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  1. Deleted....it seems....(even after clicking)
  2. Not too pretty, but it will do a decent job of covering up that part of the Wedge. Oh, and it's more affordable hotel rooms for the CBD. Win.
  3. It reminds me of the many two-story strip mall complexes going up around the Westchase area, off of Bellaire. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source...173.25,,0,-0.71
  4. There is a neighborhood in Stafford off of Avenue E called Colonial Lakes or something, along with Applewood creek...or something, with very recent homes. Promenade has some decent homes as well, which are around 10-15 yrs old. The pricing range seems to be within the range of 225k, so that's something you may want to look at.
  5. And what exactly do we need to learn from this? It is basically Houston, with hills. As for our Uptown, they're trying to fix the traffic issues, with the extension of some side streets. Oh, and don't forget the MetroRail. Furthermore, they were SUPPOSED to have some nice mixed use stuff (BLVD Place, etc), but the economy kinda put a damper on that. Yeah. Many of those luxury condos and offices will be empty, due to the economy, ya know. At least Houston was quite reserved with the building of condos and the like, so we should NOT experience as much of a glut as Atlanta (hopefully). Sure, the "glut" may be good once there is an economic upturn, due to lower leasing rates, but Houston has a bit as well, and the resulting demand may produce new buildings as well. But hey, Houston itself has some nice urban enclaves popping up here and there; as previously stated, they're just on hold/etc due to the economy. You should check out the area near West Ave, which is coming along quite nicely. With the way the economy is now, H-Town isn't taking it so bad. With the rising oil prices and all, we seem to be faring quite well compared to other cities.
  6. Hey, I'm a "brown person" (sorta), and I prefer Target.
  7. Definitely, regarding the lights! Combine that with the door-less "vandal-proof" bathrooms, general uncleanliness, cheap fixtures, and the dull blue/grey/white paint scheme. These factors, along with the crowds (and the other obvious facts) make the stores seem grim and depressing. Oh and yes, the fact that you have the gestapo at the entrances and exits does not help any. Target isn't exactly Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom's, but the stores themselves are much more appealing. The lighting is still fluorescent, but it has a different aura...the way items are displayed is much better, and the general fixtures throughout the store are of a much nicer quality. The colour scheme is bright red, and white, with various accents, which makes the place seem much more alive. The crowds are usually better in quality (less rude, less snotty kids running around), and less in quantity. Oh, and many of the locations have a Starbucks now! Furthermore, I find that their items are of much better quality, and have better design than the mundane stuff at WalMart. So yeah...I certainly hope the rumors of a Target coming to Midtown are true...and KEEP WALMART OUT OF THE LOOP!
  8. Didn't they just complete that boondoggle facility, or am I thinking of another district?
  9. Stafford has a decent sized retail base actually. The Fountains, and all of the restaurants on both sides of US 59 between US 90 all the way to the County/Houston line are all within the Stafford city limits, if I am not mistaken. However, the industrial base is indeed much larger than the retail base, with nearly half of the city limits covered in industrial parks. Of course, they don't have as much "upscale" retail as Sugar Land does, due to the fact that their demographics consist of less affluent consumers, and also because the population there fluctuates greatly throughout the day. This can easily explain why they have so many "places office park workers like to go to for lunch". It's our own version of the movie Office Space! But I'm sure you already know most of this stuff...just wanted to put some of my persona observations on here.
  10. Nah, it was a reference to when he refused to get a shave and a haircut for a while...or something.
  11. I hate it when rich people try to live in some sort of twisted fairytale land....
  12. But hey, I'm an architecture student. It's not like I'll be sleeping much in those dorms anyway!
  13. And just like a palm tree, you require proper pruning/grooming, so you don't look like the palms off of the Gulf Freeway.
  14. That's the thing; 545 is per person, if you get a basic one bedroom unit, which is split between two people. An efficiency is around 800+. I spoke to someone a bit back about it since I was interested in housing next semester, but it's too pricey for me, esp since I will have to rely on loans. I'm not exactly sure how much the regular dorms are; anyone care to fill me in on that?
  15. Oh and yes...those new Calhoun lofts start at around 800 dollars a month. At that price, I could probably get a decent efficiency somewhere in Midtown or something.
  16. Looking for a partner in crime?
  17. Something very atypical...maybe a clash between minimalist concrete (Tadao Ando style) and deconstructivist. Solid finishes and honesty of material; none of that faux-finish mcmansion crap. Various possible locations; inner loop, etc. Terraced landscaping, retaining walls, etc. Infinity pool around the back.
  18. As a pseudo-lurker, I always enjoy reading his posts. Often, I don't even have to say anything anyway, because he takes care of it! Because I'm somewhat of a sadistic bastard, I often find myself laughing out loud to the cold logic used often in those posts. So yeah, Mazel Tov and all that!
  19. They were probably just testing it out. AFAIK, the structure on top is not 100% complete yet.
  20. Ok, at first, this project had some degree of feasibility. Now, it's just out there....
  21. Update, courtesy of the Chronicle: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headli...iz/6451679.html
  22. This seems like a development that is aimed at veterans, but not necessarily restricted to them. The main axis of it is centered around a Veterans Affairs center and hospice, along with retail, but they cannot reserve the housing 100% for vets, since that would go against the equal housing act. The site itself states that there is a goal to raise about 165 million dollars from donations to help purchase as many units as they can for the veterans; it is not coming out of taxpayer's pockets, as far as I know. Maybe some of the units will be sold to soldiers coming back from Afghanistan and or Iraq, so they may be production to an extent after all. As a whole package, it seems to be open to the community at large anyway, in order to sustain the retail on site. If the above statements are true, this is a win-win situation on all fronts.
  23. The red maple may become too large for your yard, as you already have a nice and massive live oak. You may just want to get some crape myrtles for the sunny portions, as many of them have colourful foliage in the autumn. There are also certain cultivars of Redbud that would go great in the shadier parts of the yard; many have maroon leaves in the spring.
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