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  1. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    I like this project. It will be great. although I am repeatedly surprised that renders for this project (and other projects), in a town as diverse as Houston, continue to show (in this case) one women of color among all the dozens of “people” pictured. Utterly tone deaf, in my opinion.
  2. 1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    I am saddened to hear this news.
  3. Spaghetti Warehouse purchased for renovation

    i Wish the new owners much success. Hopefully they have a use in mind for the building that will be a great attraction when dry and not too challenging to restore on the few times it might flood over the next 20 years.
  4. Minute Maid Park Renovations

    The Astros must have a very good deal now (relative to other teams around the league). Otherwise, why extend so early and lose the optionality in the future?
  5. 3100 Fannin

    Sorry that happened to you. i have personally stopped calling these folks “homeless” as that is a euphemism. The word I now use is either “addict” or “mentally ill” (depending on the person). While I am certain that there are good, hardworking men and women who hit a rough patch and find themselves on the street, I have yet to encounter one. Rather, I encounter addicts and mentally ill.
  6. Catalyst: New 28-Story Residential High-Rise for Downtown

    I don’t understand your post here. How does this building relate to midtown?
  7. 3100 Fannin

    Yep. Sad no matter how you slice it. Seemingly, the only other choice to mine, other than the status quo (which to me is unacceptable) is the choice written by Mkultra above. And that is equally unacceptable to me. The right of the people (including businesses) to protect their property needs to win the day. With my plan, Addicts get ONE chance at fixing themselves at taxpayer expense. A deep, intensive rehab program to get them straight, sober, and working members of society. If they fail at that, Thereafter, the taxpayer can build some tents and a fenced farm and the addicts can hoe carrots for 30 years.
  8. Memorial Park Master Plan

    I am assuming that it is for visual appeal on the graphic. I didnt assume that it would be that wide.
  9. 3100 Fannin

    I am tired, very tired, of those in society who make a choice to steal from the hard working to support what is likely the lifestyle of an addict. i would be supportive of a “one chance” policy for non-violent offenders.they have one chance to commit a crime and go into rehab. Everybody might make a non-violent mistake once and I would also make all burglaries a felony. A second conviction for a non-violent felony means a prison farm for 30-years with an option for parole after 20. Bye bye, society is done with you. Go grow some carrots.
  10. Memorial Park Master Plan

    Two decades from now memorial park and the connections to it (walk/bike paths from downtown/eado/med center, other bayou path access, and galleria) will define this city in a way in which it has never previously been defined. the folks who will be responsible for this transformation will be Gen X and Gen Y. Others may legitimately disagree with me but, It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that these two generations (broadly speaking) are becoming, potentially, the most visionary American generations of the last 3.
  11. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    This is an excellent point. I was unaware of this and, you may be correct. I just read the Texas Central website again. They specifically say that they will: “not seek grants from the US Government or the State of Texas, nor any operational subsidy once operation begins. The project will be financed with a blend of debt and equity.” if one thinks of those words closely, it absolutely leaves open the idea that they WILL take government money — just from another government other than the two listed. I also find the word “grant” interesting. A “grant” is not a “loan”. So, I assume that they would take, should one become available, a “low interest loan” from Texas or the Feds? The word “seek” is also interesting. If they truly do not intend to take government money, why not just say “we will not accept any money from the State of Texas or the US government for construction or operations......” anyway, I hope that it does get financed, built, and becomes operational, quickly.
  12. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Ok, article said $15b.
  13. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    For clarity, I want this project to be built. I am a supporter. BUT, at $15b with NO government subsidy, I strain to see how it will be viable. Smarter minds than me may show me wrong. Question, has there ever been a $15b privately financed (zero taxpayer support) transportation project in the US? I don’t recall anything. Projects this size, it seems to me, are government financed...... for a reason.......
  14. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I was thinking “tax exempt debt” — the vehicles that sewer treatment works, garbage dumps, etc use to finance as a “public infrastructure” project. I have zero idea if this project qualifies however.
  15. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Ok, so, if you believe that number, that is 2.5m round trips. Of which, 1.5m of them will pay for INTEREST only (not even principal and certainly not operating expenses). Do notice however that they expect a RAMP to that during likely a 5 year period after they commence operation. It is therefore possible that they will lose Billions in aggregate during that 5 years from when they start taking passengers to the point that they breakeven. That negative cash-flow will mean even more cash needs. oh, and by 2050, nearly TWO GENERATIONS from now, anyone’s “forecast” is worth exactly zero.