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  1. Better copyright this design or else Randall and daughter are sure to steal it! 🤣
  2. "just thank the lord we dont have a developer here in town that loves gold and puts very large signs up with his last name on them. I will take Randall "the EIFS / Stucco queen" Davis over some others any day of the week!!!" At least that unnamed developer you allude to leaves most of the gold on the inside. Some of his buildings aren't bad from the outside, like the famous one on 56th and 5th, but by his interior design taste, you'd think he fancies himself an 18th century French queen! Who knows how he dresses up once he's alone in the "His" bedroom at night!
  3. I think you mean the NE corner (Aspire is on the NW corner), but yeah, scary thought. That corner is primo and will surely be developed with an Aspire view-of-DT-blocking tower some day! Let's hope nothing designed by the Davis father-daughter combo! They're adding their blight to River Oaks now with the Paramount, another gaudy, retro piece of crap on a pedestal.
  4. From last week -- Washington Ave facade opened up, consistent with the renderings, first work in months.
  5. Your link didn't work, but I was able to find... Unfortunate that none of their project renderings have any detail (location, status, builder, etc). Maybe they're all conceptual?
  6. Thanks for the info! That would be a welcome addition to Washington Ave if and when it ends up there! Seems Bottled Blond is possibly a goner - no activity in many months on former pawn shop site, so that corner of Washington/Durham would be amazing too!
  7. Where did you find this? It looks too good to be true, lol... Trying to think where that could fit, especially with the big garage in the back... I'd love to see it replace the former commercial/industrial building at the northwest corner of Washington and TC Jester!
  8. I'm all for development but if the renderings are accurate, this monster has zero character, is completely cookie-cutter, and adds nothing to the neighborhood feel of the area... And once again, another blown opportunity with the lack of ground level retail.
  9. Not sure if a joke or not, but unfortunately, the "grandest" title isn't even close. Post Oak isn't bad and the decorative street elements (the arches, rings over the intersections, etc.) make it really stand out. It does kind of remind me of a mini Wilshire Blvd in L.A. but a long way from matching the likes of 5th or Park Ave's or 57th st., for that matter, in NYC, Michigan Ave in Chicago, or the likes of the Las Vegas Strip or New Orlean's Bourbon St!
  10. There was talk of Trader Joes being in the ground level retail in Phase 1 - I don't think anything beyond talk. I could be wrong, but doesn't appear from the rendering that Phase II includes GLR, rather is limited to lobby and parking garage.
  11. Some indication of curbside retail would have been nice, but not guessing they're planning anything here.
  12. I had much higher hopes for Arabella based on the renderings but have been completely disappointed with with what we got. The first rendering, mostly glass on the west side, worked for me! The second, more like what we got, at least works to a degree since the glass as rendered doesn't contrast as much with the white stucco surfaces. The close to final product with the white stucco highly contrasting the glass just looks low-grade. Not making final judgement yet, but I'm not hopeful based on all the other garbage Randall Davis has graced Houston with, particularly over on Post Oak! Hard to believe (or maybe not so hard to believe) but the Wilshire and Skyhouse towers to the south of Arabella turned out much better and much classier!
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