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  1. so theres no way this is going into downtown, which really sucks
  2. i dont get this huge thing about their burger, its really nothing special. since the new owners came in, their fries are AWFUL
  3. could you bike from downtown to lost lake? i tried doing it months ago and part of it was closed so it wasnt possible..
  4. will this actually happen? im actually looking to buy a condo, will these have good views of downtown?
  5. The fact that the condo is surrounded by empty parking lots is a bit scary...eventually those will be filled with buildings and your view gets jacked up..
  6. im currently looking for a condo but i wish they would lower their prices a little... you can get a nice 2 bedroom at the rise in midtown for much cheaper and better location imo
  7. i hope we get a big tower on that side of downtown. This project has already extended the width of downtown in alot of views and having a 45+ office building would be awesome
  8. good luck walking to the connecting station on the red line at 10pm. Bunch of homeless people and I have a HPD friend who works that street and says theres tons of street theft on that block
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