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  1. In looking at the property records, there was a tax lien filed against the owner, Supo Corporation, by the IRS this past July for $65,000 in unpaid taxes…..I don’t think that bodes well.
  2. You know, the parking garage covering doesn’t look half bad in this shot. It might come together after all. As always, thank you for sharing @hindesky.
  3. The different colors of glass really pop in this shot @hindesky. I like how playful it looks.
  4. The lawsuit was over fraud to get the investor to put up cash the she thought would go for construction but was actually used to buy the land. The investor wasn’t looking for a green card themselves but alleged she was told there was visa-based (EB-5) money waiting in the wings. She was also apparently told Neil Bush (Dubya’s younger brother) was somehow going to be involved overseeing the project.
  5. This property was sold at foreclosure earlier this month. The buyer was the investor that was involved in the litigation: https://www.cclerk.hctx.net/applications/websearch/EComm/ViewEdocs.aspx?ID=ihpahpMbvcoWkF5RdbzIVTtQYfaaum4I43iGmKimbI4VJGekuncPUYJx3DE24iLUlle1S2bjcC/qAifwx5Yhb1NPE66iMyZU7BrATrX4PdrCfiMqi1w7rlmbF+6IM7J8FYaA3bOjtOfmT6m90wdL9g==#
  6. Looks like that is for Chef Williams’ “Late August” concept.
  7. It doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence about the execution on the remaining elements. I’ve moved toward a hard “no” on the abandonment of Palm St because I have trouble trusting that what would get out there would look anything like what was rendered.
  8. I’ll reserve final judgment until the project is completed, but those screens look like glorified bug screens.
  9. The renders give me a creepy “WandaVision” feeling that something s horribly wrong and incomplete.
  10. The parking garage gives me a Tim Burton “Batman Returns” vibe. Dark and foreboding.
  11. Downtown developed a scene for nightlife with the new residential there, so Midtown doesn’t really have that edge on Downtown. Montrose is much better for the restaurant crowd. The Innovation District should breathe new life into the south end of Midtown.
  12. It would take a creative design to repurpose 800 Bell for residential. I’ve fantasized about stripping some floors out to create something like sky pocket parks within the building for tenants. Of course, the economics make that impractical.
  13. Nothing about actual renovations, but the article below featured a cool concept to repurpose the building. I’m not sure what kind of top tier tenant would want to go to this kind of building for office space, when a brand new Class AA tower could be built in a similar timeframe. Repurposing this as a type of residential housing might be better in the longrun, although I suspect one would need a heckuva tax incentive program to kickstart that change in thinking. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/projects/2021/future-houston-designs
  14. This does not appear to be the block on which the tower was proposed. Just an additional block Chevron bought later on.
  15. Caution tape and a porta potty are next to the site. The caution tape we’ve seen in the last couple years. The porta potty is new:
  16. The building came back but it wasn’t the same….sometimes….dead is better.
  17. Pipes broke during the freeze back in February. It’s been under renovation since then. I think this was built on the Pet Sematary or maybe that graveyard from “Poltergeist.”
  18. Still a chance to do some fun things with color. They’ve got multiple colors with the glass already. I hope they commit to that. Maybe some peacock blue.
  19. Skanska does not own the “Disco Kroger” lot. An outfit out of Georgia bought that.
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