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  1. Might be building A which was the Theater? If its Schaum/Shieh I'm expecting something really nice looking with a dash of quirky. They don't do a lot of buildings, but they are very heavy design oriented and tend to also lean on the theoretical/abstract.
  2. **Edit** You know I just realized that yesterday will make 8 years on this message board. Kinda crazy how time flies.
  3. Its okay to be frustrated. In fact the only way things change in the future is the frustration one has today. After that though you really only have three choices to make (of which I'll leave that to you) 1) you take that frustration and learn about the process and figure out how you make effective change yourself 2) understand you can't make any changes, keep learning as you go with the understanding that you just have to wait and see or (the fun internet choice) 3) have fun expressing that frustration and complaining because we all like to b i t c h on the internet (Including yours truly haha). But serious you only have the first two. I'm glad you are getting a better understanding of the process. Believe me I live it everyday and sometimes I'm glad its super slow and other times I wish I had a bonfire to light a fire under some butts to get them moving. Its all about process. In this industry, process is king.
  4. While the replies might seem disingenuous since they don't really hit your exact point, I would listen to those responses because they highlight the tradeoffs for speed, and max efficiency. The main tradeoff is if you want that kind of speed and max efficiency (at least on the exterior, or aesthetically) then unfortunately you will need massive expansion in centralization of resources, with the tyranny and totalitarianism that goes with that. When you have total control and only one person making a decision then yes you can move quickly and build entire cities in a decade, but it comes a great costs in the medium to long term that aren't immediately apparent. I say this as someone who wants the ability to have total design control, but with the understanding of what those trade offs are and what I will need to balance that speed in design with help to mitigate tradeoffs. The question we have to always ask ourselves is do we want a society of max efficiency or max autonomy. We are kinda having that discussion right now, but it does come with trade offs, sometimes ones that aren't immediately obvious. If we want to remain a republic with democratically elected representatives then we will have one of the slowest forms of governments who will in turn also make decisions very slowly because they have to reach a consensus before making a decision which takes time....and that is by design. **EDIT** I should add that while my point above stands I do understand any and all frustration with the speed at which things can take on projects, and there are plenty of ways to fix this issue without sacrificing the mechanisms which make those decisions. There does need to be significant reform to how we bid public projects, to financing these projects, to eliminating conflict of interests, to addressing public concern while at the same time not letting that process drag, totally reform or dispense with environmental impact studies (useless), getting rid of useless "stakeholders" and making sure projects are beholden to the elected representatives, etc... etc...
  5. Why is it so hard for so many companies to not have one guy upload good clear photos to a website?
  6. I think what's encouraging is that this development wants to be a success. Its willing to try new things to bring new people in. This is what is great about the market if you are open to change. Is it always successful, no, but at the very least they are trying. I agree with you @Amlaham that it's moving generally in the right direction. I think making that entire interior loop a promenade will go a long way into making this place even more flexible and open to people relaxing and hanging out in the area which will help eventually draw people into shops if the shops/prices are right.
  7. I'm still amazed that the Gulf Freeway is still under construction. Can't beat that. Gulf Freeway is the Heavyweight champion of the world in never-ending freeway construction.
  8. Believable. Jesus, man of the people driving an economy car. I could also see him driving an F-150, he was a carpenter.
  9. How dare you blasphemer! Surface Parking is the religion of peace. The day concrete or asphalt cures is a very holy day my friend.
  10. Seriously I don't say this below to be personal in any way...really. Below is a standard I hold for myself and everyone else. If the above quote is your personal preference, and if that is how you wish to not only view the world, but also live your life then that is your own business. You do you. We all have needs, wants, etc... and I genuinely wish you get those wants and needs meet, but its entirely another thing to ask others to conform to what you want for the sake of your personal safety. I found this statement revealing. I get it we all care about ourselves at the end of the day, but its another when you are using general crime, or general neighborhood concerns to shield the fact that you personally want protection. That crosses a line for me. Its your responsibility to protect yourself, and keep yourself safe. Not the responsibility of others. If you really have a fear of being attacked at every place you take a seat or walk around then maybe that is something you should look within yourself and ask yourself, "Why do I always have this need for others to provide me security, and is it fair of me to ask others to provide that security for me when they have no obligation to do so?" "What can I do to alleviate those concerns in my own way?" Maybe ask that before you ask every developer to provide a security guard for every property you walk upon. Again not personal here. I don't know you personally. I glad you express these concerns. Just don't expect others to do things you could do for yourself.
  11. No one is saying your concerns about crime are wrong (at least I hope not), but the direction which you are aiming your concerns at is wrong. Nowhere in the city charter, or for that matter the state constitution do we ask developers to patrol, resolve, and police crime. Maybe really think about this. Do we really want private companies, landlords, developers, etc... being responsible for not only trying to solve crimes, or police, but patrol neighborhoods? Mafias did that. In movies like Robocop, that was OCP. Here is the thing, are there massive issues with policing, and how we distribute police/personnel at large within cities...yes, but does that mean as an assist we turn to developers, landlords, and companies to pick up the slack? I already don't like centralized state authorities, but the opposite also seems like a nightmare. Developers, landlords, and companies are only responsible for one thing...to make money and to take responsibility for themselves. That is it. By Federal Constitution, State Constitution, and Local Charter its our centralized governments that have been given exclusive right to enforce laws, and by the way that is also with exclusive right to do so by force or even by violence in certain circumstances. Now am I saying with all of this you want exactly what I'm laying out here? No. However there has been a very disturbing trend over the past several years that for the sake of "safety", "security", and "prioritizing crime" that the answer is larger government authority, and more centralizing and authority for companies, and developers, and landlords to act in the "best interests" of a community whatever that means (insert - the road to hell is paved with "good intentions"). If you want to solve crime then make it known at the ballot box in the next elections, campaign on those issues. NYC actually did this with its current new mayor. DeBlasio paved the way for crime to increase, and in response the people elected a former police commander who, you guessed it, will be tougher on crime (of course that remains to be seen).
  12. Interesting. Was wondering if this was going to be apartments. While driving by this site last week I saw a billboard which showed that this was just going to be a new single story commercial building.
  13. Also its....again....an unrestricted reserve. They can do LITERALLY whatever they want. They can put a 10' tall fence in the name of "security" and the same people would complain about it. The developer has zero responsibility in regards to crime in the area. That is the responsibility of the city. If people are worried about crime then complain to the city, don't shoulder that onto the developer. The only security the developer needs to worry about is its own, and for a hotel the whole point of a hotel is to make an experience as seamless and easy as possible to get to where you want to go and do what you want to do. Depends. Some developers really do put a lot of effort into what the name will be, and some put it off until the very last minute. I like the name St. Augustine. Feels like it fits. As for the name being named after St. Augustine grass, while that would be hilarious...I'm going to table my actual opinions on St. Augustine grass. To put it lightly I'd rather throw every palette of that grass into a massive bonfire.
  14. The design in this render is, from a architectural designers perspective, way better. Plus you can't go wrong with black. The latest render we are seeing is definitely very 1990's-2000's, but as you say, and I agree, very on point for Post Oak Blvd, as unfortunate as it is saying that. My hope is that the trend changes. The new Zadok is actually a really nice building when I drove past it last week. My thoughts are that building will be the new direction soon enough.
  15. The Chapel is way better with all natural light than the artificial light it used to have. Glad I took a quick visit while in town.
  16. I only went there because they had good margs, and nachos. If I wanted something else I would just go to someplace with more for a better price. Still a cool hangout place, and a nice patio.
  17. This site is absolutely enormous. Only drove a couple times around it. Not pics. Next time I visit I hope they have the spine finished, so I can get a better sense of scale of everything.
  18. I don't think any name can beat I-69....when I mean "beat" I mean....nevermind
  19. City Official 1: Hey. What's all this land doing between those houses and the railway. City Official 2: ROW we own apparently. We've had it for ages. Was supposed to be for that spur. City Official 1: I got an idea. Why not extend it to 610?! City Official 2: Why not? That is totally like a brilliant idea, and an excellent use to tax payer money to extend a spur by a few miles. You grab the plans. I'll grab the shovels!
  20. I've never understood the Paxton hate. He's probably one of the more milktoast Republicans out there. Oh no Ken filed an Amici brief with a bunch of other states in opposition to a president he doesn't like....oh noooo what a monster! Seriously people put way to much emotion into politics without understand what really moves politics. The only time emotion works is in getting out the vote...period. Other than that it just gets in the way or backfires. If Paxton runs for reelection he wins easy. I wouldn't put it past Hidalgo to run for mayor, but she is about a decade away from even accumulating the political tools, cash reserves, and power needed to even persuade the democrat establishment to support her, and I just think she is way to progressive to make it in Houston. That's just me though. I've stated in another thread before why I thought Turner has been a great mayor and its because of Turners overall pragmatic approach to city government, the general party divided in the city, and politics as a whole. Hidalgo hasn't yet exhibited any ability to pivot, reach across the aisle, or assure that business interests can trust her judgement.
  21. Will be in Houston next week. Really looking forward to walking this one.
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