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  1. Once again, I'll have to park near the freeway and walk all the way to the COA this semester. Parking is especially bad if you have later morning classes, but I'd rather not get up at 5:30 AM like I used to.
  2. Oh joy, more EIFS clad, faux-mediterranean, red tile roofed, turreted "luxury apartments" just west of downtown.
  3. It would be absolutely phenomenal if they renovated that structure like they did to the Keeland Building, just outside the College of Architecture.
  4. Say, does anyone know what happened to the Phoenicia that was supposed to open at One Park Place?
  5. Wasn't there that huge flooding event in Pakistan a few months ago?
  6. It's sad that I go to UH, and I have no clue where these projects are going up. I blame the fact that I am a hostage in the architecture building 24/7...lol Any of my fellow students care to fill me in?
  7. UrbaNerd


    Wow, I was there the night before, hanging out and studying for a few hours! This was one of my favourite coffeeshops and places to relax; Brasil across the street is nice, but usually too loud, and had a much less intimate atmosphere than Agora. I hope they are going to rebuild!
  8. I went to Market Square park after classes yesterday...it was buzzing with activity, and the line was rather long at Niko Niko's; I waited about 15 mins before I got to the front. People kept talking about how much nicer the park was, as well as how nice the weather was. I took some pics, and I'll see if I can post them later or something.
  9. And that is why I miss PBS from the 90's. They had some decent edutainment in the form of Bill Nye, The Magic School Bus (which is the stuff I was raised on!), but they also would air those top notch nature and science shows, such as Nature, Nat Geo, Scientific American, etc. You cannot forget anything narrated by Sir David Attenborough, of course. As far as I know, they didn't have too many programs similar to American Chopper; I don't remember whatever I didn't watch on their schedule, so perhaps someone could fill me in on that. Discovery sometimes has some shows on construction and architecture, but those are more akin to "Coffee Table Architecture Books", in terms of content; they're only satisfying to casual viewers, and would not be fulfilling for any disciples to the art. I've just grown weary of television in general, which is why I tossed my television to the curb a few years ago. There are far more fulfilling venues for entertainment and edutainment these days.
  10. Pelli ex-Enron building on cover of this AutoCAD book
  11. Hmm, maybe they decided to lay Bermuda sod instead of St Augustine? Ya know, since Bermuda requires less watering and the like...
  12. Furthermore, express home deliveries will be conducted utilizing a series of trebuchets/catapults. Accuracy between 40-60 percent...if it does not fall within 100 metres of your property, it's 10% off!
  13. And Dallas was no 2! Ya know, with all that awesome neon, and the lack of anything like our new 22 story Embassy Suites downtown and all!
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