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  1. Partly true. The best we can do, as some other try to do, is make it that kind of lifestyle more accessible to many different kinds of people. Thats the best we can try to produce. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs. If you want to have a walkable lifestyle then you have to first and foremost make that a personal priority. I loved my walkable lifestyle while I was in Germany, and when I moved back here I was determined to make that a priority and act on it. For the past year I have methodically constructed a life where I get to live that walkable lifestyle. I live in Montrose, and work at a firm that is 4 blocks from where I live and I live 4 blocks where a bunch of good restaurants and bars are. I have an HEB close by. I literally walk everywhere I go. I maybe drive my car once a month (in mileage I probably drive 100-200 miles per month where before in the burbs I would drive way more). There are plenty of instances where one can have that life in this city, but you have to make it your own and you have to make it a priority. In cities like Berlin, or other places I was at in Germany, yeah it was easier, and more places to do so, but you still had to construct a life where you could live that lifestyle. Its a two-way street and we sometimes miss that. We also miss the fact that....some people will always love the driving life style and thats fine with me. My gripe has always been that we only design and cater to one lifestyle. Anyway, point being you can do it in this city, but you have to want it. If you want it then make it happen.
  2. @CrockpotandGravel @ekdrm2d1 @hindesky I blame these guys! Y'all and your construction images and....stuff! WAY to go fellas. Way...to...go. *sarcasm*
  3. Have you done millons of dollars with of traffic studies and committed hours upon hours of time dedicated to traffic analysis over the next 10-20 years?
  4. For me is the keystones. The facade is overall a hot mess, but the keystones are pathetic and weak.
  5. We have to remember that this design was originally conceived like 10 years ago? Probably right on the back edge of the whole traditional kitsch looks that were flooding the market at the time. Luckily we've grown out of that have gotten in line with the more contemporary looks. I'm hoping that they have surveyed their surroundings and have noticed the change and will apply this to there high rise.
  6. I actually agree that there should probably be a more straightforward off ramp to Jensen. I'm wondering if they are having problems with clearing the railroad underneath making an approach entrance too steep to be worth it. Currently the railroad would actually go over the highway? My contention is that the way they are currently positioning the current configuration is probably due to logistics rather than some harebrained scheme to screw the locals. This is an incredibly complex project with a lot of moving pieces. The odds of the quirks in this design arising from incompetence or logistical issues is higher than what could be attributed to malice.
  7. Its almost as if, the whale is a metaphor for the size of the parking garage itself. I don't know whether that was some inside joke, or irony, but its pretty funny.
  8. I don't know. That looks like access to Jensen to me (circled in red). That took me what? maybe 5mins? Its ok to not like TxDOT. I don't really care for them much either, but this idea about TxDOT scheming in a backroom somewhere smoking cigars and talking about how they are enjoying eliminating access to the highway is a bit dull. I could easily insert "TxDOT" with "The Government" or "Society", and it would sound like every other conspiracy I've ever heard. Its hilarious how the same people who want TxDOT to build rail or bury highways all the sudden flip out when they don't get immediate access to the highway that they claim they hate so much. You can't have it both ways. Some sacrifices will have to be meet and some compromises will have to be reached. They also can't just be sticking it to poor ole 5th Ward or poor ole Near Northside, because they are also limiting access over on the 59 side. I'm sure the rich folk in the Museum District, Boulevard Oaks, and Montrose/Midtown or rejoicing as I type. Making something more efficient and better requires trimming the fat a bit. That means some access will be taken away so that the highway functions better overall....thats literally the definition of efficiency. Considering access to a highway isn't a fundamental right, its safe to say then the focus should be on the maximization of efficiency instead of the maximization of autonomy. Oh, and considering how deeply rooted Greater Houston is embedded in many actions that happen in Houston, I'm willing to also go as far as to say that "Greater Houston" rep wasn't at all "surprised". If that person was then they suck at their job, or thought he/she would get mobbed if he/she said otherwise. I hate the fact that I actually have to defend TxDOT, but this monkey business has to stop. EDIT: @j_cuevas713 come on man. you are a good contributor, and I enjoy reading your comments. Any other day I would stand with you to give TxDOT the middle finger, but its gotta make sense. Do better. EDIT 2: Just for kicks I thought I'd look into Gregg St Area. Found something interesting here too Its funny because Waco St which leads into Hirsch Rd. which leads into N. York St. (we really should fix that huh) goes directly to Navigation Blvd. meaning its a way better access point than having anything from Gregg St. I think Ninfa's will be ok. East End will be just fine. You WANT access from Gregg St, but it seems you are getting exactly the access you NEED.
  9. Maybe we know why from this photo. Clearly you were distracted haha.
  10. At this juncture it isn't entirely necessary as there are still plenty of holes to fill and big empty areas to fill until it becomes more common. Outside of downtown its cost prohibitive to build to the property line primarily due to code reasons which require a tremendous amount of fire protection in the wall that would be right on the property boundary (plus the COH plat setback rules). Plus, with as much space as there is in these areas outside downtown it doesn't make that much sense (even though building to the property line for each lot would help to build greater cohesion between buildings).This is why you see so many town-homes with slim gaps in between, but its the opposite downtown because its denser and its more economical to build on the maximum allowable lot as possible. EDIT: as for as Embassy Suites...I have no clue. I'm shock nothing has been either proposed or built there yet.
  11. Thats precisely why. Normally, here in Houston, we like to make buildings that are "finished" on all 4 sides, but the more dense we get we will see more buildings with unfinished sides in anticipation of something being built next to it. @nate4l1f3
  12. From what it seems like it will be in the next phase. They have enough surface parking to forestall construction of one. My guess is that want to put another building where the existing parking lot right next to the building.
  13. Did you mean this list? If thats what you mean then fare enough. I actually agree with you. Any list with a Dunkin Donuts is immediately invalid haha
  14. Both have just as equal a chance and opportunity, each have their own set of issues to confront, and each look to develop in their own unique way. Might not be perfect, but its better than nothing. It wasn't easy for City Centre as well, but they stuck with it even when many many people said they were stupid and it would be a failure because it wasn't "walkable" in the immediate sense. This is by the way no shot against you, but is something that I generally see with other people, but once its put under pressure it just doesn't work as an idea. Many seem to get this idea that a city is a just a continuous progression of growth ever outward and its not always the case. Many cities grow with small cores that develop and then weave into one another. We are seeing it with all the different districts in town and soon we will see it happen with all these urban cores that are developing. What might not look "accessibly" or "walkable" now could easily snowball to something interesting given time. Now if you just don't like the development or you don't think its worth it to build something there...well thats your opinion, but I don't see how this development can't be as successful as others.
  15. Per the live feed. Concrete Trunks are coming in hot. This will finally begin.
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