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  1. My guess is they are just making some room and than bring in heavy equipment to demo the rest. Too small and low to implode. Job looks like it's going well. It's tough trying to demo a structure so close to another.
  2. This demo will get interesting when they start removal of the post tension beams. I used to park in this garage and there is a long span between column lines.
  3. They may have been working on the weekends, I haven't been downtown on Saturday or Sunday. I went by the site the other day, the way that building looked if I were the contractor I would want it down as soon as I could. To leave it sit like that during the week with work going on over the rest of the site I would worry about the stability of the remaining structure and debris falling down unexpectedly. I guarantee they don't want to be working at night. Night work is less productive, more risk with light towers creating shadows, etc. Night work sucks for all! Contractors as well as residents.
  4. I would guess the Demolition crew is working at night for public safety reasons. The last high section of the building is too close to the street to safely bring it down without closing the street. It's a bother to the residents who live nearby but it's better than dropping a section of building on a busy downtown street during the busy day. That said, this project has been an eye sore and yes, taken way too long. Hopefully it will be done soon.
  5. I know someone who walked the building during the demolition bidding process, he said the entire 10 story section is aluminum cladding made to look like marble. Just what i was told, I guess we will see when it starts to come down.
  6. Above the 1st floor is aluminum cladding that looks like marble.
  7. Probably started the asbestos abatement portion of the project. Gotta be done before the wrecking ball hits.
  8. My guess, Hines wrecks the block, than puts a surface parking lot in. They collect some scratch in parking fees, wait until oil starts to go back up and build an office tower.
  9. From what I hear the garage is not part of the demolition scope of work
  10. I was involved with the Houston Club Demolition and had up to 18 stories of scaffolding on the building. We had 3 competent people who had to inspect all the scaffolding every day. The competent person has a lot of responsibility on a project. Something went seriously wrong at the site, whether the scaffold was over loaded, or the tie backs weren't properly installed or were compromised to allow the work to progress. System scaffolding is very resilient and if properly used is some of the best scaffold to work with. I will be interested to hear what the cause was. I have also worked with the Finger Company many times. They are first rate people and typically pay well to produce a quality product. I am glad to see no one was killed in this collapse. These men and women who work these projects deserve to go home to their families safe every night. Let's hope something is learned from this. We need good competent people responsible for these workers make their safety top priority.
  11. The garage takes up the half of the block. The rest of the block will be built to street level so that the tunnels can be connected back and utilized by the masses.
  12. I've heard the garage is being built to 7 or 8 floors, and the rest of the site to street level. Once they decide on building the tower, the garage will top out at 12 floors.
  13. They were installing drill piers at night to make up time in the schedule. The wrecking of the garage was done at night to protect the public and to work around Metro. Balling that building during the day would have been dangerous, too many cars & Pedestrians. There are noise ordinances but in downtown it gets fuzzy. The police need a good amount of complaints to shut work down. From what I have heard is when they get started coming out of the ground they may be working around the clock. May or may not happen, we shall see....
  14. There is another crane going in on the Milam side halfway between Capitol & Rusk. But the Tower is still on hold for now from what I am hearing. The crane on Travis side is scheduled to go up tomorrow.
  15. From what I hear, Skanska will construct the base of the tower to street level. I don't believe they are committed as of yet to go any further. I guess by doing this, they can connect into the tunnel system and control water and drainage on the site.
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