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  1. UtterlyUrban

    Day 18 of Government shut down

    Ted Cruz embarrasses me.
  2. UtterlyUrban

    Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    This single property may well be the most impactful development in downtown after Discovery Green as it could combine traditional retail, residential, entertainment, and commercial in ways that seamlessly connect pedestrians to the Water, trails, rail, and to Downtown. i am exceedingly hopeful that we don’t get Greenstreet version 2.
  3. UtterlyUrban

    Houston Center Redevelopment

    If I had. Nickel for every time a developer used H&M or other store logos on their project, I might be able to buy a condo at Marlowe. Does Greenstreet retail look like the renderings? It’s been about 5 years. didnt The Star include H&M specifically in their renderings? Under the new tower that they didn’t build as I recall. didnt the downtown organization include an H&M in the renderings for Dallas street where Houston has spent millions to attract retail and has gotten none?
  4. UtterlyUrban

    Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    It seemed to me that the SW corner of the building would be where I would buy if I had more than 3 nickels and a dime.
  5. UtterlyUrban

    Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    Does this mean that folks will be moving into the building on or after the 24th? Or have they already been moving in?
  6. UtterlyUrban

    1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    I am unaware that they built the foundation of the parking garage to support this. There was much talk of this when the garage was being built. Not sure if they actually put that foundation in or not.
  7. UtterlyUrban

    1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    Very likely “homeless people” were not camping there. The “addicts and the mentally ill” were. Anyhow, school starts tomorrow. I think. Fantastic news for downtown!
  8. UtterlyUrban

    U-Haul Moving & Storage Expansion at 1617 San Jacinto

    If true, This is good, IMO. not everything downtown can be and “entertainment” venue. For downtown to exit as a neighborhood, it will need “infrastructure” like this. I hope that this info is correct.
  9. UtterlyUrban

    Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    Highrise condos in midtown. Wow! Excuse me, but now I need to go and find Lucifer. I need him to get me some ice for my drink!
  10. UtterlyUrban

    1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    There appears to be nothing about this entire rehab for this building that went even remotely on time. Glad to see that they building and it’s ground floor amenities are coming together.
  11. UtterlyUrban

    New Ride

    The black rims make that truck look killer. Somebody must have been very nice this year!
  12. UtterlyUrban

    Houston Center Redevelopment

    “Retail campus”? hmmmmmm. I guess the dress barn is about the only store left in the “retail campus” ...... sadly, I think that thier vision for the “retail campus” is going to be a food court with liquor.
  13. UtterlyUrban

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    Went today. Place was packed at 1 pm. I liked it. Good crowd. Mostly 20-and-30-ish folks. Good beer . Good food. Good crowd. So far, a success, it seems. True. and even la Calle — the best joint in town - I think, may have raised prices a bit.
  14. UtterlyUrban

    Battlesteins building purchased

    Meeting rooms, ball room, restaurant, expanded spa, gym, indoor pool, ....... I am thinking that this might be a way to expand “infrastructure” .... not “additional guest rooms”