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  1. Updated the Map with the address, official building name, and added MaRS Studios to "Architect:". So are they going to be naming all of their buildings after saints? That would be fun.
  2. While I think many of us would like to see that, I think the most pragmatic approach would be to next extend this exemption to anything on a major bus route that has frequent service, and all light rail lines. In both cases the exemption should stretch at least a couple blocks out from those lines (buses or light rail, and now we can add BRT). That is the most logical and has a solid rational and argument to be past.
  3. Well you picked the right time to snoop around. Its starting to go bananas. If you want to see what else is going on around town or for other specific projects I would recommend checking out our HAIF Development Map. Its in the link at the first post of this thread (link will take you to a google map doc):
  4. Now that is one tightly packed in floor plan. I don't see an ounce of fat in that. Even with an entire lot its hard to pack in what they packed in and still cater to parking. This is a good sign for the rest, and with the recent added exemptions to parking for this part of Midtown, hopefully that will give them some more flexibility to do even more.
  5. In order for them to do what they are proposing they have to re-plat the land. If you look to the right of what they are initially replatting you will see what older plats looked like. An application doesn't necessarily mean that something is happening, but many times it does mean something is happening or is going to happen.
  6. Heres an article about it: https://kinder.rice.edu/urbanedge/2019/07/17/houston-extends-minimum-parking-exemptions-east-end-midtown Map from article: A few highlighted quotes: The interesting part was that only 1 person voted against (Greg Travis). Even those who had hesitations still voted for it anyway (following the ole Houston mantra of "go where the wind is blowing" or simply going with where business is wanting to go to next. If businesses want it than Houston wants it...which is a blessing and a curse). Fantastic news. It also said in an article that new transit oriented proposals are already in the pipeline for later this year. This means that people were waiting for this to take shape and now we could see a whole bunch more development coming along soon. EDIT: This also might be a shock to y'all, but guess which District Greg Travis represents...District G (River Oaks, Afton Oaks, Post Oak, Memorial, Memorial City, Briar Forest, Areas around HWY 6, and parts of Energy Corridor). I'm shocked he opposed this. Totally shocked.
  7. @Urbannizer @Triton and other mods. With how wide spread and significant the renovations are to the Houston Zoo and how big the zoo is to the city, don't y'all think this should be part of some kind of Houston Zoo super thread and placed on "Going Up" in similar vain to my reason for putting the Rothko Renovations/Campus on "Going Up". Thoughts?
  8. I agree, yet I don't. No reason they can't do it later, but I honestly hold out for buildings to cap those portions. That would be interesting.
  9. Typical with anything design wise. The whole process one continuously doubts oneself until it all suddenly clicks and comes together. Every render/visualization I ever construct for a building is exactly this. Somehow it just comes together at a point. I'm still trying to figure it all out. Its a headache yet beautiful process.
  10. Wait. So this isn't going to get started for another two years? This seems to be the same ole song and dance for Montrose. Either developers just haven't quite figured out the direction Montrose is going or tenants have very long leases that slow down potential development. Thoughts?
  11. Luminare

    615 W Gray

    That little building on Bissonnet is one my favorite new little developments in town. Great scale. Great uses. Nice contemporary look. They also handle parking and the placement of the building in the best way they could have. Definitely would like to see more.
  12. Welcome. Depends. While some of us are actually in the industry in various sub-fields (in architecture myself), we get the info as it comes just like anyone else, either because of our ties or people that we know, or some who know where to look for new things. It just depends on the project. Some are started from rumors, some from realtor ad info, some from official announcements, some from subplat data, and some from COH's various committee meetings. In an example like this, we just know that a property has potential development eye'ed for, but nobody has put forth a solid proposal yet. If you keep scrolling through and jumping to different threads you will see what I mean. Mostly we try to be as engaged and curious as possible whether there is a proposal or not. Hope that helps.
  13. Underlying trends I'm noticing/things I've been looking out for while making this map (thus far): -Braun Enterprises (seem all in on The Heights) -Brookfield Properties (New York based which bought up a local realtor that held a bunch of office properties in Houston, all in on Downtown) -Urban Genesis (Local crew which has really exploded of late. They are all over the map, but focused on more "historic" neighborhoods) -Tipps Architecture (these guys keep getting small commercial work here, and its easy to see why. They have a very consistent look, and designs are good/consistent) -large "urban core" projects explosion incoming -multifamily is not slowing down in the slightest -when you hear an announcement about a multifamily or "urban core" project. keep a look out for surrounding areas. the "dominos" of properties that surround these kinds of projects fall pretty quick (which is really good sign of forward momentum) -are we all the sudden florida? we are getting a steady stream of "senior housing" in all areas of the city -affordable housing has momentum in EaDo and East End *EDIT* and 3rd Ward Again this is absent of the heavy hitters. Wanted to highlight the underlying trends I've been noticing.
  14. I know right! Its actually really interesting. Would be a cool site for an urban warfare flick.
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