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  1. All good things do, eventually, come to an end. Swamplot is one of those good things and I will miss it. I personally wish to thank the good folks at swamplot for over a DECADE of informing us of the good, bad, ugly, and, utterly lovely. Thanks, folks!
  2. High rise condo fees can range widely based on the age of the building, etc. a yardstick only: $0.75 psf is a good placeholder. That yardstick is absolutely wrong in virtually every case. Some buildings will be a buck. Others half a buck. Newer buildings tend to be cheaper than older ones. Buildings with a ton of amenities will be much more expensive than those that don’t. Highrises are more than mid-rises. So, all that said....... 1500 sqft hig rise will be “around” $1000 per month for the HOA. The HAR app will let you look at various buildings around town and get a sense of HOA cost PSF.
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