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  1. I wonder who purchased the lot next to this? It's being called "Art South".
  2. All Terrain crane hoisting something up to the roof.
  3. I see two holes drilled. The red thing holds the long drill screw. Saw another tree on their property with a sign saying Ok to cut.
  4. All tenants in the old building have moved to the new one. Both it's parking lot and the one next to it are blocked off. The prosed high rise would go in the latter.
  5. They are trimming or cutting down the trees on Cleburne St. Parking garage sections have arrived but they haven't set any yet. The signage in the remote lot is being used for the construction workers parking.
  6. I guess they demoed the building without permits.
  7. Apparently the Consolidated AT crane wasn't there to remove the tower crane. I think it might have loaded out the sections they had already removed from the tower crane.
  8. https://houston.eater.com/2022/5/20/23132324/top-chef-houston-episode-12-recap
  9. Consolidated Crane is setting up the AT crane to finish the removal of the tower crane.
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