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  1. dubai is beautiful as long as you stay within the city limits. Otherwise the locals are racist AF and look down anyone else. This is coming from an arab.
  2. yes they only have a year, they rotate their workers in and out. They have it down to a nail. One floor every 4 days
  3. was talking to one of the managers and he told me they only have one year from the skyhouse to get the entire thing built. If they take over a year then they get in trouble and have to pay, and whatever days they finish early they get a bonus. the industrial look inside makes it much easier for them to build and wished more people designed their high rises like that
  4. Mixed used that is a painful traffic ride away of EVERYTHING
  5. and still end up in a empty parking lot
  6. so now that the garage portion is topped out, should this be picking up a little bit? Isnt it already half way up in terms of height wise?
  7. Why do you have to push them away? Instead of spending millions tax incentives for housing for big corporation, is it too much to ask for maybe built some more shelter for them?
  8. one of the best responses in the thread. They need more metro officials imo actually doing work. I always see groups of them standing around not doing shit!
  9. could they not have made it another color atleast jesus christ. this thing just gets uglier and uglier.
  10. Another downtown owner who agrees with me. There are serious issues
  11. when does get go back on the ballot? why didnt metro include it this time
  12. you're literally out of touch if you dont think theres not a issue. I work in the health care field day in and day out and work with numerous mental health care facilities and own a decent business myself. Theres issues with the homeless/pan handlers that need to be addressed. I am in no way saying lets throw them all in jail or some other bogus, im saying that theres needs to be ways to reform the way we look at them. We need to create more shelters for them so that the ones that really do want want to get help can. As a city we can not continue to look at the homeless people as its not a issue and simply glance past it. Some of these homeless people have serious mental conditions and which law enforcement and others need to be better trained for. We need to have a better law enforcement presence Main like more bicycle cops and better lightening which the above poster said is being addressed. Im not saying that we need to exterminate the homelss or whatever you're trying to twist my words to, im saying its a PROBLEM ON HAND. We as a city can not stop overlooking it. That stretch on main from bell all the way to rusk is the worst stretch after 8pm and ive had buddys who are cops saying theres always numerous robbery and theft but they simply dont have the resources.
  13. Turner might suprise more people then they know. Spoke with campaign manager last night and was impressed by their vision of the light rail
  14. If they had a solid proposal I'm sure they could get all sorts of tax incentives bcz Parker wants retail in dt so bad. All it takes is true vision and a different approach and mindset
  15. Spoke with turners campaign manager yesterday at a gathrring and was very impressed by their vision of future of commuter rail and rail in general. Turner understands this issue and his manager told me they definitely do plan on tacklimg this issue and plan to see what options they may have to expand light rail. Very very optimistic right now
  16. If they can do this concept there, why in the world couldnt this work in downtown? Say in Main and bell on those surface lots?
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