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  1. yay a historical building gets replaced by a parking garage. sweet
  2. Hopefully retail follows this "new downtown essential"
  3. Need more retail still. That's going to make or break Greenstreet. Lets a urban outfitter and Sephora to start off with
  4. great photo!!! this came out so much better
  5. Dont rents start off at 1700 i was reading somewhere. With the current market they better be prepared to adapt to a new pricing structure.
  6. nope, which is a sign of bad news to come imo
  7. Whats the point of investing all this money if you are juat trying to add another restaurant ? You need retail here not more restaurants
  8. Masterpiece? Forget master piece this isnt even any sort of modern architecture. A building this hideous wouldnt be allowed in Miami, Chicago, etc. Its hideous!!!!
  9. are you effin kidding me! Anyone who supports this building go look at it in person! It is the worst color combo ive seen in a LONG time. It straight up looks like a federal jail house
  10. If this had another 15 storys itd make such a bugger difference. Stil looks amazing
  11. yeah 17 more but remember it crowne part as well.
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