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  1. @mgearthman Did you bring another giant catering tray of lumpia back home again??

  2. @acbleach @ you!

  3. @acbleach https://t.co/zNhti4xFGZ

  4. @acbleach Haven’t heard it! Queuing it up tho...

  5. @mgearthman Just showed this to the kids!

  6. @jonathan_ziemba now do I Play It Off Legit

  7. @jonathan_ziemba Yeah that album rules. Look also for the “Three Unreleased Tracks” EP from the same year

  8. @evan7257 Q: which other SJS alums have received a federal indictment? I don’t know the answer...is the first?

  9. @jonathan_ziemba You will see me one more time if you do good. You will see me two more times if you do bad.

  10. @acbleach This album is great btw!!

  11. @jonathan_ziemba is it good

  12. @jonathan_ziemba That is definitely true

  13. @jonathan_ziemba The music selections in Big Little Lies were atrocious and the notion that the little girl would f… https://t.co/HZrDxnRqWx

  14. @jonathan_ziemba @everycolorbot https://t.co/JufGIzEFbZ

  15. @jonathan_ziemba https://t.co/Z3guBXnWnc

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