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  1. Phoenix is a metroplex like Houston. Scottsdale is where I lived for three years, it was a great place to live, but it became un-affordable for a normal person like myself. Maybe I need to take up a collection on this site to pay for a nice home in Scottsdale insted of Houston, who wants to pledge $500,000 ! Maybe sometime I'll move back there, but I think Houston will give me a great outlook on diversity.
  2. Tender young thing? HaHaHaHaHa ! I have been away from Iowa, I lived in Phoenix for 3 years, and have traveled to different areas of the US. I haven't a problem with different people I will come in contact with, it's what makes the world different. Why would you doubt if I was "for real", do you think I'm a r-o-b-o-t or something?
  3. Thanks for the list, but I'm still not sure about a high rise. I'm looking at the Woodlands, and Bellaire neighborhoods also. I already have a realtor though, a family member recommended him when they moved to Houston. Thanks though!
  4. I've been thinking about moving to Houston for a while, so I'm not basing my descision on a message board, I came here to learn MORE about the city that I wanted to move to.
  5. After reading and re-reading this thread, I've decided that Houston is definetly perfect for me. I like the feel of a denser area that has a big city feel. If I want to get away from it all, I'll go back to my Pop's 400 acre farm and listen to the chickens ! I've read about Dallas and it seems that it would be a bit to small for me since I want to get to a big city. The port will be a good thing for international business, and might help my career out a lot! I honestly think Dallas is a great place, but it won't ever get rid of the Ewing image.
  6. I've read numerous threads on Houston, and now I am re-thinking about moving to Houston, I've came across a few that don't make Houston look particularly attractive anymore. I'm pretty sure I'll move to Houston, but I wanted to compare Houston and Dallas without any childlike bickering. We are all adults, we should be able to discuss these 2 great cities like adults. If anybody could leave any feedback on these cities without any Dallas or Houston bashing, then please post them! I want to get a "feel" for each city before I fly down there.
  7. Where would I find the best live country/ old time Rock n Roll music in Houston?
  8. ...Back to the driving. How does it compare to Phoenix, and what are the normal speeds on the main freeways (I don't mean Speed Limit, I mean normal speed)?
  9. I'm from Iowa, but I have spent a good chunk of time in Phoenix driving from Scottsdale everyday. I know how to drive in a big city, I'm just wondering how Phoenix driving compares to Houston.
  10. How is the driving in Houston or on the freeway? I haven't driven in too many huge cities before, and was wondering if Houston driving was a grueling task. I don't mind commuting, or even being stuck in traffic, but just wondering how bad the traffic was.
  11. Well yes there are non-Catholic-Christians. You could be Christian Reform, different types of Christianity belief's exist.
  12. I'm referring to what you saidIt sounds like there is no place in Houston you would be comfortable. I don't think you's be comfortable in the Woodlands either. You may run into my best friend and his Negro wife. You may run into my lesbian cousin, her Jewish lover and their 3 kids. You are saying that I wouldn't be comfortable around anybody else except people that are the same as I. Yes, you did mention skin color:running into a gay, black Democrat with an adopted Cambodian child on their way to the Unitarian Church. Basically you are categorizing me as a caucaian. I don't believe gay's sho
  13. Someone has an attitude problem. I asked a simple question and yet you turn it into a raict thread. I already posted that I like diversity and said I didn't want to live in a place where Gays were a majority. You need to rethink on your above post, your trying to make me into a bigot, and that sir I AM NOT! And you also think I am white, how did you make that conclusion? Am I not talking like a black person, should I start swearing? Maybe I should insert BLACK, Republican, Catholic Christian. Stop posting hate.
  14. Thanks, this is more of the response I wanted. This is the feedback I asked for, so I thank you. But I do have a bone to pick, who said I was white?
  15. I never said I wa going to move to The Woodlands, and the F-150 gets 17 mpg. I don't drink, so take out, the $9.00, and prices are currently $2.85. Lets re-figure: Daily Commute (from the Woodlands) 78 miles F-150 gas mileage 17 mpg Gas used daily 5 gallons Cost @ $2.85 would be appx $15 Add $1.20 for a Mt. Dew Total=$16.20/day, not too bad.
  16. If I was to buy a house near a gay person, I wouldn't want to live by someone that walks around in chaps, and has pink flamingo's in their yard. I guess I haven't been introduced to any gay people before, so I wouldn't know how to act. I'm a Republican, Catholic-Christian and I'm against gay marriage. I think marriage is between a man and a woman, but it's their life....I guess. I don't want to come across as a person that hates diversity because that isn't the truth, I feel it makes the world different. I just don't want to be near a neighborhood that gays are the majority, if they live next
  17. Twisting my words into something they're not. I said I didn't want to live in an area that they were the MAJORITY. I know most places will have a few of them. I like diversity, I said I didn't want to live next door to one. I don't plan on changing my move, so live with it.
  18. Nope, not very wealthy here. I think wealthy people do deserve what they have because (most) worked many years before they made it. I drive an Eldorado, does that make me wealthy? NO. Say if you live in a gated community on a golf course and drive a Lexus, then you are probably wealthy. My parents worked extremely hard to get where they are now, and both are retired at 52 and 55. They live in Iowa in the Summer and Fall, and have a place in Arizona in the Winter and Spring. I don't consider my parents wealthy, but comfortable. It all depends on what you consider wealthy. My dad drives a Humm
  19. Hybirds suck, I would never buy one even if gas prices go up to $10/gallon! I accually plan on buying a new car, possibly a 2006 Ford F-150! Piris look ugly, and they are too darn square!
  20. FIAT= Ugly little car that stands for "Fix It Again Tony".
  21. It just makes me feel "out of place" if I'm SURROUNDED by them. I was always against Gay Rights, Marriage is between a man and a woman.
  22. I posted my opinion, I didn't say I hated them, I just feel uncomfortable living by them. I am entitled to have an opinion.
  23. I want to be in a neighborhood that gays aren't the majority. Some part of it makes me uncomfortable.
  24. It may have seemed as if I was "dead set" on a high rise, but in all honestly I'm not, I just think it would be nice. I'm still looking in the Single Family Housing market, and trying to find a nice neighborhood. I like the Woodlands, and I may have to do some MORE research!
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