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  1. I wouldn't call it a strong mix. Basically you have expensive market rate property, and low-income / section 8 housing with almost nothing in between; I would venture to say that inter-mingling between the two groups is nearly non-existent in the neighborhood. Maybe if they can manage to get workforce housing right it would bridge that gap and create a stronger mix, but with the proposed workforce focused housing being at least partly in the path of the proposed re-route I wouldn't be surprised if the developer just wanted to make a quick buck by propping up some cheaply built apartments under the disguise of workforce housing that TXDOT would be forced to pay more for to acquire and demolish shortly after. I know it's a bit cynical and conspiracy-theory sounding, but HHA hasn't exactly been forthcoming and engaging with the surrounding community in the lower Fifth Ward and the East End. Personally I'd like to see more effort to bridge the gap by offering affordable options to own homes / condos to lower-mid income individuals rather than pretty much relocating an old school project like Clayton homes a couple of blocks down, to an even worse location connected to only low capacity neighborhood streets rather than a thoroughfare.
  2. The concern is mostly that the relocated exit now has two additional road crossings (Hardy & McKee) and at least 1 at grade railroad crossing (UPRR). I've seen plots that indicate that the BNSF RR (West belt), which is an extremely busy rail line, will have some type of underpass, but other plots do not indicate this, so it is unclear if this underpass will happen or not. If it was merely exiting a mile further up and a smooth ride down a disruption free access road (Rothwell St), then it wouldn't be a big deal, but as it stands it looks like it'll be two road intersections (currently a poorly managed intersection btw), and potentially up to two on-grade rail crossings. The latter, especially, is a deal breaker and really hinders accessibility to the neighborhood, not to mention that it can be an emergency hazard, and wasn't TXDOT trying to get away from rail crossings at service roads anyway? The only way I can see this being sensible is the service rds having the right of way at Hardy / McKee and not having on-grade rail crossings.
  3. https://retailtxok.cbre.us/property/navigation-place/ It appears they already have some tenants signed up: - Corky's BBQ - Allegiance Bank with 2 spots to fill. Building materials also appear to be downgraded from the original images floating around. Unexciting nonetheless; comes across as kind of a wasted opportunity considering that the EADO Navigation (Marquette) just up the Street on Navigation / Jensen is being built on a similarly sized / shaped lot. Seems like something similar to that would be well suited at this spot.
  4. Plat filed for the eastern half of lot that currently has the office building containing the Maritime museum and Andes Cafe on 2311 Canal St., so only the portion currently empty is covered. This entire property along with the one across the street bounded by Canal, Navigation, Runnels and the RR are owned by Midway (listed as KBRN on HCAD, same as East River). Both are highlighted in the attached picture. Judging by the shape I am thinking mid rise apartments, hopefully with some mixed use fronting Navigation. Anyone have additional info? Could this be the start of a larger "Gateway to the East End" project comprising both properties.
  5. Midway has now posted a sign on the lot (catty-corner from the strip mall) saying "available". Not sure if their plan is to develop it or to lease it. Nothing posted on their website yet. Anyone with knowledge about this? It does seem like Midway is betting big on the East End.
  6. Not sure if this is the appropriate thread for this, but the 3 story building across the street and next to Alamo tamale (which I think is Americas Plaza?), and the lot across the street and catty corner from this shopping center, which also contains an art gallery and previously belonged to Alan Atkinson. Per HCAD records, both these plots of land and buildings now belong to an entity named KBRN, LP. KBRN, LP also owns the old KBR property on Clinton (dubbed East River), just a couple of hundred feet away. As we all know, Midway is developing the East River project on Clinton. A search of KBRN on google places the address of this entity on 800 town and country, which also appears to be Midway's address, so in summary, it appears that Midway owns these two plots of land. Anyone heard anything about this? No announcement has been made that I know of. Hopefully it's part of a larger, exciting mixed use project and gateway into the East End.
  7. Not sure that A&M would be that bad for UH, depending on the location and programs. An A&M in a semi-rural area within or adjacent to the metro (Such as between The Woodlands/Kingwood, or Sugar Land/Katy, etc.) with programs geared towards agriculture, wildlife, forestry, other life sciences, and maybe even a vet school, would likely cater to a different group of individuals than potential UH students.
  8. I observed what appears to be construction / excavation on this site. Last flyer I saw from Lovett Commercial (Frank Liu) shows the Ross, office space, and a couple of pad sites, no Joe V's. Ill try to get some pictures here soon.
  9. Interesting that you ask. I hope it doesn't derive from "temenos" in spanish, which means "fear us", or "be fearful of us". Maybe they assume that most will fear the population of "aggressive homeless panhandlers" that will live there.
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