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  1. i think the leds are only on during the weekends. I live at houston house and havnt seen them on during the week but did it see them on last weekend
  2. those patrols have been there, which new ones are you speaking of?
  3. way to expensive. they will have alot of competition with skyhouse, they are giving great deals. They were offering 8 weeks free with a 13 month lease.
  4. The midtown authority owns some of the land itself. Not like Camden owns the whole block or else they would be no park
  5. the whole line is a mess
  6. imagine if all of this wasted money was used on a commuter rail from the woodlands into downtown
  7. Sears is in a dump, with its earnings report in the dumpster and the announcement of closing more then 50 stores. This spot has no chance of surviving
  8. Your pie has been open for about 3 weeks
  9. Do they believe the bogus that comes out of your mind? Destroying a beautiful building with so much history without securing funding for a new building and replacing it with a freaking parkint garage is okay? Some of you guys drink way too much koolaid. If this becomes a parking garage for 10+ years I'm going to be effin pissed
  10. Once they demolish this section, you guys do know we will have a flurry of parking lots for years to come right?
  11. I love how they have to include a interracial couple for the simple sake of not discriminating. Also those pictures show the best angle on the units, other pictures show it completely different.
  12. is anyone else not sad that a historic building was torn down for a freaking parking garage for the near future. This tower wont be built for years
  13. is the measure confirmed to be on the ballot this year?!
  14. It only has 15 more floors plus crown? About another 180 feet?
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