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  1. Give me a effin break with this holiday spirit bs. It is a legitimate problem when i take a stroll on main with my gf and i see groups of street bums doing drugs and HARRASING walling people for money. Some will follow you for half a block or so before they leave you alone and its dangerous plain and simple. Everyone on this forum all they ever talk about is density this and that but without solving the homeless population you won't have a lively walkability and that's a fact
  2. I love how its the "occasional" pan handler. As a downtown resident anyone will tell you its way beyond occasional so give me a effin break. You will get harrased walking down main after 7pm, you think anyone walking with their kids would want that shit. The people that say the street population isnt a peoblem arent downtown residents. Its fkin awful
  3. I mean seriously for a size if a city like Houston and the lack of train transit you'd think theyd be SOME new construction on a new line. Its so damn shameful
  4. The point of taking public mass is that you dont have to worry about traffic plain and simple. When you take the train to an astros game and it takes 15 min to take you 2 stations is just how epic of a failure it is. Needs it's own dedicated lane
  5. Exactly what i said in the other thread. For the money they spent here to just accomplish a shared road is such a effin disaster
  6. With the city spending so much to renovate Dallas and the huge task force that did numerous case studies and said how important Greenstrert is numerous times. If greenstreet flops it's bad for downtown houston plain and simple. Market square isnt going be a hotbed for retail, maybe theyll land a grocery store but that's the most that'll happen
  7. heard they had a deal with sephora but they backed out.....i really hope this doesnt become a flop. if greenstreet fails after all this renvo and boost then we can almost kiss retail in downtown bye. greenstreet sucess is so vital
  8. until you do something about the street roamers sadly this isnt really hitting the root of the problem.
  9. just gotta do something about the homeless population around main st, that looks really bad to visitors and it makes it awful to walk on after 7pm. Setting up more shelters would be a good start, looks like the churches do most of the work now
  10. so we're at about 1% of the total cost so far.
  11. its sad because the only way this city ever becomes a world class city is by a better transit system. Instead we'll spend billions on expanding highways and nonsense. Sad , the worst part of it is that there is no light rail construction going anywhere in houston right now. We're contempt with our crappy transit
  12. and they cant go downtown. yeah right
  13. yeah i want a framed copy. holy shit could you imagine if the cheveron tower actually got built and when we get 609 main done how awesome that frame would look. priceless https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasa2explore/22630028333/in/album-72157660882028929/ their entire album is so sick
  14. i will be inviting everyone here and you have my word on it! The views on the rooftop are going to be awesome! Anyone know how I can get in contact with their leasing office?
  15. mrs jackson was the one who made this happened my sources tell me. Everyone needs to send her a thank you letter
  16. im really thinking about signing up for a lease here. they said rent would start off at 1800 for a studio im guessing, but usually theres always one month free or something offers. I cant wait to actually see the prices come out. Im guessing with the current oil slump I may actually be able to get a deal under 2k.
  17. pierce elevated needs to get demolished, think it would solve the big greyhound issue as well with all the hobos.
  18. we arent getting a subway in the galleria area, cmon guys lol. lets be real
  19. so bottom line is that the NW site is just a epic failure. If metro doesnt get a light rail to and from the site to downtown it will be failure.
  20. Thank the lord, wonder how close they are? hopefully they implement this before the superbowl or else it will be a embarrassment. Could you imagine tourist going to GRB and being stuck behind traffic on the train. we would be the laughing stock
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