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  1. That seems……feasible for this site.
  2. There was a deed to the Harris County Flood Control District for about 8,000 square feet of land in May 2022 (after the prior plat), so I’m betting this replat reflects that.
  3. Have you seen Paris Hilton lately? Her plastic surgeon is Michelangelo with a scalpel. That’s a medical artist.
  4. I saw concrete trucks and utility workers on Hermann Drive out front of this site today. Gosh knows Hermann Drive could use some smoothing out in that area. I’m not sure if it would be associated with Related’s project in some way.
  5. https://therealdeal.com/texas/2022/09/30/transwesterns-stalled-houston-project-moving-forward/ “Though plans are not final, Friedkin will reportedly build an Auberge Collection of Resorts on the site featuring a hotel and residences, with Compass handling the sales.“ 🤔
  6. I was actually intending to point out how much better the Astros are. 😆 Since, 2014, we’ve had three AL pennants, 1 World Series win, and three going on four 100 win seasons.
  7. I feel like this concept was worth taking another look at it, almost 8 years later….
  8. Texas Medical Center's new biomanufacturing center to bring 100,000 jobs to Houston https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/article/Texas-Medical-Center-planning-to-build-500-acre-17457273.php “The TMC BioPort campus would be located on a piece of land near the intersection of Buffalo Speedway and Holmes Road, just west of Wildcat Golf Club, just a few miles southwest of the medical center’s main campus. The medical center is under contract to buy the land, which is currently held by multiple owners, McKeon said. He declined to identify the owners or discuss the potential sale price while negotiations are ongoing.”
  9. It takes decades for trees to grow but a rerouted sidewalk can be done in a weekend.
  10. That’s curious. She was lured in by the Deccan Development guys and sued them. My best guess would be that her attorneys have kept in touch post-foreclosure. She would only be able to recoup maybe 50 cents on the dollar from selling the raw land, so there could be an incentive to see if the Deccan guys can actually make this happen.
  11. The most Houston show I’ve ever seen on TV.
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