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  1. Just curious why the area south of 610 and NRG is so undeveloped. Any rhyme or reason why areas northwest of Houston and north east of Houston would develop more while south of 610 seems so undeveloped and just raw land.
  2. when do they start development ? flyer_343a96b2-872c-0b6b-dd4d-566f479fc753_1815Washington (2).pdf
  3. Just wanted to check and see if anyone knew what was going on nex to Galway Hooker off washington. Looks like another bar ready to open its doors.
  4. Hey Arche, i appreciate the help on this. Sorry just wanted to clarify if that 225/sq ft is the cost of building + land? if that's the case that home would be selling for almost cost, right?
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to get an idea of what it cost per sq ft to build a home similar to those found in the montrose, washington, rice military area. Here's an example of kinda what we were looking at doing http://www.urbanliving.com/listing/cms-developments/peden-views/
  6. Hey Guys, Just been looking at purchasing a home in the area and noticed that alot of these developments have no parking. I saw one development prob with 20 homes where the developer covered the ditch and created parking for it, while I see another with 28 homes and no parking at all for a single guest. Just wanted to see if anyone could fill me in why the city doesnt require such a large development to create parking? It just seems to make more sense. The day i drove by I notice that there was only 2 driveways to enter a 28 townhome development. What happens on trash day? All 28 homes are going to line up their trash on the street along with their recycling bins? That's going to be a sight to see,
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