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  1. thats not a eye sore? Lmao jesus we have the lowest standards out of any city. It literally looks like a detention center. Boring looking, hardly any glass, no real color scheme, thing is straight hideous. Go look at it in person, doesnt fit in with the other buildings at all
  2. What is this downtown is packed? Were not talking narket square area or discovery green, greenstreet and main street are hardly EVER packed with people walking.
  3. Lmao if someonw finds commuter rail it will get built hahahahah. Hilarious like its that easy
  4. such a bogus statement, like healthcare jobs can replace energy jobs. You need certifications and or schooling to make any real money in the healthcare industry, its not if someone who was making 80k with a engineering degree can move to healthcare and make that type of money. such bullshit
  5. just shows how backwards our city is, these radical commuter ideas are all awesome but their atleast a century away with our citys mindsets.
  6. Dude we dont need a 2 story Starbucks at this prime spot. Thats the worst idea ever
  7. Yes but its going to be pretty damn hard to "build" up this pedestrian traffic without addressing the issues on hand.
  8. A php is a partial healthcare program that people with mental illness go to during the day time. This is for patients that do not have a immediate danger to society but need help on a daily basis. The phps have to have licensed therapists and psycratist that have goals and plan of actions for each patient. A person who typically recieves disability usually lives in a personal care home or group home. In these facilities the php sends a van each day to pick up the qualified patients to bring them to the facility. This eliminates the need for transportation to be provided as medicare does not provide payment for transportation. Also the house manager or whoever ensures that each patient is recieves their medicines and all food is supplied as well. If something happens with the patient that is urgent they notify the php. I work with numerous phps and am a partner in a clinic that does "home visits" to these facilitys so I'm well aware of what the process is. There is help out there for people who really need it. The issue is that after paying a potion of your disability to the group home you do not have enough money to buy alcohol and drugs so some street people would rather not go to these places.
  9. If its private money and you avoid his corridor we could get it build without federal funds
  10. we can still use non federal money to build the university line, if it went on a referendum now to get it build, itd definitively get voted yes.
  11. hes not a senator...........
  12. our next mayor i doubt has that thought
  13. the city has potential which is the frustrating thing
  14. okay but you can at least have a dedicated lane
  15. imagine if we had a covent garden market type that is in london on that side of town.
  16. More pressure needs to come from the mayor and one of our senators if they realy cared about houston future. It is just absolutely crazy to think that we have no new lines being developed in 2015 with houston transit system as it is now.
  17. Market square is not a retail hub and will never be. Stop fooling yourself, it would be a great spot for a small grocery store but its a nightlife area. Its where you go to get a drink or want to hit up a night spot. Theres huge differences between the two, your retail hub needs to be greenstreet. Its made for retail, it has great train access from two separate lines, the city pushed for this hotel nd they are redoing the entire Dallas street. Greenstreet NEEDS to work for CBD retail future.
  18. I know alot of the HPD police officers who work the downtown area esp the Main street corridor. My friend is a bicycle cop during the day and my other buddy is one of the sergeants in downtown and he tells me they have ZERO protocool to really deal with them, and hes just as frustrated. He tells me that he knows all the people by name now and its frustrating because the handcuffs that are placed by him. He tells me storys of where bums have stolen 20 bucks from walking girls and how they badly they've freaked out and have vowed to never come to downtown again. just bad pr and just all kinds of shit. theres a serious problem with the panhandlers and we need to address it. This needs to come from the mayors office, this isnt HPD fault
  19. go to the bell station nd hangout there for couple minutes on any given evening or day and you'll even see what im talking about there. You'll see fights in the parking lot adjacent, you'll see people with legit issues causing havoc at the stations and dont get me started on the "central" station stop. Theres legit people out there who need help who have psy problems, i fully understand that. I own a Medical business and work with a bunch of Psy clinics and partial hospital programs and if they have problems then we need to definitely give them whatever help we can and we're failing as a city by not issueing that help. BUT im not talking about the people who have schizoaffective, type 1 bipolar or who have manic episodes, im talking about the pill pushers and drug addicts that make up the large portion of main street. It is very very uncomfortable for a family to be walking down those blocks, and yes we all know all downtowns have bums but that part is EXTREMELY BAD. If you want to make Greenstreet a retail hub you gotta tackle the homeless population there. its a simple fact, you think some chick is going spend a thousand dollars at a retail store and wanna be harrased by people the second she walks out? Cmon guys jesus get real with yourselves. Its a problem that we as a city have just put on the rear mirror and pretend doesnt exist. its time to get real with ourselves
  20. yup hit the nail on the head, i have friends who come in from chicago and even philly and they say thats their biggest complaint. can you imagine if we actually had a retail hub at greenstreet and that the Sakowitz building would be renovated into a major retailer. Imaging having a mini city centere like in downtown, man that would truly be awesome.
  21. Yes i live in downtown, and lets not get carried away with ourselves with theres activity all over Main street. it is the holiday season, but theres no "activity" on main street after 8pm. Its a bunch of pan handlers hanging by the store, i ve heard ALOT of visitors who stayed at the JW marriot that they were uncomfortable with the amount of them right across the street. Anyways thats beyond the point, this is the final straw for greenstreet with the city pumping so much money into it and with the new hotel, this HAS TO WORK for downtown.
  22. Is it also your constitution right to harass other citizens and piss on bus stations?
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