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  1. It’s a wonderful weather balloon. There’s so much parking in Houston that just sits vacant. I’m excited for the experimentation a development like this allows. Also, the scale of the project could work in other higher cost neighborhoods nearby transit if it works.
  2. The listing isn’t up yet but a “for sale” sign also is up by the parking lot across the street: This improves the chances the site could still be used as a sort of hospital. However, a physician friend told me the operating rooms at this building might be too small for any specialty other than pain management, so the medical buyer pool could be very limited.
  3. I haven’t heard anything on this particular site. It’s just south of Boone Manor and just north of the proposed X Houston. The X Houston site was formerly one of the parking lots that served the spine center. There’s another smaller lot to the east of Crawford that also has parking. The site itself has minimal parking—not enough to operate a hospital with OR visits. My hunch is this is being sold for the land, with the idea that someone will want to go vertical with it.
  4. I took this shot to try to get an angle for an “apples to apples” comparison with the rendering:
  5. Fencing is down and an excavator is on-site. Groundbreaking looks imminent:
  6. There’s a deed of trust from April 2020 on this site (Instrument RP-2020-166598) Looks like a dollar amount to cover preliminaries before construction commences (e.g. impact fees).
  7. “Where R&D meets R&R” New signage out up by Greentown Labs:
  8. From the rooftop park at the MFAH: Edit: To get the link to show the picture within the app.
  9. I thought that the dog park was first in line with a groundbreaking next year. There have been a bunch of signs put up describing “The Commons” in that area.
  10. An excavator and dump trucks were onsite today moving dirt on the parking garage site. Looks like construction on that may be ramping up.
  11. That’s fugly. You normally play the role of rendering Santa this time of year @Urbannizer. I guess you’re going with Krampus this year to change things up.
  12. I’d think sidewalks would be required to meet city code, no? As I recall, there’s not a big gap between this and those new sidewalks across from Lankford Grocery.
  13. A strip mall….in one of Houston’s more walkable areas…..(sighs).
  14. I think the longer term plan is for the old Fiesta building to be razed, yes. The lot to the southwest catty corner for the Ion is also listed for sale, although I have to think the price being asked is exorbitant or Rice would have scooped it up.
  15. I’d think a permanent resident that selects Downtown Houston as a place to live would go out to eat more than 1 or 2 nights a week. It’s one of the major advantages of living in a dense location.
  16. There’s no state law requirement of a minimum distance between a bar and a school. I’m not sure about a city of Houston ordinance, but I’d think the Astros could apply for a variance if need be. I wouldn’t think School/ bar hours would overlap much. Now, if the Astros wanted to operate a strip club or other s.o.b. as part of the entertainment, that’d be another story.
  17. I tried going today. Unfortunately for me, POST was packed and my toddler would not tolerate waiting in line to get in. On the bright side, I’d say the opening day crowds portend well to the popularity of this development. I’m looking forward to visiting.
  18. Houston’s the Detroit of the future. I’ve seen RoboCop 2.
  19. As I recall, the HCEDD was offered an eye-popping 4 positions on that council that worked on the agreement and declined. I’d think serious counsel would’ve told them what a big offer that actually was. I wrote to Councilwoman Shabazz-Evans today to express my support for the proposed agreement. Edit: @BeerNut posted a letter from Rice last November indicating Rice offered 4 of 15 spots on the CBA Working Group to the HCEDD.
  20. Actually, as it turns out, the title history on this one is convoluted. I pulled a deed in 1991 to “R. U. Corporation,” which is listed as the present owner in HCAD. That deed is subject to the 1961 Joske’s ground lease. The ground lease (Vol. 1402, page 240 of the Harris County Real Property Records) provides for an initial lease term of 35 years and two 20 year renewal periods. That would put the lease expiration in the 2030’s, not in the 2040’s as I thought. It would be tough for Dillard’s to recoup investment in any towers in that timeframe.
  21. The Dillard’s site is subject to the sweetheart Joske’s ground lease. I think it runs through the 2040’s. It’s not out of the question to buy out, but certainly an impediment to development as long as Dillard’s doesn’t go bust.
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