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  1. Yes i understand what medicare is lol. I own a medical equipment business and get referrals from case workers from this hospital for hospice/home health patients as well. Everyone at the hospital is shit scared because without their medical number they will go down under. If this gets shut down this will be REALLY REALLY bad for houston. Camridge hospital in medical center shut down and that was the other psy hospital and if this gets closed down, oh boy it will be BAD.
  2. this better not end up being a freaking parking lot long term.
  3. You guys are effin delusional. They are CATTERING to the Midtown crowd. The crowd that is douchy and drives that leased bmw is what they want. Do you think people who care about traffic and the drunk bros are people that r going to be buying micro units of 400 sq st. Its the douchy drunk bros who buy those type of units. This project will fail, theres nothing walking distance, you can call 3 to 6 blocks supposedly walking distance but people who want that city life and micro units want to walk a block to bars and restaurants. No one in midtown complains about the randalls there, we all love it.
  4. wish they would've put the same money into the university line.
  5. astros148

    Block 114

    cloud you're being trolled. I was talking to the Manager at forever 21 and they told me they were told that Greenstreet was in talks with Sephora, Urban outfitters and a few other retailers but nothing is confirmed yet...
  6. okay now reading up on the article, thats awful news. without being able to accept traditional medicare which still makes up 66% of medicare theres no way they can survive.
  7. what do you mean the feds are cuting funding for traditional medicare patients? im confused
  8. astros148

    Block 114

    youre assuming retail will come to greenstreet, nothing is confirmed
  9. the greyhound doesnt even have a security guard outside the station on the weekdays. Try walking through either sidewalk of the greyhound or the mcdonalds and I guarantee you will either see people doing drugs or you will get harassed like a mofo. they need to move the station or heighten security by both mcdonalds and greyhound.
  10. 3-6 blocks in houston weather isnt a joke. and its more like 6-7 blocks if you want to get to the good part of east downtown. this should be in downtown or closer to the light rail bottom line.
  11. it simply comes down to money bottom line. if theres not a light rail extension to this which makes it easier for people to go from the NW station to other parts of houston this will just be a massive disaster.
  12. astros148

    Block 114

    Still alot of vacant lots near toyota center and east of minute maid park. the vacant lots on main by the bell station baffle me, i have no idea how theres no development on them. it is prime location
  13. no way are people going to buy micro units in a area where theres nothing walkable and you have to drive everywhere. if this was in midtown it would be such a massive success. this is going to flop.
  14. astros148

    Block 114

    so basically this has no chane of happening anytime soon
  15. they gotta do something with the surface lots right across the street. they have the station right there and should be prime spots for a high rise or even a small office building in the 30 story range. something here then the empty lots
  16. theres plenty of PHP programs out there and if their on disability then they qualify for medicare.
  17. man if that side of town got a supertall it would even out the skyline so beautifully
  18. so why build the trains? its so stupid that a train has to wait behind a ilne of cars to move. defeats the purpose of a freakin train
  19. the homeless people on main make it so hard to even walk on the street. during the day time the cops try to do a decent job and getting them to scatter, but what long term solution do we have to get them off the streets? cant they make more shelters that are further away
  20. yeah right, move ins arent happening in for another 6-9 months.
  21. are you effin kidding me? theres people doing meth and crack right there on the block of the greyhound and the mcdonalds parking lot. dont even attempt to fool yourself or anyone else saying its not that bad. its the worst damn block in the city
  22. theres no empty trains during rush hour traffic so your argument is invalid.
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