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  1. Is that including the big new school being built on Rt. 6? (In spite of driving past it a couple of times a week, I have no idea for who the school is intended.) Today I drove along 518 all the way from 288 to 2351. Where on earth do they get those subdivision names! Is there a "Subdivision Name Generator"? Little scraps of paper with "Silver" and "Wooded" and "Terrace" and "Place" and "Lake" and "Garden" and... oooh. http://adrian.gimp.org/cgi-bin/sub.cgi http://www.yalestar.com/subdivision.php Behold. Pearland can build another hundred subdivisions now, what with all those names to
  2. Even though New Pearland has caused a long stretch of it to royally reek, 288 will always have my heart. I'm also fond of 225 where it ends. The... aroma... of most of it ... is a bit questionable, but I'm perpetually amused by how it fizzles out.
  3. Brilliant! Anywhere - Pensacola. Grandparents live in a gorgeous old neighbourhood just of Navy Blvd. ... but I wouldn't want to live next to them. Anywhere north of I-10 - middle of nowhere, Missouri. Shelbina was nice. Houston area - Surfside Beach. Houston area which is actually Houston and not 50 miles down the coast - is it a bad sign that I *like* the neighbourhood in which UofH is?
  4. 30 years ago, my neighbourhood looked pretty much the same as it does now! Only difference would be the three or four trailers across the road, but they've all moved in within the last three years.
  5. The final picture of the first post is absolutely amazing. Looking at the area now, it's hard to believe that it was ever the boonies....
  6. Alvin didn't get much of the storm, thankfully, but sunset Friday certainly was special. And this is looking down our road. It's a pretty popular shortcut between 6 and 35 - but not this week. (I ask for a new camera for my birthday, and what do I get? The wuss side of a hurricane.)
  7. Indeed... I still tend to think of Pearland in terms Highway 35. Not that that wasn't fugly, too. Just fugly in a different way. (Alvin, of course, is the best part of Brazoria county.)
  8. Sounds like an Alvin Barbie too!
  9. I LOVE Krystal burgers - had more than my rightful share on a road trip last summer. Probably had two dozen Krystals on a three-day trip to Pensacola and as many again when going through Memphis a couple weeks later. So naturally I was thrilled to read that some were making their way to Houston. Unfortunately, the location they picked was not the greatest. I went twice, about a month apart, and the customer service was always horrible. The first time (several months after the place opened!) the employees were absolutely clueless; the second time, one employee (who apparently ate up almost
  10. ... so who, other than politicians, actually wants the Grand Parkway? Most of the residents of Alvin are riled up against it, but the dark cabal which controls the Grand Parkway is still threatening to pilfer one of our main roads and use it as theirs. (One of the options for section B runs less than a quarter-mile from my house. How's this for a first post.)
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