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  1. Hardy and Red Line Northline would be considered a continuation The route would be Fulton north to Airline north to City View /Greenspoint Mall then to Hardy along Green Rd. The route would curve north to Spring P&R along Hardy to I-45 into Springwood Village This route would be the Red Line continuation .
  2. In order to more economically diversified , I like to see Houston expand in many areas, think big , innovate , invest more , be more competitive .
  3. I know where that is . I used to work at a warehouse along the tracks and walk those tracks to downtown after work . I would keep the Milby and McKinney crossings open because underpasses have a tendency to flood during storms . Sampson and York both should be underpasses . UP Signalhouse and the HB&T Enginehouse is on McKinney. The Franklin/Navigation@Commerce underpass would be an intersection under the tracks in similarity to Hardy@Crosstimbers(UP) and Clinton@Wayside(BNSF/UP) into Congress Yard (UP). The street a block north of that crossing would have be opened as a atgrade again in case that underpass flood during storms . The idea is create a third passing siding or MOW access along the tracks between yards to prevent bottlenecking . The reason of the Milby crossing closing is because of tankcar seal repair and janitorial shop where they repair seals and wash out tankcars . That would be a hold up because of switching in and out tankcars .
  4. An admendment was brought to the house floor by a Las Vegas Congresswoman a few minutes ago and was agreed to which was to reopen some routes in the western part of the country . Phoenix and Las Vegas . Phoenix hosted Amtrak's Desert Wind it would be good for service to return there . She also mentioned Houston to Dallas and other areas .
  5. The spur is the UP Congress Yard /PTRA Industrial Loop Spur that runs in the middle of Commerce for a few blocks east to west . The spur loops from Congress Yard in the west and runs east to PTRA tracks by Wayside (BNSF) and Clinton near the port's Turnin Basin . It was apart of Southern Pacific (SP) And Houston Belt & Terminal (HB&T) now Port Terminal Railroad Association (PTRA) and UP. UP still uses that spur for light industrial switching in, to and from Congress Yard . The small switcher maybe a MK15DC Genset Switcher with the new PTRA scheme . Congress Yard is a overflow staging yard for UP's and BNSF's New South Yards . It major city artery to Bayport (BNSF)to the southeast on the East Belt and Davis yard (UP/MP) to the north near Beltway 8 which is doubletracked .It is on a doubletrack portion in the east downtown area near Minute Maid Park and a few blocks east of Dynamo Stadium . It once belonged to HB&T. It was used as throat tracks because it is the main junction for the cities warehouse district which had throat tracks and spurs running all around the downtown area because the huge historic number of warehouses and shops that sprawled around the city at one time . The yard is currently used for bypass joint right-of- way for BNSF,KCS ,CSX ,NS, CN, CPR, TFM and Ferromex and a storage for empty gondolas . You can access the yard and Commerce Loop from any direction when visiting . When visiting Congress Yard , I advise please be careful ,HPD , Constables and Sherriffs make their rounds there and the yard and line is active be watchful for traffic on the tracks. The best place to view is a dirt access road on the westside of the yard .
  6. Another route is in trouble up in the upper midwest where state officials are considering to cut the Hoosier State . Two congressional members from both parties are fighting to save it . The Hoosier State is a route between Chicago and Indianapolis. Some are talking of expanding the service . Expansion is key to increase revenue . The route should be extended east to DC from Indianapolis and possible east to Richmond connecting all points south along the seaboard via Charlottesville to Richmond if reopened . Superliners may bring more revenue and increase ridership on this route if it is extended to Richmond and DC . Should the line be cut or extended ?
  7. It is highly possible for a return of the route from what is currently in the news this month about reopening the route . I mentioned in a earlier that increased COFC/TOFC intermodal traffic may possibly bring that into fruition . This may be reality because intermodal demand is widely taking over from all directions .
  8. Downtown Eastside GRB/Toyota Center/Minute Maid Park and Congress Yard (UP) is one suggestion .
  9. It depends on who is doing the investing and who is willing to invest . Most will develop near a major transportation infrastructure or corridor which is likely a catalyst for business then residential use .The West is vastly undeveloped and is available for any future use.
  10. There are areas around downtown that can host a station mainly on the northeast corner and eastside of downtown around 610 and 59/69 and the warehouse district .Some of that area is railroad territory . Congress Yard several blocks east .I&GN Interchange near 59/69 , Jensen and a block east of where SP's 23rd St. Hardy Shops once stood where UHD North Campus is .
  11. Willowbrook is a community inwhich the mall is named after and is located . An indication of that is the giant water storage tower that bears the Willowbrook name . BNSF runs directly through it aswell as 249 and Beltway 8 . The community itself fairly huge because of Texas A&M , UT , Baylor and Prairie View communities aswell as neighboring Tomball , Montgomery and Conroe Counties. The community encompasses both the mall , BNSF and the HPSL which is Beltway 8 & 249 .
  12. Here is my explanation ,if you look at the map above , One of the marked HPSL's is Beltway 8 & 249 . That is Willowbrook . Willowbrook sits directly on BNSF just like Northwest sits directly on UP . They both have the potential of being stations . I live a few blocks from Northwest and 4 to 5 miles from Willowbrook . Willowbrook is 3 to 4 miles west of Bush IAH via Greenspoint and Beltway 8 which would make it a possible airport connector station.
  13. The boom will most likely to continue .
  14. I believe Willowbrook and Northwest Malls would be good options but I got more of a gut feeling if the station is on the northwest corner , it may be Willowbrook for two reasons , It sits on BNSF and it can be a connector to the Airport via Greenspoint/Cityview because of its close approximity to Bush I A H to the east on I-59/69 and Beltway 8 . UP's Davis Yard near Beltway 8 and Hardy Tollroad can be a good site for a station . One more option would be the Deerbrook area on I-59/69 in the northeast . Dallas , I mentioned earlier Love Field , other options would be Irving , SMU , Grand Praire , Frisco , Duncanville , Arlington , Texas Stadium , NAS JRB Dallas via Grand Praire , Ft. Worth , I-35 , I-20 or I-45 .
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