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  1. 53 minutes ago, BigFootsSocks said:

    I'd like to see the budget first before I start pointing fingers using strawman arguments...

    They will claim they are funding it by the increase revenue that will occur in the hotel occupancy taxes during the super bowl but we all know how much truthful our comptroller is.

    If these were more permanent improvements it would be a different story. Is anyone visiting houston really going to be impressed by some ugly paint over a dirty building or peeling paint on the road? Im sure a couple weeks before they will sweep up all the homeless populations for loitering/outstanding warrants and no one will even have a clue half of the issue we deal with in this city. 

  2. 41 minutes ago, nate4l1f3 said:

    I'm not a tourist and it appeases me.  Do we even know where the money is coming from?

    Guessing property taxes? This would rather appease you then the numerous pot holes driving down montrose or heights?

  3. Im sorry but am i the only who thinks all this temporarily main st improvement is garbage? We have pot holes all up and down elgin and montrose and have so many other issues with the city. Instead we pump money into temporarily garbage looking art that will attempt to appease a few tourist that come here for the super bowl. Waste of money. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Montrose1100 said:

    Choo Choo, next stop, derailment!

    but seriously the views from Spindle Top are no where near the views of Reunion. I mean the Hilton has better views, Chase Tower should have a fine dining experience. Oh well, maybe next super tall? 

    The 43rd on top of wedge tower has AMAZING views. It tried opening in the nightsand it was a massive failure.  Now their are open for lunch time so the demand isnt there.


    The food is good thereby the way

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  5. wow so their leasing up almost 1/5th of the total leasing space in the building? That is huge for Hines, I hoped that this building could've attracted a tenant in another area/city instead of moving tenants around in downtown but this is awesome news for hines. Might move the time table for the chron building more then we even know it

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