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  1. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but to my knowledge from prior research most highway projects are funded mostly by bond money which is raised, and then is paid back over a few decades. The money that doesn't have to be paid back is if you get grants from the Feds for certain projects or interstates (because interstates are federal). TCR will most certainly see most of its funding from private backers, but honestly would it really be that bad if they borrowed money through the form of government bonds? I don't see that as a bad thing. I've kind of lessoned my tone on this over the years as I've general
  2. At the same time though demand for construction has shot up through the roof. I do expect to see a lot of projects get the green light this year simply due to general fears of inflation. No better way to secure general wealth than to put it into real estate. Prices for everything in nearly every kind of market will yo-yo for probably the next couple years honestly mostly due to supply chain disruption. This was the worst thing about the lockdowns globally. I like to think of it like Houston traffic. You get that initial disruption, and then a trickle moves along. Finally you reach the part whe
  3. For the dim and true believers, yes its an argument. We also have to remember most of the "holdout's" aren't holdouts for ideological reasons, or those of passion, but because they believe their land is worth way more than market value, or they believe they can get more. Its like breaking a safe or a wall, all it takes is time and leverage. Media cover it to get clicks, politicians jump on the bandwagon to up their cred with constituents, but once leverage has broken the wall, media finds a better story, and politicians find another person to squeeze at that point its just the dim and true bel
  4. Well...Houston you been busy in my absence. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.
  5. ---NO Update--- Week of 11/02/2020 - 11/08/2020 No updates this week. It was my birthday Nov. 3, which turned into a birthday week, and of course there was the election which turned into an election week haha. Hope everyone had fun watching the schadenfreude that was the election. Whatever your political leanings...it was...different. 2020 baby. Hasn't disappointed yet. Project Astropolis will see you next week.
  6. This is one circumstance where regulation actually makes sense, right? Even though the company's that feed electricity are private everyone uses the same wires. Its very cost prohibitive at the moment to motivate companies to move anything or bury anything. This is a situation where design standards and regulation can actually help. Utility companies are notoriously difficult to work with, and at this point place their poles wherever they feel like. Yeahhhh, but thats a lot of work... Poles look pretty fresh. Now its possible this is just a coordination err
  7. ---Update--- v.05 - Beta - Development Update 008 Week of 10/26/2020 - 11/01/2020 Not much of an update this week. Lot on my plate. Still, I want to get in a regular habit of posting updates even if not much got done. Anyways, hope everyone got to enjoy Halloween a bit. __________________________________________ Reminder, I do name things different than names of topics on this forum. This is so I can manage both the map and spreadsheet more effectively, and keep things rather standardized. If a name doesn't sound familiar to you then please refer t
  8. Appreciate the clarification. Was updating this on the map and spreadsheet, and noticed Skanska acquired the land, but didn't know if this displaced Madison Marquette. I do agree it changes what the final product will be. With that being said. I trust Skanska to handle this land better than Madison Marquette.
  9. If CRTKL which was behind these visuals is the architect still then there is reason to be excited. I really think they need to take these and go to Michael Hsu. The stuff in these visuals fits his style, and Michael Hsu has proven in this city and others that he can do great work. Just my opinion.
  10. For those who don't remember that name, they were behind The Travis in midtown, and 2929 Weslayn in the Greenway area off of W Alabama. As of right now, the only thing we can expect is greater density for this block. The Travis has left a lot to be desired however. Though that might temper expectations for this site, maybe they come out with something different than whats in their portfolio? Hopefully. They need to choose more daring architects. Lets see.
  11. ---Update--- v.05 - Beta - The Post-Covid Reboot - Development Update 007 Week of 10/19/2020 - 10/25/2020 Hey everyone. Rebooting this again. Not a lot of updates, but I'm slowing getting back into this again. Two weeks after I announced this project in this thread, I got laid-off. Obviously this required me to reorganize priorities as it has done for many. To be honest, it took a long time to find the motivation to get back into this project. Its just so big, and there were so many projects that started kicking off, and at one point I felt so far behind that
  12. Agree with all of this. The design is pretty pedestrian. If people want to see a great balance between more traditional design with contemporary flare, then check out the Eastern Glades. Love that park. Love the stone, like the path layout, and like the contemporary approach to pavilions etc... This park comes off as something one would find out in Bridgeland or one of those masterplanned communities. Oh well. I'll take a park than no park. Looks great for the area which is already seeing a bunch of activity. The future is bright. Agree with the lamp posts. Looks craftsman inspi
  13. Because like all these "coalitions" they depend on other institutions which they feel they either already control, or should control. They over estimated their influence with Rice University, but Rice seems to have hired people that aren't crazy, and are checks on them. They over estimated their influence with publications like the Houston Chronicle, who they thought would simply get out the word for them for free because they thought the Chron would be sympathetic to their cause. Turns out, the Chron is like others in this city, money talks and bs walks. So this means they aren't crazy as wel
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