-way as well as the city for allowing this to continue.
  6. In the mid-1980's, the band "Genesis" used the blimp hangar as a staging area for rehearsals before their performances at the Summit.
  7. Even if the architecture seems more pragmatic than a design flourish, the angles and street orientation seem certain to contribute to the drama of the skyline as a whole especially seen from the northside. Other than peering out from car windows coming into town from I-45, it's too bad there's no substantial public space to view it from the northern edge like there is for the western view.
  8. Does anyone know the ownership history for block 142? It'd be interesting if someone like Nancy Sarnoff could find out what the owner's intentions are, if they've had any inquiries from developers, or if they simply see the future of such prime real estate as a parking lot.
  9. I'd also recommend against Spring/Woodlands. You might also consider the suburbs of Pearland and Clear Lake City. There are many neighborhoods in these two areas that might suit what you're looking for and you'll sense far less insularity. Best wishes to you and your family!
  10. Patagonia closely guards their image even to the point of sacrificing profits. Sustainability, social responsibility, and eco-friendly citizenship are among the business tenets they seem to practice. Since Houston's economy depends on the vibrancy of an industry that's the antithesis of at least one of those attributes, I imagine opening in brick & mortar fashion would appear as a compromise to their fealties.
  11. I imagine the chances for this happening grow in proportion to Texas Medical Ctr leveraging its 5700+ on-site researchers and $3.6B research budget to build its momentum as a biotech hub alongside the stalwart locations for the industry (SF, Boston, San Diego). Some milestones toward this goal: establishment of a biotech incubator (along with the incubator's first array of startups) and, in particular, a business development agreement with Johnson & Johnson to locate a fourth JLabs (thus far, the only one outside the three biotech stronghold cities) at 2450 Holcombe to open early next year. TMC is more than a year into its ambitious plans - perhaps these recent achievements inspire the glossy rendering. more local coverage: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2014/12/18/year-in-review-tmc-aims-to-translate-research-to.html?page=all http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/print-edition/2014/10/31/johnson-johnson-launch-in-houston-means-large.html http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/print-edition/2014/10/31/johnson-johnson-launch-in-houston-means-large.html
  12. density & activities in the neighborhood make its appeal. here's an identical concept whole foods near the george washington univ. and the foggy bottom metro station.
  13. Nitpicking and advocating for the devil embody the air of Socratic dissent for which I have utmost respect. Your many insights and thoughtful posts elsewhere on this site precede your willingness to engage here and such honorable intent makes me smile no matter how much we might disagree on particular subjects. You're right in pointing out the error in my equating the Lusitania incident as a uniquely American false flag. I stand corrected and my intent is to metaphorically describe the events surrounding the sinking as tantamount to pre-meditated actions governments take on its own people to manufacture policy initiatives otherwise unattainable. The dubious Lusitania events include: the British Admiralty's de-categorization from 'non-military' of the Lusitania under Cruiser Rulesdeliberate creation of the ship's vulnerability to u-boat attackthe prescient conversation between Churchill's foreign minister and Pres. Wilson's adviser Edward House (a native Houstonian, coincidentally)JP Morgan's monstrous profiteering as a result of US war participation, andclear attempts by the British after the sinking to destroy the remnants of the ship so as to hide the intact military arsenal from public knowledge. I agree - the logistics of such an operation seem unfathomable.. Based on the documentation and testimony of a highly credentialed body of technical professionals, I can only conjecture the source of such precision, discipline, planning, and execution as something in the realm of a military special ops capability. As I previously mention, just as damning against official findings is what the government itself leaves out or obfuscates in interviews and press conferences. Video captures of these abound.
  14. I imagine introducing that concept elsewhere in this forum likely sets off furious & incredulous reaction among members of such a mainstream site. Nonetheless, I stand with you in seeing US military history and foreign policy for what it is rather than what many prefer to idealize. From the egregious conveyance to the Germans of the Lusitania's alleged cargo to Sec. McNamara's 40 year ex post facto admission that the Tonkin Gulf incident was, in fact, a manufactured scenario no amount of mainstream ridicule can extinguish the historical record. If people can arm themselves with intellectual curiosity and objectivity, they might be able to match concept with proof. Anybody can study how empires throughout civilization cultivate power and, in American fashion, anyone can observe the impacts of economic anxiety and indoctrination of the citizen body as it relegates itself into passive, obedient consumerism. You might notice how someone on here actively fulfills his consigning role and happily invokes brand names in deference to the efficacy & nuances of the advertising industry. Even as a tired cliche, the validity in 'ignorance is bliss' loses no meaning. Life is happier within a fortifying prison of obedience & ignorance as it welcomes & comforts more folks. As the self-assurance of the community grows so too does the natural reaction to cast aspersions on those who don't fall in line. Ah, Easter bunnies and time with friends & family ...happy holiday to any & all.
  15. I have as much actual knowledge of the course of events on that day as any layperson has. However, there are clear and glaring omissions from the 9/11 commission and its technical investigation (through NIST) regarding the three buildings totally destroyed as well as the events outside the NYC periphery that day and leading up to 9/11. From my vantage point (merely as a citizen who shares in the grief and outrage against the perpetrators), the most notable is the absolute exclusion of Building 7 from the commission report and the technically incompetent and haphazardly constructed explanation for its symmetric, free-fall collapse in NIST's official report. After Sept. 11, a vacuum of coverage about this particular event come across the major networks as the natural diversion is to coverage of the mourning, rhetoric of the Bush Administration, and its upcoming policy responses. Reflexively, the public accepts without pause the conclusions of the commission and NIST while the media provides absolutely no coverage of the growing body of well-credentialed scholarly & technical people whose analyses - at a minimum - call out the extraordinary items left out of these details. This naturally leads any citizen, willing and able to think with a clear mind, to question how could the federal government leave out such important details and the media be so compliant in response. From an engineering failure perspective, the destruction of WTC 1,2, & 7 has no precedence. This reason alone makes for an inextricably deserving case to investigate in far more painstaking detail: the statics, dynamics, and material engineering aspects of the impact effects on the core structurethe impossibility of heat from fires - jet fuel or other - to weaken metal enough for absolute and total failure of the entire structure within a single hour for both towers 1 & 2the improbable phenomenon of the lower, unaffected steel structure to offer any resistance to the crumbling of the upper floorsthe multitude of video evidence and first responder testimony of secondary explosions at the base of the south towerthe ridiculous explanation by NIST for tower 7's destruction and the zero mention of this event in the commission reportFlag waving is a compelling social dynamic. I'm as susceptible to such evocation as anyone (my friends can attest to this again as we're about to watch the Rockets enter the playoffs). But if the layperson to the events of 14 years ago can rest the patriotism enough to ask questions that any novice crime scene investigator would start with, an even deeper and chilling string of questions arises that won't vacate with the passing of time. These questions have legitimate basis in both engineering and political perspectives. I don't assert knowledge about 9/11 I don't have - nor can other citizens rightfully defend the official reports in light of such obvious absence of thoroughness and due diligence.
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