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  1. Maybe he means the color correction, changing the highlights and shadows as well as straightening the verticals...which are standard when post processing any images especially for architectural photography (regarding the vertical corrections). I will say that the corrected photo does have funky HDR look to it and it does feel soft which could be the source of the weirdness.
  2. I agree, but what gives it the "off look"?
  3. because @MidCenturyMoldy is clearly one that knows how to handle a camera. Great shots by the way. I can't wait to take some good architectural photography shots for myself once this is done. Especially at night.
  4. This is why, for the most part, I'm glad we don't have zoning.
  5. Hmm looks like a skinny version of The Hawthorne being built on the corner of San Felipe and Chimney Rock. I agree with... @Avossos that if its stone then it will look really pleasant, and if its stucco it will look like hot garbage.
  6. Yeah I can see that, if we were analyzing this in a vacuum, but examined in context of each (America and Europe), and its just different sensibilities along with developmental practices for each. You know this.
  7. pfft. No need to apologize, and trust me I'm no defender or agent of Gensler. My intention was merely to debase you from your initial certainty. You were so certain! I can't really let that go unchallenged, just like I expect you to call me out if I'm ever too certain about engineering . While they are a multi-national firm, their Houston branch is very localized. I see them as going for any type of project if it means it will potentially access a new revenue stream, as thats typically the prime objective of a multi-national corporation. If this is truly a new potential market then I know if I were in their shoes I would be gunning for it to be first to the market with a new product, both programmatically and aesthetically.
  8. Gensler isn't one of those kinds of firms. I've never thought of Gensler as snotty or imagines a project as "beneath them". Definitely not for a multi-national corporation where their only concern is making money, and not necessarily the look of its portfolio. Even with that being stated, unless you are a name associated with a particular look, feel, and type of architecture, then no project should ever be "beneath you". That exclusion is bad business, and bad in the sense as one is limiting themselves to explore new avenues for architectural expression or architectural challenges. Then again that's the difference between someone who wants to fill a niche and one that wants to reach the mainstream.
  9. It also says it will be an "auto" parking garage. Do we think its that same company trying to put in an auto garage in The Heights? If this is to be the first, I could understand why you would approach an arch firm to look into it. If this is going to be an auto garage then I would actually like this to be built if it could become a proven concept in this city which could eventually consolidate surface lots and even obsolete analog parking garages to something like this. In the end, this might be a necessary step back in order to go two steps forward.
  10. I mean I don't know about you, but if there was something we need more in downtown, its parking garages! I mean it is technically residential...just for cars! /s
  11. Maybe something like this? gray is the new road light yellow would be the abandonment of these streets and turning them into pedestrian roads. most of la branch at this portion is already a pedestrian walk, so wouldn't be out of the question to do the same with the rest. This new connection from la branch to almeda would also help give the campus a defined edge. That parking lot is probably the best bet for reconfiguration as you proposed. Would actually be pretty easy to do. Maybe someone should pitch this idea to the city. It definitely would make traffic flow better here.
  12. This and along with the burying of 59. We could be talking about a revolution for Almeda. That street has always had a lot of potential.
  13. Miraculously the Rice Management Company isn't run by academics, but is actually run by actual business people. That bodes well for the project, and future endeavors. I'm glad they placed people on this job who are actually serious about the work and aren't chasing fantasies, or those who will be susceptible to the whims of the activists mentioned prior. Now we wait to see what the city will do. Then again, due to the cities past track record, I think the city isn't compromised and will do what is necessary. I was very worried that the Rice Management Company was merely an entity in name only, and not a serious development entity, but glad I was wrong.
  14. You think this should merge with the greater Braes Bayou projects, or keep them separate?
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