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  1. WTF are you talking about? Have you EVER been to midtown to go out? You think someone is going to walk from the downtown transit center in bar/clubbing entire and go through that mcdonalds/grey hound/2016 main area ? Do us a favor and try it tonight and let me know how it works for you. Females get assaulted/sexually assaulted as a higher rate then males do, so wtf are you even trying to say?
  2. Have you walked that 5-10 min? That greyhound and bus stops get super sketchy. No one wants to go through that area drunk or esp if you're a girl
  3. It doesnt go through the popular parts of midtown aka west gray and bagby and where the bars are on Louisana. The stops that it does go through, there a bunch of hobos
  4. its pretty bad walking from flying saucer towards bell station/skyhouse
  5. I really hope this moves foward, I def think demolishing bayou place is the right thing
  6. I wish there was something they could do to control the homeless population in this block. They need to move that convenient store
  7. Hardly ANYONE rides the lightrail from skyhouse/houston house and the stop is literally right in front of the entrance. The majority of the residents would much rather take an uber to market square/midtown. The inefficiency of the lightrail to go through the heart of midtown is going to cost it thousands of ridership. Why does everyone think that downtown residents ride the light rail?
  8. So i guess we arent ever getting a supertall again..
  9. Now before I say what im going to say in this post, I was born and raised in London and lived there for 15+ years. I was riding back on the red line from the Museum District to my place at the Houston House when something funny happened. As im riding the train, 6 metro officers come into the train at the Mcgowen stop and start yelling that they are going to start checking tickets. There obviously making a big scene and speaking loudly all at the same time DOING NOTHING. They were literally just standing there yelling how they are going to check tickets. All the hobos and non ticketed people get afraid and at the next stop they all get off the train. Remind you, the metro officers had not checked ONE SINGLE TICKET FOR ANY PASSENGER! I At this point they all start laughing and proclaim how they made all the bums get off the train. I then proceed to ask the officers how come they didnt check any tickets and they said it wouldnt matter because the bums and anyone else wouldnt have the money to pay the tickets so they do these scare tactics. Then I start making small talk and ask them why doesnt metro build underground. The two officers quickily get defensive and claim that because houston is under sea level it would be impossible to build underground. I then proceed to tell them that numerous other cities that are below sea level have also built underground trains and they tell me i have no idea what im talking about lol. We need to all admit that metro is the biggest joke of an organization! The two new rails that they spent almost a billion dollars is a complete WASTE OF MONEY! Instead of expanding the red line to the airport or having the Southeast line connect to hobby make the line USELESS. They should have spent the money better instead of building rail that doesnt even give the residents living in the east district access to the line. The line isnt close enough for any of the residents to catch it hence making it useless for most people. I wouldnt be suprised if the new lines have some of the lowest ridership numbers ! Nd All the residents I have spoken to that live at Skyhouse or Houston House NEVER take the light rail anywhere. They all say it is far too insufficient and unreliable.
  10. lets all be honest that Central Station is a joke. Theres NO signs pointing people to go a certain way and you really have to know where you're going to catch the other train. They shouldve made elevated tracks with some sort of hub with retail or SOMETHING. the way its set up right now where you have to walk a couple blocks is a joke. They should've put the money they invested in the purple/green lines and made a extension to IAH or getting the university line going. I mean the lines dont even go through East downtown for residents to hop on them, they go to the stadium then skip most of E downtown. so whats the point of it going through east downtown if its not accessible to the residents that live there?
  11. can you post the sketch again? why do we always think small in houston? we can dream big right? Are you telling me such a idea wouldnt be a hit? The Marriott down the street is doing really good, was just in there the other day money talks, bs walks. get it done houston!
  12. Imagine if they made a super tall ala chicago style. Incorporate mixed retail first 3 floors, have some commercial offfices, then make a hotel + condos
  13. lol people walking around the construction site with cowboy hats. even saw some workers drinking and playing up there. whoever is managing this is doing a really bad job
  14. This would have been the perfect spot for a super tall
  15. can anyone name all the developments happening in that picture?
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