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  1. And the fact that they have a guy like that getting all that stuff together or working on those systems, again actually puts them closer to where they need to be than even I thought. Of course no absolute way to confirm this guy is who he says he is, but everything still checks out from the information provided thus far. Even though the stuff about financing is something new, it also isn't something that can't be done. They can absolutely get all the funding they need from those avenues. Nice digging by the way! I swear we need to start a news/reporting branch for this site.
  2. I'm pretty sure they do and was stipulation for the initial funding. They would be idiots if they didn't. Putting that kind of skin into the game early is risky and asking for partial ownership or ownership stakes is one way to insure the project will be successful.
  3. Its not even bold...its literally everyday business practices haha. Now if they were getting Bonds, Loans, and Taxes for this job then you bet they better reveal that and they would, but they haven't taken anything from those three thus far and so they don't have to disclose anything. Again its weird and gets into the realm of conspiracies for some because its an infrastructure job which normally is funded via the prior three stated, and so the intention by many is to ask...where where is the money you said this project needs, but its not a public project and so they don't need to disclose that info or even have that funding right away. I even mentioned before that in 2015 I still thought this was a pipe dream. Now imagine what investors might have thought. I'm sure investors thought the same for private space companies in the beginning as well. Now its getting more likely this will happen by the day, and if they have everything approved and say they are ready to build then, if I had money, I would invest in something like this. This is a 6 year long job with potential for return over 25 years. That is the best possible investment in regards to real estate and construction. They just have to get there first and its clear that is their aim.
  4. As someone who is in the industry this is very typical and not out of the norm from a private side standpoint. Its atypical in regards to infrastructure because normally the government are the ones involved in order to get projects fully approved and begun in the first place they have to have all the funding all in one go, and typically they will only get it from a few sources. Normally this is through bonds, loans, or taxes (or all of the above). They also have to do this because they are beholden by the public to make sure that the money they get (which is typically from tax payers in some form) goes to the right place and is allocated correctly. A private company does not have to do this, and in a normal construction project they can begin the process, either with all funds available or by gathering funds as they go along. It really is a pay as you go process. I've actually been part of a project that is going to be 100% funded by donations, but even now it isn't fully funded yet, but the funds which have been collected have been used to start the process, develop drawings, work with consultants, and get various permits approved etc... The only money they still need is the necessary funds to begin construction and that is being collected right now. Your jobs on the residential side, especially single family homes, in which a family goes to an architect to design a home, is done in the same fashion. Again this is only atypical because this is infrastructure and projects in that arena, typically done by the government, are done in lump sums or all at once, but that is because they are legally bound to do so, and to make sure they are not overspending or going overbudget and anger the public, have to do so. Everything here from an industry insider checks out as far as the money that they have appropriated to get the process going thus far. A project this massive that gets through all the hops and loops to get to the point of construction will ring bells immediately to many investors to invest in a project like this because a project that can get to that point is a project that will work. No investor is going to immediately fork over billions of dollars for a project that isn't there yet. This one isn't there yet, but a project with the Final Environment Study, various regulations needed, land aquired necessary to start, designs on the boards, and team on board...will be ready for that kind of investment.
  5. Its potentially another moment to do something interesting. They have Drewery Place to play off of and the park to play off of. ZC seems to do better when they have models of other things to play off of instead in isolation. For Aris they drew a lot of inspiration from the square, the historical buildings around it, and various precedents set by other buildings around it. Here they have the same opportunity.
  6. Sometimes we forget that Aris Market Square was a ZC building, and in my opinion, is their best work in this city thus far. I think something like an Aris is the best we can hope for in this situation + implementation of new parking regulations. If that is the case then this could be something really nice. Lets wait and see.
  7. Ohhh or like an Arkham Asylum in Batman. That would be fun. We could even add jagged rocks to the cost and watch towers at the corners. Really would sell the idea.
  8. The part of our work that most don't even understand is how multi-variant, and multi-discipline it truly is. This is the moment where I as an aspiring architect am no longer an architect, but have to don the cap of an archaeologist and then at the same time have to don the cap of psychologist. On the one hand the archaeologist is there to investigate objectively what is going on, and then as a psychologist its as if I put the building on a sofa and ask it questions...like, why are you this way? what do you want to be? haha. Its fun, but also gives a mind numbing headache.
  9. Ah yes the ole...we don't have original drawings, and then thru selective or exploratory demo you find what is really going on. Those are fun. If its load bearing masonry then it can't really be after 1920's or 1930's because after that was when veneer masonry was proliferated throughout the country in mass. Honestly if they are going to leave this exposed like this they might as well just demo the whole thing. Not like its a unique piece or anything. They can probably salvage the foundation though.
  10. Its also nice to walk by. I've walked by here during the day and at night. We need more of these.
  11. Not shocked if true. Election is only a couple months away right? If in his position, that would be my focus as well.
  12. ...But then they can't complain about neighborhoods being separated. Its almost as if both sides of downtown are being treated in unique ways, but both will benefit in the end. In fact I think the east will immeasurably benefit from this reroute with a giant park that will only increase investment on that side of town ...oh right but then they will complain about gentrification. Then we will incorporate aspects of the ethnicity and cultures that live on the east side so it celebrates them. ...oh yeah I forgot, then they will complain about cultural appropriation. Its almost like these are people you will never be able to appease and will just whine about anything because they are completely irrational.
  13. So we have major demos at the old shell building and here. What is going on with all these mass demo's whats been planned?
  14. Heck even if it was a vanity project people have no idea how much ego plays a part in building our world and providing products to the market. This is especially the case with architecture, engineering, and construction. People want to prove they can do something and show what they can do with their money. The thing you want is for ones ego/self-interests to also align with what can benefit others and society at large. Not only is this company building a railroad and spending a lot of capital to do so, but it also just so happens that it can turn into a public good for a lot of people who want alternative options for transit. Its been amazing how all the people criticizing highway expansion haven't made a peep about this project or levied full support, and the only conclusion that I can render is that it is again resentment and nihilism. They want the government to do this, and they resent that a private company would even dare try this. Its really astounding.
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