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  1. Broadstone Eado is being developed by Alliance and it is two separate buildings connected by a sky walk over Bell St. and next to the Print Shop project with the CVS. A separate project applied for a plat across Emancipation St.and is being developed by Allied Orion Group, this one is called Emancipation Eado.
  2. These 4 North Houston Pole Line front end loaders are parked right in the bike lane. Skanska created this temp lane since they had to close the bike lane by the project on Lamar St.
  3. This is the southwest corner of the lot. Second pic is the 3 row houses that are in really rough shape.
  4. Chipping away at the concrete, none of the guys has safety glasses and the chunks were flying everywhere. This is on the other end.
  5. Cherry Demolition is almost done taking the building down and Spaw Glass is building something new.
  6. This is the back side of the dorms. The huge parking garage and Innovation Tower. Front of the dorms.
  7. Chased a Bike Tag in Rice University. It was between the two Cambridge office buildings. I think my Tag might be hard to find this time but we have a mural artist playing now so he may know where it is.
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