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  1. Generally correct. The addicts (again, using my preferred nomenclature: they are not homeless.....they are addicts) are both more prevalent downtown AND far more aggressive. I have been yelled at, cursed at, and called a racist, and a pig, by addicts for simply saying a polite “no” to their aggressive request for money to buy “food” (a euphemism for “my drug of choice”). I have seen entire families(mom, Dad, small kids) verbally accosted by the addicts. Want an image? imagine this: a middle aged woman of Hispanic ethnicity getting off a bus wearing a uniform that would imply that she works at a chain restaurant. She was going to work. She also had a completely withered arm (birth defect?) and walked with a pronounced limp. But, she was going to work to support herself and her family. Then the addict started to harass her, scream at her ..... call her terrible things....when she said ‘no’ to his request for “money for food” She was visibly shaken. I hustled over to her, told the ADDICT to beat it and helped the woman across the street. She was thankful. downtown is my neighborhood. I live here. Turner has fixed zip in my neighborhood. Any bets what would happen if the 100 addicts that populate the streets of downtown where magically transported to the residential streets of Turners neighborhood to set up their tents, do their drugs, harass hardworking women for money, and ask all the pedestrians/residents in Turners neighborhood for money too every time they walked outside? hint: turner would figure out a way to fix the problem if it existed in HIS neighborhood. But, it doesn’t. So, it only gets worse in downtown. Turner won’t get my vote.
  2. I am glad that you feel that midtown is better. I have lived in downtown for 5 years and I can say that it is significantly worse today than 5 years ago.
  3. The sidewalk/planter box situation is terrible. I cannot fathom why a brand new building would be built this way.
  4. Wow, that “skypark” will be a great feature for tenants. Smart idea and it is likely helping lease the place. did I read somewhere that this building is getting close to “fully leased”?
  5. @ zaphood. You and I will need to disagree. I see things one way, you another. that said, you asked for a source regarding the empty beds at shelters. Here is is one source: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Cold-facts-about-being-homeless-12495069.php. If the beds aren’t full on the coldest night of the year, then hint; there is always a bed. Further, I have volunteered at or donated to various charities that serve the homeless, the mentally ill, and the addicts (3 distinct groups of folks). The managers/directors of the charities I have been involved with again suggest that (paraphrasing) “nobody is turned away and beds go empty”. Close personal friends of mine who also volunteer at other charities indicate the same thing..... empty beds..... oh, and Turner as inept as his tailoring. I will find a Democrat or Republican that I can support.
  6. There are empty beds in facilities all over town every day. These facilities all share one thing in common: they have rules. These rules include “no drugs or alcohol, curfews, and attendance to programs that get you keen, straight, and working.” ‘There are vanishingly few “homeless people” on the streets of Houston. There are a LOT of addicts and mentally ill. We need to stop using the Euphemism “homeless” and start calling the problem what it is “addicts and mentally ill.’ Once we change the language, we can address solutions. there are two sad truths: 1. The mentally ill likely cannot help themselves and are not suited for many of the the programs that we have in place. They need a much different suite of help. 2. The addicts literally don’t care to avail themselves of the beds that are available because, well.... those rules just are not for them....... therefore, we have built a system of help around “helping the homeless.” And, for the few folks out there who have hit a rough spot in their lives, but are not addicts or insane, and simply need help (lost a job, unexpected bill, violence, etc) the system works well. The charities spring into action and, folks come out the other end healed, blessed, and productive. We don’t have a system for addicts and mentally ill. If we change the dialogue, if we change the language, maybe we can change the solutions to fit the problem: drug addiction and mental illness. oh, and Turner is utterly useless. I will not vote for him as he is unable or unwilling to deal with this problem. Total hack. And, yes, somebody should tell the Mayor that the suits he wears (“regulars” when he should be wearing “shorts”) make him look as silly as his inept policies on the drug addicts and mentally ill. If zoot suits were still in fashion, he might look passable. Hint: they aren’t and he doesn’t.
  7. Additional “convenience stores” selling beer, wine, cigs, and junk food are not needed IMO.
  8. The site allowed me to try to “book” as early as August 1st..... so, they are not kidding....... opening in August..... ‘’the rates are good too.... “only” $166 per night.....
  9. When is the building scheduled to take first tenants? Anybody know?
  10. A total flurfhole with amazing potential. thanks for posting.
  11. All good things do, eventually, come to an end. Swamplot is one of those good things and I will miss it. I personally wish to thank the good folks at swamplot for over a DECADE of informing us of the good, bad, ugly, and, utterly lovely. Thanks, folks!
  12. High rise condo fees can range widely based on the age of the building, etc. a yardstick only: $0.75 psf is a good placeholder. That yardstick is absolutely wrong in virtually every case. Some buildings will be a buck. Others half a buck. Newer buildings tend to be cheaper than older ones. Buildings with a ton of amenities will be much more expensive than those that don’t. Highrises are more than mid-rises. So, all that said....... 1500 sqft hig rise will be “around” $1000 per month for the HOA. The HAR app will let you look at various buildings around town and get a sense of HOA cost PSF.
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