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  1. Wait a few years before you visit. Not much to see yet unless you like the historical palaces and the great wall.
  2. I think he mentioned groundbreaking is next month. If true this week is going to be the closing and ground breaking announcement?
  3. As far as "true" sky-scrapers, I wouldn't expect to see one until around 2025. Thats my guess. You should also define "true" skyscraper. Do you mean 800+ feet? 1000+feet?
  4. no Corporate Headquarters La Quinta Corporation 909 Hidden Ridge, Suite 600 Irving, TX 75038 214-492-6600
  5. not going to be a sweep, but going to be tough that game was like a punch in the gut. Its not over yet though. we were in the same spot with St Louis last year
  6. I agree. Taipei has them in almost all their intersections (countdowns). They also have a few of those diagonal crosses. They seem to work great for pedestrians here. All of downtown should have these at the minimum.
  7. I see what you mean (selfishness). Count me as one. Not all American women just a majority. They are out for themselves.
  8. WOW Astros 7 Braves 6 18 innings, walk-off homer I can finally get some sleep!
  9. Don 't forget to factor in the ~8000 miles a year on the car and wear/tear maintenance. Still I agree, 70 minutes each way is ridiculous for a 15 mile journey. take the car
  10. They are not permanently replacing the rail lines with buses. They are however temporarily putting in BRTs as place holders for rail for a few lines. BRTs are train-like buses that run similar to light rail. The rails will still be built and all the BRTs will be trains in the future. They also sped up the progress on commuter rail to the suburban cities/towns. The big hurricane rita scare also will probably push the rail progress even more.
  11. 1 -- Hurricanes, yes all gulf cities have this problem. Although hurricanes seem to weaken a bit going to the west gulf so it seems like Houston has weaker hurricanes when they land but of course still damaging. Houston is also 50 miles inland so most of the severe damage occurs at Galveston when one hits. Also Hurricanes rarely land directly on Houston (1983 was the last one) 2 -- True Houston is way behind with rail but they are not stopping on rail expansion. They actually have a big plan just going to take time.
  12. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a Houston vs Dallas thread but... I can say Houston sounds a bit more for you because: 1. its warmer, no snow, humid in the summer like Florida 2. tons of museums (museum district) and a big theatre district (near Midtown/Downtown) 3. University of Houston and UofH downtown are both close to #2 4. college = babes (in most cases) Dallas also has 2,3,and 4 but I can't say much about 2 since I never lived in Dallas I know Fort Worth has some good museums.
  13. I guess you're right: chronicle article Blamed on variety of things: Katrina, million dollar condos not in demand, construction costs rising
  14. Impressive collection of pictures and great marketing skills. I'd vote for him for mayor when I move back to Houston
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