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  1. So skyhouse actually does not own this building. Spoke with the leasing agent at the original skyhouse and it looks like some sort of licensing deal they made with a management company. They were not confident enough in the downtown market for them to go ahead with actually purchasing it themselves....doesnt really make any sense because from what I had understood they secured funding beforehand?
  2. its right across the street.... I am about to close on a lot on hogan and hardy myself actually. I am so excited for this area
  3. in the rendering it shows the blank wall space as a glass facade corridor sort. I wonder if they will actually do that?
  4. it looks like the hotel wont even come off as nice as the renderings. I wonder how long that NRG lease is for? As long as NRG is there, its not going to be a retail hub. It takes up way to much prime space
  5. looks like they back on fixing up dallas, was just open to impress tourist This is still a good spot for potential retail, like a sephora or even a MAC or some smaller retail. I didnt realize but NRG does take up the first floor as well. It takes up way to much space in Greenstreet for it to ever be a retail hub, It has to be leasing out atleast a third of available space. Also for gods akes I hope they put some sort of advertisement or billboard next to the hotel in that ugly empty wall
  6. What price did they get you at? Im probably going to sign a lease next week. We are throwing a HAIF pool party!
  7. This is going to make such a impact on the area, once Hines builds something on the Chron property this area will be amazing
  8. I was born and raised in London and grew up all around Europe, so I guess my definition of Contemporary or Modern art is a bit different. Anything nowadays is considered art and I guess if thats a good or bad thing is ones personal opinion. I just think the money they spent here it could have been much better spent. I wish Houston one day could have something like New Orleans has with Palmer park or London has with Brick lane or Leake street. I guess im just spoiled
  9. I live at the Houston house, thats because the elevators are a joke and everyone is furious. Their vacancy rate is going to double this summer.
  10. A light rail to the airport wouldnt work, lets not kid yourself folks. We need a commuter train going down Hardy and straight to the airport. Anything else would be a waste of money.
  11. You never saw any type of reaction because there was nothing to be responsive to. The colors to this are ugly, i think the huge poster they put on Main are the best part of these improvements
  12. I dont think they will have build a skyscraper here, more like a 30-40 story hotel/retail. This side of downtown will be booming with nightlife and rest assured hotel demand always follows. It sucks that this side of downtown will have two adjacent parking lots esp during super bowl
  13. whats the point of this debate, we all know that corporate interest will rule and this will be demolished. Theres just too much money on the table for profitable development long term for them to keep this a park or whatever. If I had money I know id def buy up some of the land and sit on it for a few decades until the surrounding area gets more developed.
  14. does anyone actually find this attractive? Wtf is this suppose to be honestly?
  15. I think the Centerpoint offices take up too much potential space IMO. That space would be awesome for retail but is being wasted as office that could be anywhere in downtown.
  16. So move in date is July 30th. One bedrooms start off at 1900 and studios start at 1400 at approx 543 sq feet.. Will rent prices ever go down in Houston? IMO this place is a bit too over priced. Id rather live in downtown for the same price
  17. when I spoke to the manager at forever 21 a couple weeks ago he heard they were trying to land free people the popular hippie chain. Not sure whatever happened but thats the type of store downtown needs. If we were to get free people/urban outfitters/sephora/h&m we would be solid
  18. did they think about maybe power washing the building before painting it?
  19. Even the new catalyst high rise is standing out already!
  20. once they finish the renvo work, wouldn't this be expanded anyways?
  21. I think discovery green did an amazing job and the festivals need to stay in downtown. Having them at herman park or buffalo bayou takes people away from downtown which should be our core mission. I think they could've fenced off a larger portion of the park and have had a bigger audience imo.
  22. Im going to stop by the leasing off tomorrow and get information on the rent prices. I know they were starting off at 1700 but im curious to see if they have dipped at all due to the market.
  23. Could you believe that Kendrick lamar or any headliner would be performing AT DISCOVERY GREEN 5 years ago. Jesus its beautiful
  24. Houston really stepped it up for the march madness. They had a stacked lineup, I mean kendrick and Maroon 5 could headline any big festival. The weather has been amazing and everyone ive spoken to has fallen in love with houston this past weekend.
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