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  1. While reading an article in the Miami Standard News with an interview with Jim Crane, this little tidbit caught my eye. "Crane talks about the change in downtown, with condos and apartments replacing vacant buildings and homes. They plan to build a hotel and have their own entertainment village “becoming more Chicago-esque than it ever has been in the past." https://miamistandard.news/2022/05/10/as-astros-continue-to-thrive-owner-jim-crane-has-advice-for-other-cheaters-id-keep-my-mouth-shut/?amp=1
  2. Westbound Tunnel lane of Memorial Drive is now open.
  3. I guess this replaces the ones where Marquette is building apartments.
  4. Allora a Trammel Crow Residential brand, 351 units.
  5. "Houston-based real estate developer Hines lit up the downtown Houston skyline with a drone light show." https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2022/05/10/watch-live-dazzling-drone-light-show-descends-on-downtown-houston/ Edit: Watch it in full screen mode.
  6. Spacetime Brewing. State permit from earlier this year. Architect - https://methodarchitecture.com
  7. As far as I recall Phase II was always proposed to be a high rise, not sure what the cause of the delay was but probably financing related. I talked with a supervisor building the multi use project on Austin St at Webster and he said there were old tunnels underneath the property which may have set it back too.
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