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  1. Luminare

    Houston Center Redevelopment

    Then we need to take a drive up to Gallery Furniture. Its the biggest competitor in town regarding furniture stores. Look around nothing, but other furniture competitors and they probably drop like flies every now and then, yet that area consistently has the highest concentration of furniture stores in the entire city. If either of the grocery stores do fail and die then fine, but the fact that the competition took place means that more are going to want to join the competition. To use your sports hyperbole, do those NBA teams play one game and if they fail the competition then they don't play another game all season? No. They play like 80 more games? Do they play one season? No they play many more seasons. They will keep playing because one game isn't enough to settle the score for good and the audience wants more games which means the supply isn't going to end. Its certainly possible for a city to handle 7 NBA teams if the supply for basketball is that ridiculous. Even your hyperbole still doesn't work because we have cities with 2 major competing sports franchises! Typically NYC and LA and there are many cities around the world which support multiple soccer franchises/clubs. Supply and Demand plus Competition is one of the few things in our reality that consistently scales both small and big. In only very few instances (and most times by decree or by force) is there a monopoly or an instance with only 1 entity exist without competition.
  2. Luminare

    Houston Center Redevelopment

    I get it, but lets explore this further. What happens when one grocer then gets another one near it? More competition. If that small area can all the sudden handle two grocers then hey Downtown can probably handle 3 grocers, but maybe we should try over there, and then another area and so on. The moment you have two instead of one it creates a competition, and competition breeds more competitors. EDIT: I'm in no sense by the way dismissing what you said. Its viable, however, the logic just doesn't hold up if we look at different examples. If we were to apply your line of logic to say...Indian restaurants. Well one area really can only handle ONE Indian restaurant at a time...well then areas like Little India wouldn't even exist. Or take Bars for instance. There are tons of bars cropping up in The Heights. Well we really only need one patio bar. It just doesn't hold up.
  3. Probably helps that they are also looking at knocking out 2 more in record time....oh and the fact that its one foreign investor instead of probably a committee of investors like this one has. 1 entity moving things forward is always quicker than a committee moving things forward.
  4. Luminare

    Avondale Highline: Proposed Multifamily @ 214 Avondale

    When are people going to learn that its nobody's right to either claim a history as his/her own nor to destroy because its not something that aligns with his/her own shortsighted viewpoints/worldview. You can be proud of your history, but if you never lived isn't yours to claim. The same for those who wish to destroy history, dismiss it, use it as a crutch, or shame another, and again, if you never lived isn't yours to claim. This area (and others) is merely a "historical" district in name alone. It is a remnant of a bygone era, and merely exists to codify that the place, Avondale, once existed. Not only have the original families left this area, but even the original deed restrictions have long sense expired, many original homes (while several still remain) have been replaced with 50's-60's era garden apartments, and even the street cars have disappeared. I also completely agree with @Angostura in that its a relic that can't survive in a drastically, ever-changing, and densifying Houston. In any other major world city this neighborhood would have been long gone ages ago, but survived because growth completely hopped over the inner city and sprawled elsewhere. Its not going to be able to survive the second sprawl (Density Sprawl). The people that live there today have no right to badger these developers especially when the developers are doing the best they can to be civil, and good neighbors (which they don't have to be!). These people have no right to fashion history into a weapon to use at their own will! This...This is why I don't like NIMBY's and even why I don't like people that cry gentrification, or even try to pour molasses to rigidly thwart change in a given area and its because they arrogantly and idiotically try to use history as a weapon to defend or destroy. Its madness. Changes happen and it must happen. They may think that claiming history and propping up the area as a historical district has given them notice, but in reality, the city has long since forgotten about them because they couldn't change.
  5. Luminare

    Houston Center Redevelopment

    Great design, honestly. Probably the best possible approach with balancing the need to address ground level and not damage the identity of the building. These buildings come from a completely different idea/era of a different type of city. Its interesting to image just what the mega platform city of Houston Center would have looked like if it would have been built out in its full glory. Without the full development, these buildings have always been awkward. As far as the brick Houston Center building, that one still has a long way to go. Its just plain ugly, but the renovation images for that one also seem to be good ways readdressing ground level. All of this will completely turn this area around. Instead of being unwelcoming, monolithic, and dark, it will be the complete opposite.
  6. Interesting find with this companies projects. Shows the maturity we are finally getting in the urban market place. Hopefully they do more of these. Its not the highrises that make the density. Its theses that will.
  7. Luminare

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    Do we have an eternal HAIF quote and prediction log?
  8. We should just change the forum thread title to: The Bald Eagles. Instead of "The Herons". Just to mess around. Then post in here about how much we can't wait for the developers to demo the wetlands just in spite of the NIMBYS.
  9. Luminare

    Alexan Lynn Park by Alliance Residential, Greenway Area

    While running some errands before work, I saw that all the fences had been torn down. Its weird to see that whole parking lot now accessible to walk all over. If any of yall are around there I would go take a walk. Won't ever be like that again.
  10. Luminare

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    I wonder what the name is going to be. I vote: Buffalo Square. Simple as that.
  11. Just remembered it was a lot haha. More from my back-knowledge than on the spot research. But yeah, many cities have evolved in this way to counter the elements. I've said it before and I'll say it again; World class cities are ones with world class infrastructure. Whether its to counter the natural or facilitate the movement of people by any means, it is a necessity that can not be placed second among priorities.
  12. Luminare

    Emancipation Center, Dowling/Elgin St.

    Its almost like....government has a difficult time putting their money where their mouth is. I'm shocked. Completely shocked. (I know this is a strawman, and over simplification, but the point still stands.)
  13. Any city which has been built on wetlands / marshes / swamps has had to deal with the same problem in the past (which is nearly every major world city i.e. London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, even New Orleans has significantly updated their system, etc...etc...) Now its Houston's turn. We just haven't really had to deal with the problem because its never been as dense as it is now, nor has there be a significant flow of events to raise the question and promote action.
  14. Pretty much what happened to the city of Chicago. They had to pretty much raise the entire inner city by 2 stories.
  15. Luminare

    Block 436 & 437 (Formerly Milhaus Midtown)

    hopefully it has a more contemporary facade...