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  1. Hmm, I was just in the vicinity a couple of times recently, and there has been construction work going on, with backhoes and the like. Are they doing the park thingy already, or something else?
  2. Maybe he's in cahoots with balloon boy's dad. After all, THAT seemed too obvious to be a fraud as well!
  3. Hehe...have they attacked the new Buffalo HEB yet? They need to come back and attack the UH Green Build exhibit!
  4. If this is the best creativity our teens can come up with, then I fear greatly for our future. They should be channeling their "creativity" towards other venues, such as intellectual pursuits, entrepreneurship, etc. Misogynous; perhaps, but that's pushing it. Chauvinistic; probably. Tasteless; definitely.
  5. I say, the first person to post roadkill that has had a road stripe painted over it after this post gets to do the next one!
  6. Well, it did look very Eastern European/Russian, and I know of a few Russian cities...so bam!
  7. Bailey's is great, or anything similar. Same goes for some coffee liqueurs. My hands down fave is Sangria. I don't drink much at all, but I sometimes indulge in the above when the opportunity exists. All in moderation, of course.
  8. If things don't get better here (In terms of crime, development patterns, etc), then I'm looking elsewhere after graduation.
  9. Or like the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium.
  10. Channeling Rafael Moneo much, are we?
  11. So, this is what happens when Caturday and Talk Like a Pirate Day occur on the same day, eh? It's as if the planets all aligned!
  12. My guess would be some form of Dichondra. I actually like this little plant, and I allow it to grow in certain areas. http://www-staff.it.uts.edu.au/~don/larvae/plants/conv/dichondra-repens.jpg
  13. Fail. They should have attempted something more akin to the NYC Hearst Tower, if they wanted to have contrast like that. As it is now, it looks like a collision between a 1900s building, and a 1980's PoMo.
  14. What we need is more protection...on the border, that is. And put it on right, so they don't slip by!
  15. I was raised here, and am attending uni here. I like being able to grow nice plants here, with all the rainfall and sunlight we get. All of the above, as well (food, culture, etc). I'll prolly head somewhere else once I graduate, wherever the jobs are.
  16. Oh, I got it now...Brisbane, Aus! (I actually guessed that before I read your post Marmer...lol)
  17. But hey, we could have the Pride Parades on floating floats from now on!
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