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  1. RT @adamzopf: "Whoa, what are you doin'?! What- Oh, hey, that's not bad... Uh huh... Keep going. Wait a second... You're drinking it?!" - F…

  2. I'm very happy I got to see @Letterman this year. Honored to freeze in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

  3. Houstonians rail against ways the Bayou City is misunderstood (Thanks, Conan!) http://t.co/Ej10N0BZzn

  4. Bats are the chicken of the cave.

  5. RT @hiattb: You can't save a publication by gutting it.

  6. Duncan, the baby elephant at the @houstonzoo weighs 400 pounds, so relax, you can have that extra brownie tonight.

  7. It's National PB&J Day! You should check out the @MonsterPBJ truck! I visited them last year for @newsfixhouston http://t.co/PKNadmIC3g

  8. Houston @Astros sell marriage proposal packages that put you on the big screen http://t.co/cCuI8QdchA

  9. RT @astros: Oh look we have Hoes shirseys on sale at the Majestic Home Plate Team Store at #MMP. #LJHoesandRakes http://t.co/WA6gK2hyWz

  10. Can't wait to get home and listen to the @astros on my Zenith cabinet radio while I drink a cherry phosphate like I am 124 years old.

  11. The best April Fool's gag ever was when I wrote about Notsuoh being sold to Scout Bar in 2009. People were sad and angry!

  12. Some of us spend too much time trying to impress the wrong people.

  13. RT @AstrosTalk: #Yankees batting practice at Minute Maid Park. http://t.co/1EdJfit1xg

  14. RT @Eagles: Hey neighbor, feel free to hit home runs into our backyard any time. Good luck this year, @Phillies! #OpeningDay http://t.co/nO…

  15. Driver's Rights! Let's start a Car Critical Mass in Houston! @ifcportlandia

  16. RT @AP: Experts say a bigger earthquake along lesser-known fault in Southern California could be catastrophic: http://t.co/3z7q8imv9R

  17. In Soviet Russia, wrecking ball comes in like you.

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