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  1. So skyhouse actually does not own this building. Spoke with the leasing agent at the original skyhouse and it looks like some sort of licensing deal they made with a management company. They were not confident enough in the downtown market for them to go ahead with actually purchasing it themselves....doesnt really make any sense because from what I had understood they secured funding beforehand? 








    looks like they back on fixing up dallas, was just open to impress tourist




    This is still a good spot for potential retail, like a sephora or even a MAC or some smaller retail. 





    I didnt realize but NRG does take up the first floor as well. It takes up way to much space in Greenstreet for it to ever be a retail hub, It has to be leasing out atleast a third of available space. Also for gods akes I hope they put some sort of advertisement or billboard next to the hotel in that ugly empty wall

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  3. On 4/17/2016 at 7:06 AM, richeyrich said:

    Just put a deposit down to move here when it opens. Schedule date of move-ins is October 1, so there's quite a bit more to be done on the site. At the moment, I can't even get a tour because the only working elevators are those on the outer sides of the buildings.


    I'm pretty stoked though. The full list of amenities is mind boggling to me as someone who has never lived in a high-rise. They're only leasing to early invitees at the moment, but if anyone is interested let me know, and I'll give a referral. 


    Also, I have a few pics of the model unit and some shots the manager took of inside the unit (very unfinished). Not sure whether that's relevant here as I'm new, but I'm happy to post as well.


    What price did they get you at? Im probably going to sign a lease next week. We are throwing a HAIF pool party! 

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  4. 7 hours ago, bobruss said:

    Astros 148, I don't want to pick on you but when you make uneducated statements about art that you know anything about, it tends to leave you open for rebuttal.

    Art doesn't have to represent anything. It often doesn't. It evokes some kind of visceral or emotional response. It can make you laugh, smile, question or even dislike but when you use the WTF comment, it just makes you sound crass and uneducated. Maybe you should spend a little more time going to some of the exhibits at the MFAH or the Menil or even the Contemporary arts museum and immersing yourself in some fine abstract and contemporary art.

    It wouldn't hurt you and after looking at a lot of it you might surprise yourself and actually begin to appreciate it.

    This particular sculpture by Patrick Renner was commissioned to add something to downtown that is seriously lacking. Color, art and  and things to get peoples attention..

    Its a way to get people who don't always go to art exhibits or museums to have an opportunity to see something different.

    Its just a whimsical piece that Patrick made and the one that was built for Montrose blvd. is now in New Orleans because they wanted their community to have the opportunity to appreciate his work. So loosen up and don't be so critical of things and just absorb and consider yourself fortunate to have an artist that lives here and can come up with these fun ideas that give most people a lot of pleasure and enjoyment.


    I was born and raised in London and grew up all around Europe, so I guess my definition of Contemporary or Modern art is a bit different. Anything nowadays is considered art and I guess if thats a good or bad thing is ones personal opinion. I just think the money they spent here it could have been much better spent. I wish Houston one day could have something like New Orleans has with Palmer park or London has with Brick lane or Leake street. I guess im just spoiled  

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  5. 5 hours ago, tigereye said:


    I do.


    I like Renner's work and I'm glad to see some of it Downtown. And watching the curious reactions of pedestrians, stopping to snap pics, Id say the Downtown Management District made the right decision in selecting his work to be apart of this project. Before this, I never really saw these types of reactions before on our streetscape. 

    You never saw any type of reaction because there was nothing to be responsive to. The colors to this are ugly, i think the huge poster they put on Main are the best part of these improvements 

  6. 32 minutes ago, Gator Purify said:

    Re: the Kendrick Lamar performance, my mouth dropped when the cameras showed a panoramic shot of the convention district.  It was like a dream come true.  But when the crowd started jumping at the beginning of "Levitate," I literally got chills.  An amazing sight to behold.

    Could you believe that Kendrick lamar or any headliner would be performing AT DISCOVERY GREEN 5 years ago. Jesus its beautiful

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