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  1. Finally! The first major important chink in the overhyped "Green Movement"! A massive blow to this trend. The LEED Gold Status should be ripped from the building as well now, drop it down to silver. All that expense and over design and promotion and "good intentions" for nothing. They could have saved millions and not endangered the citizens of the city by simply purchasing the buildings power from wind farms!
  2. WHAT?! This can't be true! Where will I buy my Roche Bobois?! This can't be happening. Where is the picture? Where is the website? Is this a LIE? There are no signs. I was shopping there just the other day and Roche Bobois did not say anything about closing or moving.
  3. This project looks good enough to EAT! However, the location is quite tight with several other skyscrapers right next door. No downtown views here unless you buy the penthouse. But who would live in anything but the penthouse anyway! What am I saying!
  4. I agree, how can anyone associated with the fabulous Crow family throw up something so ugly. I mean really! Are there no architects at Starwood?
  5. Please! Bartlesville is so much more fabulous than that dirty PONCA CITY oil town. Smash those tacky corningware because Bartlesville is host to the 2005 Scarecrow on the Stoop Festival. There is no comparing these two cities. Bartlesville is far superior!
  6. Dallas' Downtown is absolutely BOOMING! Thousands of new residences live in recently converted skyscrapers with over 10,000 more under construction is coupled with an equally prolific explosion of ultra-chic restaurants and glamourous night clubs and supper clubs. Not mention luxury hotels and the private Penthouse Clubs atop many of the spires of downtown. There is now only two blocks of dead space between Deep Ellum and Downtown and three blocks between Downtown and the West End. Many new developments will quickly remove that. Additionally, as the covering of Woodall Rodgers Freeway wit
  7. Why Dahrling! What on earth are you talking about? I happen to keep matching apartments in both Dallas and Gotham City. With matching outfits and I have the same problem with Bush and Reagan there, too! You wretched little drag hag expert!
  8. Me scolding my sweet honeypoo's Bush and Reagan to stay off the dress while I head out for lunch in my typical Turtle Creek Bedroom.
  10. This is a SCAM! I say. The so called statue is a photoshopped version of the SPIRITE OF THE WIND plugin from SIM CITY 4. And what are all those things coming out of her, well, you know...womanly area? hmmm...I guess it does feel good to nitpic someone else's posts.
  11. TYPICAL DALLAS WETBAR: Typical Dallas Car Dealership for Crappy Cars poor people buy: Typical Dallas Hospital Lobby:
  12. Does Cindy Sheehan know about this? This is Bush's fault, you know!
  13. I don't know, but he sure has it in for me and my posts.
  14. What ever do you mean? Everyone has a dining room like this:
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